Friday, May 27, 2011

Noah's very last school picnic, for his yochien years! : )

These are the photos from last Friday. This was Noah's very last school picnic for his yochien/kindergarten years. We had a lot of fun and we all enjoyed ourselves a lot last Friday. This first pic is of Noah and his very best friend H. They're practically glued to one another or joined at the hip. ; ) They're always playing together or at swim school together. Playing and posing the Ultraman poses that most little kids like to do here in Japan. Just being silly goofball little boys basically. And I love watching them together. They're hilarious.
Noah and daddy on the teeter totter together.
Noboru pushing Noah on the tire swing.
And then....
Noah's other really good friend came and wanted to ride with Noah. Noah happily said iiyo!!!! (okay, sure)! And so they did and Noboru pushed them both. ; )
You should double click this one...their happy smiles playing with one another. Noah and T (his father is one of our kuroneko delivery guys : )
And then Noah and his very good friend T went and played on this. Noboru being a goofball himself went and played too. @_@
And another friend wanted to join....and as we say, the more the merrier, so she joined!! ; )
Then Noah and T wanted to go through these things. So they did.....
And then Noah and T went over the little bridge at the park. And running all over. The weather was an absolutely perfect and beautiful day. Which considering the weather has been so crazy lately cold and rainy one day and then nice and hot the next. We sort of all worried what the weather would be like that day. But we lucked was an absolutely gorgeous day weather wise.
Noah, his best friend Hikaru-kun and Noboru about to start playing kori oni. But first to figure out which one was to be chosen the oni. They had to do (sort of) the Japanese version of "eenie meenie minie moe" that is usual/typical in Japan. So they each put in 1 shoe and started saying....oni kime oni kime oni ja naiyo!!! Noboru says this Chiba version of what to say... is a bit different then what they used to say in Osaka where/when he was a little kid.
Noboru was picked to be the oni! So he ran! Noah's hugging the wood and he's about to get a thorough chasing!
Run Noah! Daddy's hot on your trail!
Run Hikaru!!!! Run for your life! He's right behind you! Run kiddo! PS see that tree in the background? That's where the sakura-gumi (us) blue badges all sat. We sat and had lunch according to class, meaning red badge class, pink badge class or blue. We had a great area under that tree. Our leisure sheet was there and our picnic basket.
Then they got on the speaker system and called for all the kids who attend our yochien to gather and us parents too. Again they all stand according to class.
These 2 rows all the way to the right were the blue badges/sakura-gumi. Gee, I remember fondly when Noah started WAY on the left when Noah was a mere little red badge. And last year when Noah was in the middle as a pink badge. And this year, the final picnic ever...and that we will attend... Noah finally made it...all the way to the far right side. They learned so much in these few short years. And how proud we were as parents. It was like a coming full circle type feeling. We love you Noah! : )
This is one of my favorite pictures because as you know one of my closest friends is the Jogo-san and this is her dear daughter to the right of Noah. My my my, how our kids have grown up in these few short years. Though he is a little boy and she is a little girl they play a lot together as well. Just this past week, Noah said how fast she runs and how she tried to catch him during a chase game they played at the yochien. She is so cute and as you know I think the world of her mom. Anyway, I was glad to get this picture. : )
About to start their exercise. Warm ups!
Noah's best friend Hikaru right behind him with his tongue sticking out! Little cutie pie Hikaru! Even though Noah and H won't go to the same elementary school next year : ( They will at least see each other at swim school next year. And they'll bump into each other in the city nearest us, I'm sure.
Do you kids realize this is the last time you'll be at an ensoku with your parents for the yochien. Yep this is the very last one. Bittersweet. Last picnic ever wearing that uniform. This is going to be a major milestone for you guys all this year because next year will be the start of your elementary years. And that will be *just* as exciting for you. But for now, enjoy this last year of your yochien years to the fullest ne!
Doing more warmups. This one was to a Disney mix of songs. "Hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go"
and a whole other bunch of songs! ; )
My sweet Noah! So many people have watched you grow up via this blog. And they will watch us change and adjust to this last year of kindergarten and then next year onto bigger things. We will do it kiddo! And you'll be just fine!
And then it was the start of the mother and child dance.
Then the other 2 grades/years got bubbles. Meanwhile the blue badges had 1 extra game to play. This was so funny!
This 2 rows of mom's, this is all of us blue badge mom's. Only the sakura-gumi. I was in this line too when Noboru took this pic. I was in the left line. Clearly since you can't see someone 6 feet tall standing way above the crowd. It's obviously I am Japanese girl/mom height. lol. Because I am standing..let me look at the pic..hold on. In the line on the left you see 2 mom's in the front with hats. And then one faceless lady but you see her jeans. The ladies jean pant leg was my friend and Hikaru-kun's mom and she was right in front of me. If you look at her jean pant leg. You can see 1 lady wearing black ballet flats behind jeans pant leg lady (H's mom) and black ballet shoe lady was me. I was showing some leg because it was a hot day and I was wearing khaki shorts and black ballet flats. yep, I am clearly just as short as all the other mom's, lol. Maybe not face wise since I'm a westerner, but height wise I blend right in. Ha ha ha.
The kids waiting their turn. Hi sweet pea!
This was not Noah just trying to give you a visual of what the kids had to do. Crawl under every mom's legs and then run zig zagged through each mom. They sent a note home the day before for us blue badge mom's not to wear dresses or skirts because of this game. Which was why I wore shorts. And I was too hot to wear pants.
After the blue badges did their last game the ol' "crawl under all the mom's legs game" They were given bubbles too. : )
