Saturday, May 21, 2011


It's 9:25am right now, and Noboru is just about to leave the house with Branden and Noah this morning. He's taking the boys to the barber to get their haircut. They haven't had their hair cut since a few days before we left to Osaka. I am meanwhile waiting for the mailman or the Kuroneko man (or both). We're expecting that Uniqlo and ipod shipment today. I have 1 load hanging out right now and a load in the washer as I type and I'm hoping to get out shortly. I have my hair in a pony tail. I washed my face this morning in the sink. And freshly brushed teeth. Wearing comfy shorts and a tee. I'm not planning on going anywhere today. Unless you count the backyard to hang the laundry. ; ) Noah's eating yogurt right this second and Branden is eating leftover augratin potatoes that he nuked before they run to the barber.

I'm thinking I should probably do 20 minutes of treadmill after I get the laundry hung. And maybe 15 minutes of a DVD. And am starting to think "what's for dinner" I am thinking I'll make sweet and sour chicken tonight. But we'll see, I still have lots of time to decide still. I baked brownies for Noboru last night as sort of an anniversary dessert, we had it with vanilla ice cream. It was pretty good. I haven't had breakfast yet, as soon as they leave which should be any second. I think I'll have a strawberry yogurt and a cup of coffee before finishing up with the laundry.

My comments came back from the "last bits from GW" post that blogger temporarily removed. They came back last night. But then this morning...I had 2 extra identical "last bits from GW" posts up on my blog. On different days even. And everything.Talk about surprising the heck out of me this morning! : ) I gather they're still working hard on the picture heavy blogs like mine.
Anyway....Happy Sunday everyone! : )