Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting ready for the warmer weather

I often get mailed Nissen catalogs (like probably most of you do ;) or if I have a spare minute I'll log onto their online shopping site. Anyway when I got the catalog in February, I liked these rain boots right away. In Japan we get an actual rainy season as you know and so rain boots actually do come in handy living here. I have a pair of light blue ones now with bright red cherries on them. But I'd been wanting a simple but feminine new pair. And when I saw these with the polka dots I liked them right away and the price was pretty fair. I can't wait for a rainy day now and will wear mine with a couple of jean mini skirts and khaki cargo mini skirts that I have, on those hot steamy rainy days. I'm going to look for a new umbrella this coming month and hopefully I can find a nice one with stripes or polka dots. : )
I didn't have a birthday type birthday celebration for myself this year as you know. Not that we ever really have huge massive parties or anything, we're more the quiet family type party. But given the earthquake and given the fact I was in Guam, it just seemed like...I don't know how to word it. But it just seemed to change things. However, Noboru did get me that portable dvd player from Target while we were in California. And he also bought me the 2 newer seasons of Everybody Hates Chris. I didn't have these seasons. And this is just one of the funniest shows out there. Now the show is over. But yeah a hilarious show. Anyway I got season 2 and 3. So, all through March and April, our family has been enjoying these. I would say season 2 wasn't nearly as funny as season 1 and 3. But they are so good. I will try and get the final season sometime this Summer.
Another thing I didn't have time to mention. Was see how flat Branden's seat cushion/earthquake cover is? Flat as a pancake! The light blue one. Considering a kid sits on them every single day for school, they keep getting flatter and flatter and flatter until they're practically paper thin. They only bring them home twice a year at the most. And sure I launder it and lay it in the sun. But it still was flat as a pancake. So, finally I said to myself. He needs another one. I mean he really REALLY does. Online I found them pretty cheap. And I liked the gingham pattern. So over Spring break, I made sure to switch Branden's seat cushion/earthquake cover. As you can see it's way fatter, fluffier and longer even.
So in the mail the covers came during Spring break.
Since Noah will be ichinensei next year and given we were paying shipping already for Branden's. We went ahead and got Noah his for next year as well. It is now sitting high up in his closet.
My dad got me a bunch of dvd's for my birthday as well.
I picked 4 older movies. Meet the Parents, Dragon The Bruce Lee Story, Sleeping With The Enemy and Not Without My Daughter. And I also picked 4 new ones. Though one was being shipped all by itself. Let Me In. Due Date (So hilarious a lot like Planes Trains and Automobiles) and The Switch. I loved the Switch.
As the box says. The best horror film in 20 years. I really liked this movie. But I think saying it's the best in 20 years was a bit of a stretch. This was actually a remake of a foreign film.
This was the 4th newer movie I picked. The name just gets me!
And though just because I haven't been sharing recent purchases. It doesn't mean we haven't been getting the boys ready for Spring and Summer. Because as usual we have been. And I've also been getting myself ready as well.
Noah's stuff.
Branden's stuff.
Branden got one polo top with rugby stripes and another rash guard.
Noah got this argyle polo top, a cool new hat and striped shirt and a plain white tee.
I picked two Summer dresses and a pair of comfy shorts in medium and a sweatshirt and a tee with the American flag on it.
These 2. And it's hard to see what they look like so below are the pics from online.

A black baby doll Summer dress. I really liked this, I want to wear this with either ballet flats or dressy flip flops, hair straight down or a high pony tail.

And this one, on looks so cute. I will wear this with my gray 3/4 sleeve Summer cardi and flip flops this Summer.
Just a pair of comfy house shorts, and old navy sweatshirt that says Old Navy on it. I can wear this on walks through out my neighborhood when I go for my walks. And a basic American flag tee and a basic black polo top.
While we were in Senbayashi in Osaka, we got Branden this thermos.
The tops I picked out for Mother's Day. I picked a yellow top and a bright pink short sleeve top and a navy top.
We also have still been getting both Branden and Noah ready at the same time.
Wind breakers. These were the cutest ones I've ever seen. With the turquoise polka dots and everything. Noah's was 990 yen and Branden's was 1,090 since he needed the bigger boy size.
120cm for Noah.
150cm for Branden.
And jean shorts, we got them identical ones. Since they're a pretty cheap price and good basic shorts.
150 for Branden.
And Mr. skinny butt and waist got 110cm and would you believe we still had to cinch the waist with the size strap inside the shorts. @_@.
I like how they're different shades of blue, so nobody thinks they're wearing the same ones 2 days in a row. ; )
And as you know I like Japanese tees for the boys. We had these shirts last year and wanted them again this year too.
Size 130cm for Noah. In my opinion these tees in particular run a tad small. So that's why we went with 130cm.
Love the kakigori ones the most.
We had this same exact shirt last year.
Different flavors of shave ice syrup.

This orange tee with the shave ice. So cute.
This one is very cheerful too. The price for 2, since they came in a set was a really good deal. ; )
The cutest windbreaker for a boy.
Also a store in Narita started carrying fresh pasta. We had this recently, oh man it's so good. I will be buying this again. And it was not a bad price at all.
Bought our weekly jasmine tea at Hanamasa.
And then at Cainz, I got some of weekly breakfast things. Yogurts, bananas lots of pancake cereal. We also have lots of eggs for breakfasts in the mornings. Not me, the kids. : ) I prefer yogurt. Though the kids love yogurt a lot as well.
Strawberry bread, this is so good. Toasted with a little butter in the mornings.

Our family is going to Uniqlo this week. I want to get a pair of jean shorts for Branden. That adorable orange Qoo tee for Noah, I saw online and I want that polo dress for myself and those roomwear shorts, the black ones with white polka dots are so cute and at the price they are, they're a good buy. Noboru also wants to get some jean shorts for himself and a few tees. And I also have a pretty big order from Old Navy and the Gap coming our way right now as well. Think we're pretty much nearly set for the warmer weather. As soon as we get ourselvs to Uniqlo, we should be all set.

Anyway haven't done an update for getting ready for Spring yet and thought it was time. : )