Monday, April 04, 2011

Stuff from Guam

I didn't buy any food at all until like 2 days before we knew we'd be going back to Japan. I didn't know what my area would be like. Would the food shortages still be going on? I wasn't sure. the bread shortage on my mind I brought back another loaf. Also both Branden and Noah drink lots of milk and really got used to drinking chocolate milk in Guam so we brought back 2 packs of the Nestle Quick. Also quick meals, canned meals, or boxed food like mac and cheese. Again we had idea what the stores would be like once we got back.
I drink 1 cup of coffee every morning and 1 every evening after the kids go to bed. I don't use sugar in my coffee, but I do use the flavored creamers. Pumpkin creamer and toffee chocolate (Heath bar flavored coffee very good) and huli huli sauce for stir fry.

Quick instant meals. Again not really being in Japan for 15 days. And knowing what it was like when we left. So.....
Cheese since all ours went bad with the power outages.
Instant noodles were another thing sold out in many places. Again with worry of a possible power outage or food shortages we brought these back.
I have to say it. This pizza pan with holes sucks. I bought it because, we make lots of pizza around here. It said a crispy crust etc etc. This made the pizza so uncrispy. Would never buy a pizza pan with holes again. Not ever. The other pizza came out normal and crispy crust. I regret getting this pizza pan with holes.
Not sure if I'll use this pan this year or not. But it's nice that we have it.
Have been wanting to make a normal 2 layer round cake forever. And now finally I can.
My bundt pan was so old. It actually belonged to my mom. I kept it and used it for years. The nonstick coating wore off. So, had to get a new one.
Going to try growing pumpkins this year. Hmm wonder if they'll grow okay. Hope so.
This Easter stuff that I needed the push to buy and I'm glad I did.
Mad libs and Easter yoyo's and stuff I'll wrap.

Dark chocolate peeps. Coconut kisses and almond kisses.
Jelly beans a plenty and bug wrapped chocolates perfect for Spring and Easter. Easter Reese's pieces.
Milk chocolate peeps.
More peanut butter since both Branden and Noah are crazy for it. Easter puzzle.
Easter Smarties gum. Egg shaped gum.

Big chocolate crispy rice bunny (Crunch). And Easter wrapping paper.
Spoon holder for cooking, big floppy hat from the swap meet for $3. A new swim suit for me. It's such a happy swimsuit and the base is black which I love and the bright colors I like too. Very tropical. To wear with a black wrap/sarong and black flip flops. Can't wait for Summer.
More tic tacs and some girl/womanly products.
Deodorant, children's ibuprofen in big 8 oz bottle store brand so cheap. And same silly spoon holder I accidentally have in another picture. Sorry about that.
The kids outgrew their Spring Summer shoes obviously from last year. ; ) So, while we were there....

Noah's shoes. He chose 3 pair of cheap sneakers for playing around the yard, playing outside with friends...running errands with us with. Cars sneakers with velcro. Phineas and Ferb shoes he loved so much and Branden also fell in love with so much he wanted a pair too. And Spongebob light up sneakers. These 3 came from Payless. They had a buy 1 get one of equal value free sale. So again not that we went on a mad shopping spree. Whether we liked it or not. Kids still needed shoes for the upcoming Spring Summer months. They had a buy 1 get 1 free sale. And that why we left with 6 pair of shoes from Payless. 3 bought and 3 free. 3 of the Payless sneakers went to Noah. 2 pair went to B and 1 pair of flats went to me. We did also go to the Croc store while there. No sales to be had in there. Noah got 2 new pair of Crocs. 1 orange pair and 1 crazy and fun bright blue/green and orange pair.
Branden's sneakers. Phineas and Ferb and low top airwalks.

The size differs what style you get. This style Branden is a 2/4.
This style there was no 2/4, so he was a 3. @_@
Branden's shoes they all have room to grow. Was glad to get that over with. While there.
Noboru wanted a new pair. He sent me by email the size he wanted. However they change sizes so often and so the size he got wasn't the size he wanted. : (

For me, walked around the shop after the kids were done and I found these. I have some sort of like this from Japan but a bit different. But these are really comfortable. They're not slippers they're shoes but feel really nice.
Quite a size jump from last year.
Quite a size jump from last year. Noah's gotten so much taller then last year, his feet have grown by leaps and bounds. But he's still as skinny as ever.
These were free, they said a free key chain for every $50 purchase. I'll save these for next year and hang them on Noah's ichinensei backpack.
I'm grown, I don't get a fun Easter basket anymore obviously. I really used to look forward to those. But I enjoy making them for Branden and Noah now as a mom. Anyway I saw these and said that is something that would have been thrown in an Easter Basket when I was little. Type of thing. So, I bought those. Chocolate mint smells great and the chocolate coconut smells great too.

My dad bought these for me. A diamond bling keychain. ; ) a new keitei strap. And some green apple soap. And a new costmetic bag. Thanks dad.
Not a diamond ring...but some diamond bling! lol ; )
And a head band. When we were in California, so many people were wearing so many different headbands. And the Target sold so many different styles of them. Anyway that's it.