Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The last bits from GW, like heading to the sento for Children's Day, etc.

These little cuties are the koi nobori (carp streamers) that Noah made at yochien this year. : )
Over the Golden Week holiday, one day while Noboru was at work, the boys and I went to Chiba New Town/Inzai. I have blogged about that place many times before. They have the closest Gap to us (haven't been into it in a long time though ; ). And they also have a great big homecenter and the Japan Meat (name of store) is really nice there. So, I wanted to get some ricotta at the Japan Meat store. They have a huge cheese selection.

The store was so packed. You know, you go in there for 1 item, meaning the ricotta cheese and I ended up getting marinated miso pork we had for dinner that night. And I also picked up some chicken leg quarters for teriyaki chicken also. And the cheese too. Didn't do huge amounts of shopping in there just ended up with about 4 things. Three things more then I planned though. : )

The drive was longer then expected because the main way to get there was detoured. So knowing we'd have an even longer drive back home, I let the boys get 100 yen shakes at McD's on the way back. Yep, the lady gave us this huge giant bag for 2 tiny choco shakes. Go figure. If I were in the McD's myself, I would have politely declined and said... we don't need the bag etc. But as I was only looking through the glass and guarding the shopping cart with items while the boys ran into the Mc Donald's. We ended up with the huge honkin' bag. Aw well. : )

And at a red light trying to get us on our way home. Listening to music, the boys happily sucking their shakes.

On a totally different day, it rained buckets. That's the kind of weather we've had lately...real nice almost Summery type days and then...real rainy sort of semi chilly type days. ; ) Definite Spring weather.

The rice fields are so filled with water.

Miso pork, potato salad. Made some rice and some chopped up stir fry veg, I made real quick and dinner was fast that night.

So yummy. My family's came out lighter, and I like mine really really super well done, so mine were slightly darker then every one else's. We really enjoyed dinner that night. We love miso pork.

The next day in Golden Week, Noboru cooked me dinner. I loved that. He made Indian style curry.

Carrots and onions are blended up in the food processor.

I meanwhile finally got around to using the apple crisp from Knott's Berry Farm. I cut lots of apples, sprinkled with cinnamon. And then melted some margarine and mixed with the crumble/crisp part and baked in the oven while Noboru continued making us curry.

It was so good. And we all enjoyed the naan.

The apple crisp was really good. I am not even counting how many apple crisps we've eaten these past few months. : )

Another night we had buffalo wings.

Buffalo wings, the last bit of the potato salad we got at Joyful Honda in Chiba Newtown. A salad with carrots since we were having the ranch for dipping anyway. ; ) It was a really good dinner.
The different color in wings, some were mild for the kids and some were extra spicy since Noboru prefers extra spicy.

The flowers we ordered 2 weeks ago got here (we wanted them to arrive after we got back from Osaka). We were so happy.

And we ordered new hanging baskets for the front porch as well.

The plastic liners with holes.

Noboru and I each worked on the hanging baskets. My job was to pull off all the flowers. So they grow bushier and fuller.

I felt badly pulling them all off, but after doing this for a few years I know it works. Noboru meanwhile placing coconut liner little pieces at the bottom for extra soaking up of water.

The boys playing soccer like crazy. And both Branden and Noah's comforters hanging outside.

Sheets and any extra blankets also hung out.

Another day, thinking about school starting shortly I washed all the boys sneakers. See that stuff on the grass, Noboru has been working hard on the grass. he has been throwing all sorts of things on it.

Towels all drying up. Gym uniforms. And I think you can sort of make bright pink short sleeve top for the hotter months/weather and periwinkle blue night tee. Many chisai towels (from using at the sento the night before) and handkerchiefs and undies drying for the boys. If the weathers good the clothes are out there. If it's crappy weather, then they're in the dryer.

Everything jeans for the boys, pants and shorts. And 2 summer dresses of mine on there, navy and the other black (have had them for ages). Noah meanwhile riding on the terrace.

Lasagna night. The reason I made the drive earlier in the week for Golden Week in the first place. : )

This was so good. Seriously, Noboru said, can you make this again. Okay.... So, I'm going to be making that drive back to Chiba New Town again soon to get more cheese. LOL.
Hopefully the road work and detour are finished by now.

Man dinner was good that night. This was the night we went to the sento by the way.

After a very good dinner. Noboru know what, let's do something! I was sorta feeling a little tired. Ready to take a shower upstairs and relax on the couch for the night. But I'm game for anything... so I what? He said, let's go to the sento. This happened because we had mentioned to Branden while we were in Osaka..we used to go to Senbayashi a lot and go to the sento there. Branden loves sentos and onsens of any kind. So he really wanted to go to the sento in Senbayashi in Osaka. And we even briefly thought about going until we realized we had no towels or shampoo etc to go. So we nixed that idea while in Osaka. Anyway Branden really has been wanting to go. So I think that's why it was in Noboru's mind. So, I said yes, the kids were really happy. I went upstairs and got everyone a chisai towel (which is why there were a ton hanging on the laundry outside in the pic up above) packed both Branden and Noah some clean underwear and fresh pj's. My own fresh undies and a pair of comfy shorts and a tee. Some deodorant for me and off we went.

Yep, if you have a tattoo you cannot come into the sento.

The koi nobori hanging nicely in the sento. Branden and Noboru went into the guys. And Noah went in with me. I told Noah this is the last year I'll let him go with me. : ) But we went in and enjoyed ourselves. He washed himself next to me, where I washed myself. I washed his back and went over his hair a bit before he rinsed himself. I threw my hair in a pony tail and we started going from bath to bath. We went into a bright purple one. It smelled of lavender. There was 1 little girl and 4 other little boys. 3 of the boys were around Noah's age and 1 of them was older. After the purple bath Noah wanted to head outside, so we went to the 5 different baths they had outside. One even had a big hanging flat screen TV. I recalled reading on a lovely bloggers blog last year how in Japan TV's are everywhere. And I chuckled when I saw one hanging at the rotenburo. I thought....yep she was so right. ; ) We went to all the different baths. And we had agreed to meet in the lobby at 8:30pm. So at 8:10pm, Noah and I headed to the dressing room. He got into his pj's and I got dressed as well and we met up in the lobby.

One of the best parts of the sento is getting a snack afterwards. Noah had a vanila icecream in a waffle cone. Branden had a Pino brand icecream from the machine that he really wanted. And I chose the lemon shave ice. And Noboru picked this big Pepsi. However...everyone wanted some shave ice, so they all ended up sharing my shave ice. : ) Which was totally fine. So anyway there you have it...for Golden Week 2011, we went to Osaka. Went to the sento (public bath), we mostly stayed home, the boys played tons. And we planted flowers in the hanging baskets. Noboru worked on the grass to get it ready for the Summer months. I did heaps of laundry (because it really is just absolutely endless isn't it : ) We had many warm nice days and 1 rainy GW day.

We've still been renting plenty of good movies from Tsutaya Discas still. And I've been loving the new episodes of Glee and America's Next Top Model, a lot lately... have also been watching a lot of cooking shows lately too. : )