Saturday, May 21, 2011

14 years ago today

14 years ago this very day. Noboru and I were married in Osaka at the New Kitano Catholic church. Father Moushay (sp?) married us. He was very excited, he said I was the first western woman he had married/performed the service since his very own sisters wedding back home in France 15-20 years before. So even to the priest this was quite exciting. I was excited and also filled of nerves. My one major fear was, "gee I hope I don't fall walking down the aisle" But other then that I was so happy and could barely wait.

When I first started college, I was at my grandma's house one afternoon. She and I were *very* close. Anyway I asked her. Grandma how will I know which guy to marry? She told me and I'll never forget this. Marry the man who makes you laugh. The one whom you can talk to about anything. That will be the one who gives you a life time of happiness. Of course she also meant good education and hopefully good future job etc etc.

And then a year later and no I wasn't dating anyone or looking. I was so wrapped up in school. And I entered this class I really did NOT want to be in at all. But as it was one of my core classes. For my social science credit. And the time matched my Spring school schedule already. Philosophy it was. I even thought of dropping that class the day of. That's how much I debated this class. And guess who walks into class late, wearing this most interesting outfit ever? Hiking boots, scrunched down all white tube socks and a Banana Republic Tee and some equally interesting shorts? A very young Noboru. There were 2 Japanese guys sitting 3 rows behind my Japanese friend Emi and I. And Noboru joined those other two guys. My friend whispered in my ear that she hated one of the guys. Not Noboru the other one Takashi. So, I sort of steered clear of those guys.

But on break we'd all go outside. Get some fresh air. Emi never wanted to be outside because of her unwavering hatred for Takashi. LOL. And so I would go sit outside by myself. And sure chit chat with classmates here and there. Those 3 Japanese guys always chatted with me. Perhaps it was because I was sitting next to my friend Emi all the time or I don't know.

Noboru was so cheeky. I found it very interesting. We were talking about the new movie that came out Indecent Proposal. With Demi Moore. Anyway I asked them do you think she should have gone with that man for the million dollars? Oh sure Noboru said. I would have gone with a really old lady for a million dollars. @_@ Umm really? Are you serious?! Well maybe not. Who says stuff like that! He was very cheeky.. very opinionated. Not like those other 2 at all.

And then...I have told this part before. One day, I went and started my car. The battery was dead. It was now totally dark outside. First thing that pops out in my mind was danger. There could be scary people lurking about in the parking lot. So I ran to the pay phone and called home. My dad wasn't home. And there was 1 group of people outside smoking and talking loudly. It was the 3 Japanese guys. Should I ask them for a jump for my car? No...what if they turn out to be mad rapists or killers! I better not! Then I started thinking...what if they leave...and I am really stuck and sitting here then what. Plus I did sort of know them from my class. I didn't want to debate it over in my head too much. So, I ran out. And I said..excuse car battery is dead. Could you give me a jump? The 3 looked at me.@_@ They knew who I was. They started speaking Japanese wildly. Were they talking crap about me or? Gulp. Were they wondering if they should say yes or no? My heart begins to thump a little. I waited for probably a minute but it felt like an eternity. And finally the cheeky one (Noboru) said in English yes I have cables....wait near your car we'll be right there. So there I was standing and he drove his car over. The 3 of them had really fancy sports cars. Noboru's was red at the time. Then he switched to a new all black Audi and then to a Mazda with a huge whale tail. He popped his engine to his red car and connected to my red car. He could not get my hood to open. And I said...the buttons in the glove box. So he opened the glove box and about 5 tampons came rolling out at him.@_@ What can I say, you know I like to be prepared. @_@ Luckily he did not mention the tampons, so I just grabbed them and threw them into the backseat for later. How truly embarrassing. Anyway they jumped my car that night. And I was really grateful.

And after that night. We started talking more and more on breaks until the other 2 Japanese guys started to leave us alone to talk more privately. Emi wasn't thrilled at all. Because she had such daggers for Takashi that in her eyes Noboru was bad too since they were friends. Noboru and I remained friends all through the class and on the last day we exchanged numbers, first date we went bowling. We started seeing each other a lot during that Summer. He went to Osaka for 2 weeks 2 weeks after our class ended, and even he said he wished he could cancel his trip but he couldn't. : ( Those 2 weeks were so long for both of us being away from each other. He wrote me a letter and called me from Japan. This was before the skype cheap phone calls era. So it really was something. As soon as he came back to Denver, I was at his apartment all that Summer. And he started coming around to my house as well. First time he came to my house, he drove right by and there I was waving my arms wildly in the middle of the street. Until he turned around, lol. All that Summer we were pretty much inseparable. And one day, I went to his apartment, we went to Blockbuster to get 3 movies. Went to our favorite beef bowl place. And went back to his place for the entire afternoon and evening. And he said...something or other but basically just blah blah blah and then mentioned the word..girlfriend. Yes! He called me his girlfriend. I almost wanted to say...what? Just so he could say it one more time. ; ) Yes we were that young and in love. And that was that. From that day forward, he was my boyfriend and I was his girlfriend.

