Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random bits and pieces, tidbits and various this and thats! ; )

I still have the very *very* last "Noah's picnic" post to get up for his yochien years.: ( I am sort of procrastinating on that. Only because I took about 100 or so pictures from last Friday and trying to get the time to go through each one of them and then widdle the amount down to get on my blog. And then of course 1 by 1 get each picture up. It's definitely a bit of work.....and with it being the very very last picnic : (. I don't want to rush it through and make it sloppy. So, that's why I am sort of delayed doing that.

Also this Monday I did the whole typical things I do on Monday's, both kids in school. And then did Kumon drop off and pick ups and Branden also swims that day too. And then yesterday (Tuesday) after Noah and Branden got home from school we went to Costco Makuhari. Which means another post right there. Gah, I am getting behind. With the Noah picnic post and the Costco post. Plus I think I have another bits and pieces post to get up. Plus the Shaon Kai post has to come up too (I'm a memebr of that). We've already had our 3rd meeting yesterday. I missed the first one though (my drivers class was that day and I could not change that obviously). But so much I want to say about that. Plus there's one more thing on my mind about the other kid who lives in our town and his mom (nothing bad of course just thoughts I've been thinking about). The only other kid who will be going to the same elementary school Noah will go to next year. And I wanted to talk a little bit about that. OMG! So that's about 5 posts I need to get up.

Also I have been ranked #4-6 this past 5 days on that workout website. I think with Summer coming the girls have really picked up the pace. Which is good because then they make me pick up the pace too. So a positive snowball effect maybe? : ) Anyway I don't wanna fall behind. So, I am spending a bit more time each day on that.

Plus would you believe I will have 2 back to back observation days next week? Branden's is June 1st and Noah's is June 2nd. So there will go even 2 additional posts for next week. @_@ So, I think if I don't blog soon, I will really start falling behind. Plus Noah needs to switch to his Summer uniform June 1st, I better not forget that. I already have that marked on the calendar.

And we also have vacation plans forming as we speak. Hotel is booked. And would you believe another post for that more then likely. @_@ Gomen gomen (sorry)

Anyway...today Noah has a half day. And I meanwhile am hanging laundry outside this morning. And dying my hair after I get the laundry out. @_@ And my hair has to be done before Noah gets out at noon. ; ) Plus (if all this stuff wasn't enough ha ha ha) I need to get myself to Cainz after picking up Noah from his half day today to get weekly regular type foods. Hmm. With my schedule today I don't see me getting up any of those posts yet. Or being able to flip through those 100 or so odd pics from last Friday's picnic. I'm getting there....just not quite there yet. ; ) Hopefully tomorrow I can just find 2 hours to sit in front of the computer and get a few posts up.
PS, laundry is now outside (check!) and my hair is now dyed (check) though I am wearing pants and a bra (no shirt yet because I'm still deciding, lol.) @_@ And have to put my makeup on, blow dry my hair and run it through the flat iron. Yikes I better put a move on. No time for a spelling check or even a brief read through on this. Hope nothings really out of whack with this post, if it is, I'll change it after I get back from getting Noah and the grocery store. Plus Branden gets off at 3pm today (an early day) and Noah swims today as well. Yikes, busy busy day for me today.