Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update on us. Flying home today.

We leave for the airport at 1pm today. It's 11:46am here now. Hopefully I can jot down everything real quick. If anything is spelled really off or anything I'll fix it after I get back home this evening or if I'm too tired I'll fix it tomorrow. So just in case...forgive me if anythings way off. I am in a bit of a rush now. So where was I.....Wow 15 days later. Anyway let me catch up with you all real quick. Noboru had given me.... given the exchange rate, about $1100.00 US. And two of the family credit cards, which I didn't use. And he said, this isn't much since we have no idea how long you'll be gone. But it's a start. I said...no no it's plenty. And with great sadness we quickly left to the airport. We quickly got our tickets and before you know it, he hugged and kissed us all and we were going through the TSA. We caught the escalator down and through immigration we went and to our gate. In the airplane. There was a family to the left of us flipping through a Guam vacation book. A group of boys 3 rows ahead of us, a school trip perhaps? About 8 boys total, so who knows, could be just friends on a trip, they looked about 18 years old 20 years old tops though. Meanwhile both Branden and Noah slept the whole flight. And I stood awake. Just thinking. Feeling sadness for Japan. Missing my husband already. Sort of feeling shell shocked. We arrived and met up with my dad. It was late. I hadn't eaten all day or on the flight. So we went to Denny's. The kids happily ate their kids meals. And I meanwhile told my dad all about the earthquake. All about the food shortages. The damage of the city nearest us. Just everything. I ate half of my omlette and potatoes and toast. And we left. Everyone went to sleep.
If this trip was just that...a trip. I think I would have enjoyed my 15 days with a light heart. The fact that this wasn't really a trip. This was more an evacuation. So, I didn't enjoy myself as much as I would have under normal circumstances. The truth is....at least 90% of Noboru's coworkers evacuated their wives and kids someplace. Most of them who are from Osaka or far away from this area sent them there. So many of his coworkers sent their families to Hokkaido, Okinawa, About 5 at least we know sent their families to other family members in Osaka. And still. We know of at least 2 of his coworkers who sent their families to Hawaii. In fact the roommate of Noboru's, Yusaku. He sent Keiko and their 2 kids to Honolulu immediately he rented a condo for them right away. I think they left Japan the day after we did. And they'll be there until April 4th, I think. Yusaku is flying down there to pick them up fly back with them and bring them back to Japan. A few of Noboru's coworkers went to Guam same as us. Basically all of Delta sent their families out whether to other places in Japan or overseas. The day I flew out. We called Jun. We asked Jun if he wanted to send my SIL S and my niece M with me at my dad's house. They said no thank you. That she wanted to stay. And that was okay. At least we asked. She's my sister in law though and I do love her and my niece, so that's why we asked. Noboru said, try not to be sad. Try to enjoy your time and let the kids have fun. And just take a load off. A place with no power outages and food shortages. Where the kids can just go back to being kids for a while. I agreed. The next morning, we had breakfast at my dad's condo and then we left. We went to the morning matinee, I think it started at 10:30am. We watched Rango. It was funny. The first showing of the day is only $5 for any age. So we took advantage of those first showings of the day. After Rango. We had lunch and then we looked at the movie section from the paper and realized at the other movie theater, the first show of the day started at 1:50pm. So, since we really had nothing else to do. And with it being just $5. We drove the short distance to the next theater. And went to see, Mars Needs Mom's.
This one was in 3-D.
Inside the movies, we saw the poster to the upcoming movie for this Summer. The Smurfs! I will watch this...this Summer for sure. I can't wait.
On the way out of the movies we took a stop for some cupcakes.
One chocolate cupcake for each of the boys. This bakery makes some delicious stuff. They baked Noah's birthday cake when he was 1 year old. It was so good.
The boys ate their cupcakes in the car on the way to the beach. After watching 2 movies that day. A nice walk along the beach was right in order. Both Branden and Noah started collecting shells. And so we had made a plan to spend the entire day the next day at the beach. So, we went to Kmart and bought some snorkeling gear for the next day.

Looking for shells.
After getting some snorkeling gear from Kmart we decided to take a drive all over the island.