Yes his psycho girlfriend named Seiko came back, which I have mentioned on here once before. When she heard from the very small Japanese uni community in Denver, that Noboru had an American girlfriend. Not only was she very upset. She was super pissed. So much so, she flew back from Tokyo all the way to Denver. She tried for a full month to break us up. She called his apartment. She actually buzzed his apartment from downstairs. Thank god for security gates. She buzzed he answered and she said...I want to come up buzz me in. I want to come up! He said no! Go Away! She said....why is SHE there? She started trying to befriend Jun. Hang out with my bil. My poor bil. She was not going without a fight. I finally told know this is too much drama for me. When I asked you if you had a girlfriend and you said no. And I asked when you last broke up you said it was a whole year before. He said yes. And I said then why is she back? I almost thought of cutting my losses because of that maniac. Finally she called. Noboru and I were at his apartment studying together, the Fall term just started. And he finally got really pissed at her, he knew I was sincerely considering/thinking about breaking up/ending our relationship over his ex that just wouldn't go away.....and I think he finally just reached his boiling point...and he just couldn't stand it anymore, he was finally really happy (with me) and she just wouldn't leave us alone...and so he started shouting in Japanese at her on the phone and that was it. She finally realized, she finally got the message, he was never going to be back with her ever ever again. She left him alone. Finally. It was a very tense Summer for us, because of her. But other then the ex bothering us part, we went camping our first Summer we started dating, we went to Glenwood Springs together (his first American hot spring) (onsen) experience. We even went to the amusement park, he joined my family for the 4th of July even. Once she finally heard it from his mouth towards the end of Summer (beginning of the Fall term) and how truly mad he was, she left us alone and we could finally enjoy our budding relationship in peace.

We dated for many many years before we decided to get married. And when he first proposed. I confided to my grandma and spoke with her about it. Do you think our differences are too much? Meaning race, nationality, religion? She said no. That she thought the world of Noboru. And she sees my face light up whenever I was with him.... how happy he makes me. She'd seen me with 2 other boyfriends before and she didn't think they were a right fit. But Noboru... she said she was sure. And I was sure too.

We turned our paperwork in on May 20th. But didn't get married in the eyes of the Roman Catholic church until May 21st. He always tells me, I make him laugh. And I am always there for him (when his father first got sick, for anything). The other day he told are the perfect wife. I admit I was really taken aback when I heard that. Only because I really don't think I am at all, but I guess I am to him. : ) So that's honestly all that matters.

He on the other hand is my very best friend. He makes me laugh every single day and he is every bit as cheeky today as when we first met. And he's there for me. I mean really there for me. When my dad had a heart attack and we needed to fly to Denver immediately he was right there every step of the way. He's my rock. I love him. I would never want another and could never love another.

I often tell the kids...good thing your dad jumped my car that night. Otherwise, we wouldn't be together right now. : )

I would marry him all over again for sure.

What very cool romantic special thing did we do today? To celebrate our 14 years of wedded bliss? Would you believe Noboru went to work today. And I had laundry hanging in the back all day as usual....I also did some treadmill. Is that terribly unromantic of us or what? ; ) You know I really do not mind a bit. Because Noboru took the day off on Friday instead, so he could attend Noah's very last school picnic, with us parents. The very very last one. And to me that is a lot more important. And I'm really glad he came to that. So today we wished each other a Happy 14 years. And we ate and he left at 11am. He was home for dinner. But I made just a typical normal meal. Nothing fancy. On the other hand he got a new front tire for his motorcycle for his anniversary gift. Umm, that doesn't really sound very romantic either does it? : ) And he bought me a new ipod nano that should be here tomorrow. For my anniversary gift. I really needed it since mine broke a few month's back and I've been "borrowing" Branden's during my workouts. So maybe not very romantic gifts but really very useful and practical gift for us though.

Anyway that was our 14 years ago today story. : )