Saturday, April 09, 2011

Noah's first day of yochien as a nencho/blue badge

You know, one phrase that I often heard growing up is, "children grow in a blink of an eye". Sure I heard it often but I never really understood the true meaning of it, until I was a mother myself and had kids of my own. It really does seem on some level Branden was just a babe yesterday. And Noah too. Don't get me wrong, I don't long for them to be tiny babies, and I am enjoying the age they are and all the tiny steps of independence they get as they grow older. And seems like just the other day I was at the computer and writing about Noah's very first day as a yellow badge (pre-nensho). Then red badge and last years pink badge. Wow it's been quite a fun ride. ; ) On Wednesday of this week, a yochien meeting and then everyone were given a new packet/envelop with new badges inside. I knew the color that would be inside. I mean of course.... my older son went to this school too, I know the drill. However it still slightly took my breath away opening the envelop. To see those 2 blue badges. All brand new, smelling of brand new plastic. You know the smell. ; ) We made new name labels for the badges. And also washed all his school stuff. And put name labels on all of Noah's new crayons and wow he gets to use markers this year! How exciting. Last year they used only crayons. A marker milestone at the yochien! ; ) New name stickers on the glue and last minute whatnots. And he was ready. Noboru had the dates wrong. Noah's first day of school would be April 8th, so Friday, yesterday.
Oh my lovely Noah. How ever did you get so big, so fast?! Bittersweet I tell you. So Friday morning, we were ready. Branden nicely sent to school first. All of Noah's things all nicely packed up in the gekan. All his school supplies etc. He had a ham and cheese omelet, a small scoop of rice and a slice of toast and a chocolate milk. It was just the start of the school year ceremony day. So he got off at 11:40am (for the blue badges/sakura class) 11:20 for the bargumi and 11:30 for the yurigumi (what Noah used to be). I took him to school. Same sensei as the red badge year, and pink badge year (nensho and nenchu). The Yayoi (sp?) sensei/ We love her! And I think the feelings mutual. ; ) Remember the cupcakes I gave her the same ones from the school bazaar bake sale. ; ) So yeah we're happy she's going to be the final yochien sensei for Noah.

And now here's a story that isn't really relating to Noah too much, but it happened yesterday. At 11:30am I was standing near the monkey bars on the yochien school grounds. Spoke to a few mom's, just chit chat stuff. And then.... you will never believe this. Last years blue badges returned. Which is technically last month's blue badges. ; ) Anyway they apparently had a promise to return. About 20 in total returned. They came back to the yochien to show their teachers what they looked like on their first day of ichinensei. The first grade. So, all these new little first graders with yellow covering their backpacks started filtering into the school grounds. One by one. At first I didn't think anything about it. "Ahh they must have a younger sibling I thought" So, I went back to my chit chat underneath the sakura tree and near the monkey bars. And more filtered in. Finally after realizing.... hey that kid, I know that kid and he's the youngest in his family and is an ichinensei this year. Because his older sister was Branden's classmate. ; ) The mothers were there and taking many many pictures of their kids wearing normal street clothes. No yochien uniforms anymore.: ( Wearing brand new elementary backpacks. I have known these kids forever. And I first thought of running to my car, grabbing my camera and taking their pic, they know me, they wouldn't have cared/minded. And then I didn't. I just stood their watching them all, soaking in the moment. I hate saying this and please don't laugh but it made me a little teary eyed. I tried to look all normal. Although I was feeling all sentimental inside. And then...3 kids. 2 boys and 1 little girl new first graders said in Japanese....hey let's see who's in our old classroom. Notice they said "their old classroom" how cute! So, they ran and peered into the blue badge class. The class that Yayoi sensei is now teaching and Noah is now in. The 3 kids smashed their cute little faces against the glass and waved to the "new" blue badges" And they scream and shouted and waved. The Yayoi sensei waved once but continued with the last few minutes of the class. The new blue badges were rattled at first. I could see them see the new ichinenseis. And they were now @_@ and fidgeting in the class. But they did good and kept their attention back to the sensei. The 3 kids who just smashed their faces at the windows caught the attention of some others and another boy, who swims with Noah but the kids now a first grader peeked in. His mom has 3 boys total mind you. In my mind she's a star! She totally is amazing. Anyway, he said..."hey that's Noah-kun in there"!!! And then he ran around all over the yochien field. Finally all the mom's with their new ichinensei's left. And the blue badges finally got out and we went to the store Noah and I. Finished the weekly shopping before the weekend. It was nice to see those kids again. Made me think about how that will be us, one year from now. How time truly does fly. Anyway that's how Noah's first day of school went yesterday.

Good luck and enjoy your nencho (blue badge) year Noah. Have fun and try to enjoy every second of your last year of yochien baby! We love you!!!! : )