So the next morning, we all woke up early. And at 7:30am we decided to go and have breakfast at Wendy's. With chocolate milks and breakfast the kids filled up.
And so did my dad and I.
And there we got us a spot. And from 8am to 2:30pm we spent the entire day there.
Noah and Branden collected so many different sea shells.
They also drank some fresh coconut milk. We also had some Vitamin waters to drink as well. After an entire day spent at the beach. The kids were starved and...we went back to my dad's condo. And the boys showered in our shower in my room. And my dad meanwhile showered in his shower. Having 2 showers definitely speeds things up. : ) Then I showered and we all got dressed and we decided to go and have some lunch at the mall. Swimming that long makes a person really hungry.
I had KFC, 2 pieces of white meat original recipe and mashed potatoes and mac and cheese and a biscuit. That peanut butter pie was for the boys to split. They love peanut butter. And that strawberry shortcake was for me.
Branden is now eating an adults combo from Taco Bell. He had the 3 tacos and soda combo.
Noah got a kids meal plus 1 extra taco. He was so hungry too from all the swimming.
After 3 tacos, Branden was still hungry. So he had chili cheese fries from Taco Bell. He can now eat the amount of food Noboru eats. ; ) But again he swam so much no wonder.
Hmm, it was 4pm, what to do. My dad suggested a movie. Yeah that'll keep our minds occupied. And keep us busy so that sounds like a good idea. So we went.
They sell Vitamin Water at the movies. So I had that.
Every day, we spoke on Skype with Noboru. We emailed about twice a day. Both Branden and Noah missed him so much. "daddy, I miss you, I wish you were here" Noboru would say "I know I wish I were there too, but if I left how would the other families be able to leave and fly out?" "I need to stay here so other families like you and mommy can safely leave" I know daddy, I understand" : ( Noboru reads the boys a bedtime story about 3 times a week and I read them a bedtime story about 4 times a week. They greatly felt the absence of Noboru. And again it wasn't like we all happily went on vacation. This was something entirely different. After the kids would go to sleep. I'd sit on the skype phone, Noboru and I looking at one another on a flat screen. Talking about...radiation levels. Water safety, gas shortages, food shortages. How many earthquakes he's felt since the previous day. How many power outages they've had. Noboru told me...I've been sleeping in Branden's room. I asked...why? He said. "Because our beds too big and too lonely to sleep in there alone, so while you're gone I prefer sleep in Branden's room" Okay....I understand. : ( Me sitting on the phone one night crying..telling my husband. I should be there with you. Our wedding vows said...for better or worse. I wanna be there with you. Noboru saying...no be logical. This isn't about us...it's about our kids! Watching each others faces and me sobbing on skype...I know...I know. The simple fact is...I married my best friend. He really and honesly is my best friend is the whole world. And I'm his. And like I said. It wasn't an easy thing or choice. Noboru was happy because he felt his duty was to protect us. Same as his coworkers did. So while he missed us and couldn't even sleep in our bed. He was happy we were safe. Meanwhile, I felt greatly conflicted. I think that's why we kept so busy. I asked my dad one morning while the boys were asleep. "dad if you were still married to my mom, and this same exact thing happened, would you leave her?" he said....no. My dad also added, but Gina...you did the right thing. Think about the boys. So, yeah....this wasn't like we had this happy nonstop laugh of a time. The boys I made sure had fun, didn't think about the troubles in Japan. I meanwhile felt conflicted inside. And being without my husband, I felt like I had this whole in my heart. Like something was missing. I wish to god this was just a little vacation. Just going on Spring break. It just didn't feel that way.
In the morning, the kids woke up, we made breakfast at home that day. And we spent another entire day at the beach. After a day or two, the kids started to stop worrying so much about Japan. And started to just be kids again. And that was what we wanted. Once while we were there like the day after we got there, Branden had asked me..."mom are my friends going to die?" I said imediately...no! They will be fine. It was that worry and question that made me glad we were in Guam. For the rest of the trip we really didn't speak about anything related to the problems in Japan around the boys. Though we spoke nonstop about it while they slept. My dad and I would speak about it when the kids went to sleep. Or Noboru and I would speak about it after the boys went to sleep. But we wanted them to be somewhat shielded from it. So in that aspect us being there was the right thing to do.
