Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Given the on again and off again problems with blogger this past week.: ( Remember that trouble I also had with getting my last Osaka post up as well. Well, no wonder I'm a bit behind. A full 7 days behind with this Mother's Day post. But, better late then never, as they say. : ) Oh and the posting seems to be back to normal, knock on wood it stays that way. But what I get from Blogger is the comments are still being worked on, meaning the ones they temporarily took off. I know blogger is working very hard trying to get things back to working normally. So until then. I will temporarily suspend my own comments and I really don't like doing that. *But* the only reason I am doing it, is because if another one of you took the time and commented and consider they're still working out the kinks and so if another bunch of comments disappeared that would be just terrible.: ( So, just until they get the comments back up. From the GW bits and pieces post..hopefully they can and if not...and I wait a few days. Then I'll just allow comments back when they get it all working back to normal. But until then I would feel really bad if any ones comments just disappeared all over again. Hopefully they get all the problems worked out shortly. So anyway moving I don't get too behind. These are the things Noah made for me at yochien for Mother's Day. A picture frame and a picture he drew of mom, me. : )
I think he really did a great job! I also like that Noah always seems to make my hair a nice shade of brown. Poor Noah, while most of his classmates must be running out of black crayons they use on their mom's hair for their pictures. Noah is definitely running out of his brown crayon. Always every year that's always the first crayon to go.: ( Ha ha ha. : )
I also love the paper flower he made as well. I told Noah, I love the background color. And Noah says, his favorite color is yellow, so he wanted me to think of him. And I said, I definitely will. I am going to buy a frame for this, this coming week. He also made the "me" in the picture wear a yellow dress as well, so cute! : )
A special Mother's Day message for me, behind the picture frame Noah made for me. And signed. And dated. And I'm sorry to say it, but it is true.These are the things I will treasure the most.
Meanwhile, I sent my own mother a really nice card and sent her a really nice basket of flowers thank goodness for online ordering. And I also made sure my mother in law also got a little something. I picked out this card to be sent with the flower arrangement. I liked this one the best.
And they had a pink and red only arrangement that was nice, but not really us. And then I found this arrangement with lovely orange and yellow flowers mixed with soft pinks and bright greens. I thought the yellow and orange would make her think instantly of our family. So, that's why I picked this for her. And after speaking with her, she totally loved it. That made me really happy to hear that she liked them so much. It feels really good to pick something out, that you know they'll really like. : ) Anyway...; )

Branden made me breakfast. He can only make 5 or so things for breakfast so far, cereal, eggs (he can make omelet or over easy or boiled, so that's pretty good) or french toast. I picked an omelet and toast from Branden. : ) And Noboru bought me, some shirts from Nissen for the upcoming warmer weather as my Mother's Day gift from him. Everyone in our family....had a quiet but really nice Mother's Day. And I hope all of you had an equally really nice Mother's Day too. : )