Monday, April 04, 2011

Grocery update for the countryside in Chiba Japan. How things are around here.

An update on us. The day after we got back. I had to go to the police station. My license needs renewing and since I've never had a ticket, I just needed to take an eye exam and fill out a form at the police station in the city Noah's yochien is in. So, I did that and I now have a drivers ed class to take mid April some time. What else. Branden needed to get new glasses his old ones looked like they were getting a bit too small. Also, do you recall how Noboru took big hunks of grass off the back yard? How when I was hanging clothes I nearly tripped fell and killed myself because of those lovely missing grass areas. Well he said since Spring has Sprung. He wanted to get some sod/grass. So, we went to the local DIY. The one with the horrible crack in the base structure of the building. Anyway it was being sold for 50 yen each pack. @_@ Why? I asked the lady. She said, because the city doesn't have water yet still and the grass is basically dying. So instead of just throwing it away...if they can sell it to someone who can take care of it. That would be best. I sounds like a sad way to buy grass...I don't think we should. I scrunched my face looking at Noboru asking what he thought. She interrupted and said just one more time....if it doesn't get bought it will be thrown away. Hmmm. Fair enough. So we bought it. And will promise to give it a good home. Weird way to end up with grass, I know. But yeah that's the story.
We took it home.
Our town has it's own water well, so we watered it and it's growing now and thriving. So I guess nice story afterall. ; )
We took Branden to the eye doctor. The exam itself took about an hour. Then we went to the glass store. His frames pretty much look exactly the same but they're for adults now.
This canal in that small city nearest us. They used to have little boats all up and around but now the canals have all but dried up.
The yogurt has returned to the stores for us here in the countryside in Chiba.
Have been buying lots of frozen veg or veg grown in far far away places. ; )
As you can see no limit 1 milk signs. The milk shortage has lifted where I live. But then we live in the countryside. Foods pretty much back to normal here.

Branden starts school today. Tuesday April 5th. And Noah starts April 7th.