Finally we all decided it was time for lunch. We could eat anytime after the games were over. It was our choice of when. However the blue badges as a whole....we all sort of decided to eat right after they played their bubbles. In fact during the'''crawl under your mom's legs game" one mom kept saying...."gee I'm hungry" and then a few agreed. So yeah by the time the bubbles were finsihed we all sort of said...should we all go have lunch? yeah yeah..let's do. So we went and opened our lunch. I cut the pineapple fresh from the rind that morning. Fresh pineapple is so good.
The beautiful Noah and his Noah thermos! : ) That he's had for years and years! ; )
After our lunch and all the kids traded and gave each other snacks. The kids all ran off to play. Us parents all stretched out on our leisure sheets. Stretching and relaxing. Talking about what a nice hot day it was. A few of us talked about this being the last picnic for us. Noboru talked to a few of the other dad's, so many dad's showed up. Noah and H went off to play. After a while and a really good laze about on the leisure sheet, I finally slipped my shoes on and went looking for Noah. Noah and the Yayoi sensei playing together happily. You know I don't like to say the word "a favorite" but in all honesty. I know Noah is one of her favorites. She's known Noah since before Noah could even walk and Branden used to go there. She's been to our home for the teacher home visit and enjoyed chatting with us in the backyard. She was his red badge sensei, pink badge sensei and is his only blue badge sensei. She's been his teacher all 3 years. I think next year when Noah graduates she'll be crying, we'll be crying. It's going to be a mess and we'll need a lot of tissues.
And Noah feels the same, just double click this and look at his smiley face. The feelings totally mutual. She hugs him and carries him around the playground, I've seen. She said last week, he's so light! I told her...I know : ( He's just so skinny. : ) Every morning when I take him to school, Noah runs right to her and she runs right to him. They're like peas in a pod! I also love that she always talks directly to me. And not to my husband all the time. And being a foreigner sometimes people tend to do that. They'll talk to your husband ignoring you. She directly has always talked to me, jokes with me. And I always talk to her and joke and smile with her as well.
Noboru truly loves to play as much as the real kids do. ; )
He ran right up the jungle area climbing all the way up where Noah and his friends were!
And then Noboru went even higher and eventually all the way to the tippy tippy top. Noah came down and said...daddy's too high! I said I know. ;p
Soon all the boys came right around Noboru. And they all told Noah, your papa's so much fun!
So Noah and his 2 best guy friends decided to have a race. Noboru wanted to join.
And soon a little girl (blue badge) wanted to run too. And so on your mark...get set...go!
Noboru ran as fast as he could and so did all the kids. The Yayoi sensei watching happily in the background.
After the big race, Noboru and I went hung out on the leisure sheet meanwhile Noah and his friends played all over the park. The senseis always made sure they were in the one area and never to go beyond that area. So we could all see them.
And thing you know. They did the loud speaker message telling us all to come back. Do you see the kids all praying. We always start with a prayer and end with a prayer. Then they sang a song. The kids had so much fun that day! I know Noah enjoyed himself totally! He had so much fun with all his friends. All the father's had fun, all us mother's really had fun. I chatted and chatted with the Jogo-san. H's mom. Namiki-san. Suiji-kun's mom (sp?) but she's another one of my very very good friends. In fact we're hoping to work the game booth together for the Summer festival. We've already talked about it. ; )
And before you knew it, it was over. : ) You would think that with this being Noah's last year of yochien I would be terribly sad this year. In fact. I'm really not. Sure yeah it is sort of bittersweet and I always admit that. And there are certain aspects of yochien life I'm sure I'll miss or Noah will miss. But also to be honest. I'm also looking at the future and seeing what that will look like and that looks pretty good to me too. You see, I've done this juggling dance with having 1 son in elementary school and 1 son in yochien for the past 3 years. While it is indeed fun for Noah. And social for me hanging with my fellow yochien mom friends. I am also to be honest quite tired of constantly driving back and forth from school to yochien like a ping pong ball 5 days a week 2 round trips each day (morning drop offs and afternoon pick ups). And though I rarely complained about it, it doesn't mean it wasn't draining on me at times. And so yeah...when I think of next year and how I won't have to drive to the smaller city nearest us at all. How I can actually stay in my town to take both Branden *and* Noah to school. Honestly....I am sorta ready for that. And in many ways looking forward to that. I've most certainly paid my dues being a human driving ping pong ball for the past 3 years. So yes, while some aspects of Noah ending his yochien years are sad. I am also going to find many pluses to having both my sons in the same school. Branden and Noah have never attended the same school before (not counting swim school). And this will be nice for them next year. If you only knew how much mileage I've put on my car with driving back and forth from yochien to elementary school and back and forth 2 round trips each day for 3 years! You'd be surprised. ; ) So yeah..while there are some things yes I'll be sad about. Somethings yes I may miss or Noah may miss. My friends I'll miss a lot! But we'll still see each other. We'll still do movie dates and lunch dates for sures! That goes without saying. However, I won't miss the nonstop driving. So yeah it's not going to be an entirely sad glum year for me at all. I'm going to enjoy Noah's final year of yochien to the fullest. And when it's'll be over. And we'll both be ready to move on to another stage in his school years. Next years graduation we'll probably be crying our eyeballs out of course, but that's understandable. ; ) But yeah when it's time for Noah to be in elementary we'll be definitely ready for that as well. It'll be time. We'll have no regrets. Because we would have enjoyed Noah's yochien years to the fullest. : ) Just like we did last Friday at the school picnic. : )

Anyway that was the last picnic for the yochien years post. It was awesome. And we all really enjoyed it. : )