Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another hippity hoppity egg-cellent and egg-citing Easter! : )

I know, I know, I use the same nerdy Easter titles for this blog every year it seems. But what the hey, I wouldn't be me, if I didn't. ; ) These are Branden and Noah's Easter baskets for 2011! Stocked full of cool stuff.

Close up.

Happy Easter kiddos!

Taking a peek at their loot.

What's inside those eggs. Inside Noah's baseball egg was tropical jelly beans and inside Branden's yellow egg was Easter Reese's Peanut butter eggs.

Getting ready to dye the eggs on a beautiful Sunday morning. Notice the newspaper, Kate Middleton is on the paper. It's very exciting that Prince William is getting married next week. And all over CNN, and on so many programs that is the topic. I even watched a show on CNN last eveing about it. For what it's worth, America truly loved the late Princess Diana and her two sons. And it's been on so many magazine covers this engagement of William. I only wonder what it's like in England. It must be huge there of course. Even in Japan, I've seen it on a few programs. Maybe 10 years from now, we can look back on this Easter post and see the newspaper on this very table and remember, "yes that's right. This was before they married." : ) Anyway, moving on...

Getting ready for the coloring.

Aha! Eggs in every egg coloring cup.

Branden patiently waiting.

Clear Easter glitter. I tell you, we have every thing you can think of relating to Easter. Easter is *huge* for our family! We love Easter! : )

Branden using one of those magic crayons.

Noah about to get his egg out of one of the cups.

Noah, trying his very best.... coloring an egg. It came out eggcellent! ;P

And putting glitter on another egg.

Very nice egg Branden, well done.

Noboru was with us as well. And while we were all doing our own eggs. Noboru was doing his eggs as well. When this came out of the coloring cups. I asked, who made this egg? Noboru said, he did.

So here is what he said. He was about to leave to work shortly (in about an hour). But he said, he made 2 eggs for the boys. 1 egg each and he was going to hide those eggs in a really hard to find spot. And he said he will call here if he gets the chance to find out if the boys ever found the 2 eggs. @_@

He hid the eggs. And meanwhile I had a stinking suspicion he hid them some place the kids would never find. And then I worried....they probably would be in our yard for years. @_@. I finally whispered to didn't bury them or anything right? The look on his face....I knew I guessed right. @_@ Oh my! ; )

So, I you can't leave them buried, they'll be there forever. So he went and dug them out. Then he went into the house and got changed for work.

At least he had the good mind to put them in a plastic bag before he buried them. LOL. Which is what he's holding.

And then it was my turn to hide them. I sent the boys upstairs. I didn't want any cheating to happen, so I asked them to sit in my walk-in closet and I'd call for them when I was ready. Because my closet isn't facing any of the windows in the back. So, I ran all over the yard with a basket full of eggs. Meanwhile I chatted with the grandma next door. She said...those are very nice eggs this year. I said, thank you. ; ) She's very used to Easter by now I think. ; )

And yep, I even hung out all the boys uniforms for school very early this morning. Even on Easter. ; )

I hid them in easy spots when they were younger. But I made sure to hide them all in hard spots this year with an exception of 2 or 3.

Kabuto mushi egg.

A real Happy Easter egg, Noboru made this.

A heart egg in a gardening bucket.

The funny thing about this picture is you can still see the egg on the window sill of the shed.
Branden found this many when I clicked to take this pic.
It was so quiet and peaceful during our egg hunt. You could hear some frogs and country sounds but really a quiet day. You could hear the kids laughter in the backyard and us talking, but honestly that's about it. Very quiet peaceful day.
19 eggs. In Japan we sell eggs by 10, not a dozen. And I boiled 2 packs, so we had 20 total, but Noboru while coloring the eggs....ate one. ; )
I baked this cheesecake yesterday. Saturday while it rained. I know after I bake this NY style cheesecake in the oven and after it cools, it usually has to sit in the fridge a good 4-6 hours. So I made it yesterday so a whole days worth of sitting in the fridge. We finally had this after lunch today. Noboru had the first slice. : )
So good. It was a great afternoon treat. Noboru especially loves cheesecake. So, he is quite happy. We have over half the cheesecake left and we'll save it for when Noboru gets home tonight. We had a roast chicken dinner last Sunday, so we're not having that again today. We're having buffalo wings, they're baking in the oven right now. We also will be having big baked potatoes stuffed with the works, like chives (for Noboru), cheese, butter etc. And we're having ranch dip for the wings. And a salad. So, not too fancy an Easter meal, I know. But, buffalo wings, bake potatoes and salad isn't too bad. Plus cheesecake. And Easter candy. We'll be eating around 4:30-4:45pm (literally in a few minutes). And just relax and enjoy ourselvs here at home. Watch some dvd's. Anyway, Happy Easter from our family to yours.