Noah just being a carefree kid. He really needed it.
Branden too.
Guam on the other hand. Was doing so much to help Japan. In one day they had collected over $50,000 dollars. They were raising so much to help the ones in Tohoku. And other areas. I saw on the American news how much help and aid the US mainland was doing too. Actually all over the world. That was the good that came from this...if there is anything positive to say. I would say the help from others was amazing. I donated $50 to the American red cross for Japan in Branden X's name and another $50 in Noah X's name. I wish it were more. But it felt good to make those donations.
Another day we went to the swap meet/flea market.
Island bananas.
See that orange hat hanging on the right of this picture? I bought that for $3.
So many fruits and things that are from Guam that the kids and I've never seen.
After the swap meet, we went and picked up some Easter things for the boys. I mean after a while I sort of decided, no matter what my sadness is. I still have to move on. To live. My dad had kept asking me. The few times before we were at Kmart. Are you sure you're not going to get the kids some Easter stuff? Nah I'd say. And after like the 3rd time of saying nah not now. My dad waited to tell me after the boys went to sleep one night and he said. What happened and what you went through was bad, but you can't stop celebrating Easter because of it. You can't stop being like before. You were one of the happiest persons I ever known. You got to go back to being like you. That twinkle in your eye...that seeing the positive in everything. You need to get back to that. My dad is able to tell me things...most people couldn't get away with and I slept on it that night. And yeah.....that following day, after the swap meet. We went to Kmart. And I sort of started living again. I didn't want to walk around feeling glum anymore. Or thinking about all that was lost for so many. I know for my own families sake. I needed to live and smile. And so for my families sake. I had to shake whatever sadness I was feeling since 3-11. It's not like I wasn't going to feel sadness for those that were hurt and loss so much, I still feel it. But I couldn't let it affect my own day to day life anymore. Do you know what I mean. And believe me...it was hard. I needed that push from my dad. And so for me...being here helped me too.
Another movie. The cheapness of the movie ticket prices. And the fact it was a nice cool place to spend 2 hours. Because Guam is a hot tropical island. Plus the boys are fluent in English and Japanese. So they understand the movie completely. I actually think and know they prefer English. So movies are easy for us.
Smiley kids. They sure did enjoy all the movies and all the days spent on the beach.
My birthday was March 22nd. My dad wanted to get me a cake. And I said no on the cake. It just did't feel right celebrating my birthday without my very best friend and husband. : ) So, we went out that night and had a birthdaydinner. And we celebrated. And enjoyed. And the kids laughed. My dad was amazing. He never runs out of enegry and he made us smile every day. He helped me out of my funk. He was greatly protective over us while we were there. He worried about us a lot. And helped us and kept us busy. Every night after the boys would go to sleep. My dad and I would watch TV. We'd watch crime shows like the First 48. Or Intervention on A and E. We'd be making commentary about the shows we were watching. Being here raised our spirits tremendously.
This is only a tiny bit of our movie tickets. As you can see, we also saw Paul. And I saw Hall Pass one morning by myself. OMG! That movie cracked me up. Being here with my dad sort of helped us all feel normal again. After all that we had been through. And the last movie we saw...was Diary of Wimpy Kid Roderick Rules. It started for us here in Guam March 26th and we saw it the first day it opened.

We're going back, because well our home is there. And so is Noboru who I miss terribly. Our town does not get water from anywhere. Our town has their own well and our water comes from there. And they've been monitoring the water for our town. And even still, we use bottle water anyway. I think things are looking better could be just wishful thinking. But for now we are going back. Granted if some huge thing happened we'd leave again. But for now, we miss home. Home is where the heart is and we really want to go home. The US Embassy says to be safe be 50 miles from the reactor. We live well and way over twice that. We will still be staying indoors and homebound for the most part. But by gosh, we want to go home. Yikes 12:15pm here. If we're going to quickly grab some lunch before the flight I have to publish this now. So much more to add, so many more things to say. But...I'll have to add more later.