Monday, May 16, 2011

Saturday's town recycle day and the Father's Club get together. Plus Sunday's bits.

Twice a year, our town has a massive recycling day. It happens the same time of year, every year. And if you have any discarded clothes, books and whatnot.... then this is your day to get rid of it. This was for the whole town, not just our housing community. And all the stuff makes it's way down to the local elementary school Branden goes to. So that morning, I started seeing my neighbors put their discarded items in front of their house. "The boy next door's house had collected lots of card board and wrapped it in twine. At Ayumi's chan's house.... they had a whole heap of comic books all nicely stacked and wrapped up. And if you couldn't make your way down to the actual school. There would be a mass pick up and basically volunteers would be driving through out all the streets collecting all the used unwanted things. Now Noboru had to be at the actual elementary school to help because he's in the "Father's Club" for the elementary school. And all their members were to be there and help. This picture taken Saturday, Noboru took with his cell phone. All the teachers were there according to Noboru. And some mom's were also there. Noboru said he heard some mom's say, not many people showed up today. And Noboru's best guess was about 40 people total were helping at the school. I was at home during this hour and doing laundry. And baking that 2nd lasagna that the family had requested I make. ; ) So that's where I was. Noboru said a lot of the mother's were actually taking the clothes home, which is good that they get a second chance and a second home. Someone said.....if anyone finds a 140cm, let me know. And she did indeed find many items to bring home. And a lot of the mother's said these are in good condition. Anyway I think that's honestly a very good idea if people can recycle and it can get a second owner. And if not, go to the burnables, but this way it at least gets a second chance. And I think that's cool. And by the way, I went through mine and Noboru clothes last week and we've had them all set aside and we donated like 2 huge big bags full of clothes and sent them there when Noboru first got there. Branden's clothes I can never give away though because we also recycle them.... except they go to Noah as you know.; ) And Noah's clothes go to my very good friend from the yochien who has a younger son, so even his clothes get a second chance and a second owner (because not all Noah's clothes are from Branden). : ) But Noboru's and my clothes went. The ones we no longer needed. Hopefully some of our old clothes got new homes. Anyway it felt good to do that. Noboru came home from the recycling thing. Jumped in the shower right away and changed clothes. He was with us for the afternoon. And at 4:30pm, the limousine bus would be picking up the members from the Father's Club at the front of our housing community. Noboru started walking down the street and through the park. They all went to have dinner in Narita. Men only. Just the Father's Club members and the male teachers and principal from the school. Maybe about 30% of Branden's classmates father's are in the Father's Club. Mana-chan's dad is in the Father's Club. Kouiki's dad is also in the Father's club. Last year, the kids who are now second graders. We heard last year not one father joined. : ( But this year they have new members. In fact 1 boy who lives right near us. He's a new ichinensei this year. Anyway the men bonded over their meal. They also talked about next year, if anyone has kids who will be entering for next year. Three of the Father's club dad's also have kids who will enter next year. Noah will, Kouiki's little brother also and some dad with a little girl will also be entering. At 9pm, Noboru phoned me, saying they were now going to go to a 2nd location and if he could go. I said absolutely. Go and have fun. He rarely goes out like this. Working for an American company they really don't do this. So this was his chance and I said go. All the father's called home and all could go but 1. Poor guy whoever that was, lol. Anyway they all got home around 11:15pm because they had to be home before the last train stopped running. And I knew that. ; ) He came home, he had so much fun. Our bonds in this community get deeper and deeper. And I do think it's good for our kids. They see our kids and know, "oh those parents are really involved" Their mother (me) is always there for the observation days and did the PTA. Their father is in the Father's Club. Anyway, you know what I mean. They know us. So anyway...that's what Noboru did Saturday night. And what did Branden and Noah and I do? We had the lasagna I baked in the afternoon and in the evening, we played Wii bowling for 2 full hours. We had so much fun bowling. Then I sent the boys up to shower. And then we threw in the Transformers movie (definitely part of having 2 sons, lol) and we had popcorn and watched that. ; ) And then Noah went to sleep. He just zonked out. So he was upstairs asleep since 8:30pm when I carried him upstairs. I then switched it over to American Idol when that started. I let Branden stay awake until 9:30pm. Noboru phoned me at 9pm. And told me about the 2nd party. Branden finally zonked out. And I just sort of relaxed for the night. I stayed awake for Noboru and when he got home he was so happy. So smiley. He told me all sorts of funny stories. The Father's club is also wanting to fly away and have an overnight stay in either Guam or Korea. @_@ This would be next Fall sometime. I said if they plan it, he should go for sure. Noboru went up and showered. I asked if any of the father's smoked. And oddly enough, he said none of the father's smoke. And neither does Noboru. He quit smoking, when was it? Was it 3 years ago? I forget. 2 or 3 years ago. Anyway he had a blast with his fellow Father's Club dad's. ; )
