Monday, April 04, 2011

11 loaves of bread from Osaka. My amazing Mother in law and sister in law!

Before this post gets too old to post. I wanted to say, that my mother in law and my sister in law K. Were so amazing to us immediately after the earthquake. When everything was crazy and the power outages and stuff had been going on and off and on and off. And at that first bit when foods were in short supply (they're pretty much back to normal now). Especially like bread, milk, water etc. Though we managed to get everything we needed. And were quite comfortable. However bread was hard to find at first. This was about 3 weeks ago right after the quake a few days after. Anyway my MIL was speaking with Noboru. And she asked....if there was anything we needed. Anything at all. Being hesitant, Noboru said bread. She sent us 11 loaves. Granted when it got to our home in Chiba I was already in Guam. But the fact they really came through....jumped in to help. Made me really appreciate them. The day Branden and Noah and I were to fly out to Guam, I got this lovely email from my sister in law in Osaka. Asking for the kids and myself to come to stay with them in Osaka. I realized at getting that email. Yes we are family! Yes I knew it before then, but it was just nice to get that from my sister in law that day. I will never forget how kind and wanting to help us they were. That's what real family does and I really believe that. If anything ever happens like that to them in Osaka. God forbid. I will definitely jump in and help them in return. Because well....that's what family does. : ) Anyway just wanted to share this story about 11 loaves of bread from Osaka. It was sort of a special story to me. Ohhh and what happened to the 11 loaves? Noboru skyped me in Guam and said....he alone could never finish 11 loaves!!! I agreed. And so I said, the right thing to do is to share with others. I mentioned my fave granny next door. So, he went next door and gave her 2 loaves of bread. The neighbor across the street from us, Ayumi-chans house, Noboru gave them 2 loaves too. And Noboru's coworker who also lives in the same housing community as us, he also gave them 2 loaves. And he froze the other loaves and ate some of course too. I'm glad he shared half of the loaves. Sorta paying it forward you know. And yes it did feel good to share. I think during this whole rough time in Japan. The whole community really did sort of band together. Our bonds with our neighbors were pretty strong before. But now well, let's just say.....we bonded with bread! ; ) I have 1 last California post to put up and 1 last Guam post to put up, but will put them up after this post...they will be behind this post later today. Nothing really major in those posts. But I did want to get them up finally.