Sunday, May 15, 2011

Branden's ensoku

Branden had an ensoku/class field trip last Friday. They went to "Tokyo Sea Life Park". He brought home a list of all things needed on Monday last week, and so I wrote the list in English for myself so, I could pack the things during the week. Which is what that paper is in the pic. Leisure sheet, so I packed our "Finding Nemo" leisure sheet we got from the 100 yen a few years ago. Tissues and wet tissues. Chisai towel, handkerchief. 500 yen worth of snacks. Given the on again off again rain showers, we also were instructed to pack them a rain coat for just in case. Which that is exactly why, the yellow raincoat in the plastic bag in this pic. Though it never rained. It still was peace of mind he brought it.
Mario's face in chocolate form. ; ) And other various snacks totally 500 yen. Friday morning, I woke up and packed both the boys the same obento more or less. Branden's was bigger since he's older. And Noah's lunch was smaller, but things inside were basically the same. ; ) Just made it easier on me is why. The kids wouldn't be coming back from their ensoku until 4:10pm. The limousine bus was going to drop the kids off at 4 different locations/areas and if you didn't live near any of those locations they'd just drop the rest off at school. They dropped off the kids who live in our housing community as their 2nd stop. So Friday, I did my regular things during the day. At 1:40pm went and picked up Noah from yochien. Then we came home and he "helped" me make dinner. @_@ And then at 3:55pm, Noah and I started walking through our community, made our way passed the tennis courts and to the front of the community itself. We stood and waited meanwhile my mom friend came who also has a kid in Branden's class.
This is Noah from last Friday, he wanted to ride his bike to pick up his brother! ; ) Once there, the "jinbei boy's" mom came and we chatted until our kids got there, she is so nice. The big huge bus pulled up. And the kids from this housing community got off and the rest stayed on the bus. The "boy next door's" mom was at work. And the grandma next door went and picked up "boy next door's" little brother (a 3rd grader now) time conflict boy do I understand that, I really do. So, Branden, Noah and "the boy next door" and I walked home together, heck I don't want him to have to walk all by himself, besides the more the merrier. The grandma met us along the way and we chatted a bit about what a nice warm day it was. TGIF, as they always say. I was so glad the weekend was here. Just time to relax, kick back and do nothing. ; ) Anyway that was Branden's ensoku from last Friday. Noah has his ensoku this coming Friday and us parents are to be there. So now I am getting ready for ensoku all over again this week. : )