Sunday, meanwhile for me. As you can see my now May fitness minutes. As of last week, I had 825 minutes. I now have about 1,000 fitness minutes. And for the club I'm in, I'm ranked #2. Though it does switch daily, sometimes I'm #1, sometimes #4, it just depends. I love it. The ladies on there inspire me every single day to keep with it. And hopefully I inspire them right back. And I've been going strong since January 10th. And I know this is a life style change. I look forward to exercising, yes I honestly love it now. Where I used to dislike it. When I went to lunch with my girlfriends Rumi-san and Kaya-san 2 weeks ago, they both commented how much thinner I am now. And I was honestly really happy to hear that. I think my body has totally changed. And it's still changing even now. Every morning after I get the boys sent to school and while the laundry is in the machine, I start doing my treadmill. Start doing some crunches as well. I do that Wii fitness Jenny Mc Carthy thing that I love and I'm still doing the dvd's. 6 days a week, about 45 minutes to an hour each day. I make the time, because I like the changes I see in my body. Anyway...switching gears here.
So Sunday morning. I quietly woke up first. Had a cup of coffee and went through my emails. Replied to some and saved some for later that required a little extra thought. Logged onto Sparks. And see I was knocked to #5. My one friend left me a message, good night (since she's in the US) #5. Gah! : ) They don't do that to be mean. It's totally the opposite, they do that to inspire each other. So, I took that challenge. So since the rest of the house was asleep. I got my headphones on and hopped on the treadmill. So, I walked for 30 minutes. Then I did 50 stomach crunches. And went back to the computer and logged my minutes. Which switched my rank. So, I left her a funny one back.. but since she's in the US. I said.."I know you're asleep, sweet dreams" Sinecrely #2 (Now I know I have blogged something similiar before but we do this all the time with each other, it is a big motivator for us). Then I went and hung the laundry. And the kids woke up. And I made them some breakfast. And then I started cleaning the house. I decided to clean all the downstairs windows and all the downstairs blinds. It took me about an hour to an hour and a half but I got it done and they came out so nice. Then I went and cleaned the downstairs toilet. Wiped the walls down in there also and, wiped the floor down, scrubbed the toilet. And washed the toilet mat and hung it outside to dry.
Sunday's clothes drying away.
Every one's bath towel freshly clean and 1 toilet mat (which washed all by itself in the washer and on the lowest water settting and on the quick wash cycle) all the way on the right. Branden vacuumed the stairs for me before he went out to play with Noah and the boys from the neighborhood. And Noah meanwhile cleaned the shoes in the genkan and cleaned his room which had toys all over the floor.....but for now it's nice and tidy again. Phew.

I watched TV and then made lunch. After lunch the boys went back outside to play. And then I started thinking. I have some spare time. I guess I could do some more treadmill. So I did. One of my workout friends has an upcoming wedding coming up, where she'll be a bridesmaid. And so we're all helping her to get fit, before her friends wedding. Another one hasn't bought a swimsuit in many years and wants to make her debut this year for the first time when her and her family head to Florida for vacation this Summer. This is so exciting for her and we've been here for her daily cheering her. And me, I told them my wishes, for my own self and by gosh they are there for me every. Single. Day. Telling me to...go go go. Or good job. Or keep it up. I stopped drinking soda months ago, but will indulge every once in a while. I PM'd a few of them last week sometime and said..."really wanting a coke today. I am *really* craving one." The funniest one said....."girl have one!" Another said... "as long as you can fit it, into your daily calories have one." And I could... so I did. : ) And no I'm not out trying to recommend anyone to go and join, I'm just simply sharing how much it's personally helping me. It's a really safe environment, people all in the same boat. All really supportive people. And I guess I found my place. : ) I belong there. And they're helping me get really really fit. Who would have thought. ; ) Anyway......That was our weekend, for our family. : )