Monday, February 14, 2011

Bits and pieces and odds and ends from the weekend. : )

This pic was taken last Friday about 30 minutes after I got home from the hair salon. It snowed off and on for our part of Chiba through the night but Saturday was gone and melted away. Also the day Noboru got his sneakers it snowed a bit that day as well, but after about 30 minutes it turned to rain. Big clumpy rain...but rain. And even this morning Tuesday...we woke up to a light sprinkling in the backyard. It's all melted now of course. But this at least gives you an idea of the weather we've been having lately.
Last Friday after taking Noah swimming. We 4 headed out to a ramen shop. Noboru had a ramen set/combo with gyoza. The kids had ramen kids sets with fried rice, ramen, dessert, drink and a toy. : ) And I had the spicy ramen but something very interesting happened. I could only eat half. See all the noodles in my bowl? I left them. That's not happened to me before. I usually can finish a lone bowl of spicy ramen. But this time I couldn't. I think with me working very hard with cutting my portions down, my stomach shrank? Or I don't know. Also, I still have not lost anymore then the 2kg. And I also have not gained it. So a 2kg loss. However, Noboru measured me with a tape measure 3 weeks ago or so. And then he measured me last Friday and I lost 3cm on my waist measurements. So, that's a really good thing, I guess. : ) Anyway enough fitness talk.....
Saturday morning I baked the boys a homemade apple pie. With the weather being very cold. And with us just going to be staying home anyways for the weekend. It sounded perfect. I made the crust...a homemade butter crust. And peeled the apples.
Some flour so the apple juices don't become runny. Thickens it up a bit. Some brown sugar and some cinnamon. And a little lemon juice.
Mixed it all up. Rolled out the crust.
Smelled so good. I had 1 slice the whole weekend. Both Branden and Noah and the hubby loved and munched it all weekend. I think it was gone by Sunday afternoon. @_@
I also asked the kids a few days earlier what would they like and they said we haven't had pizza in a long time. So, I agreed and I made the crust Saturday morning. The 4 of us, enjoyed pizza Saturday night. I had 2 slices and enjoyed every bite. : ) We watched a dvd. And just had a good time with family night last Saturday. : )
This sort of didn't happen over the weekend but I haven't posted it. I placed an order for the kiddos in mid January. I had that 30% coupon. So the stuff was ridiculously cheap. So smart buys. Thanks to the 30% off coupon.
Misc boys stuff. With a few flippies for me.
Covered the rhinestones with paper which was nice.
Two have rhinestones and the other ones have a nice sized corsage on them.
Branden's stuff.
Undies and a university tee.
Being 9 has been a bit weird because they don't sell size 9 stuff at most clothing shops. They sell size 8 which is supposed to be 8-9. And he has that swim trunk size and it's more like a size 8. So he's outgrown it. So I went with a size 10.
Size 10 swimwear in kelly green for Branden this year.
A nice yellow sweatshirt with pale blue writing.
Noah's stuff. a basic striped shirt and a shirt that says...Today Rocks. I use the word..."rocks" a lot. So, I smiled when I saw this one.
Peace. : )
And the same sweatshirt.
This is the magazine I read while getting my hair done last week. I also finished up a good book. While there too.
Branden being silly. ; )

I didn't tell either of them to do anything when I took this pic. No direction from me at all. I actually wanted them both just to smile and say cheese. It makes me laugh though that Noah is always looking and staring at Branden. He truly adores his big brother. He just loves him so much. : )
What else...The movies were so good. Knight and Day was so good! Better then I thought it was going to be. I'm usually not a fan of action flicks. But this was great. And Eat Pray Love was really good too. Noboru didn't care for Eat Pray Love at all. But he's a guy and maybe he didn't get her need for her "year to find herself" or I am not sure. I liked it though. : ) He loved Knight and Day though. : )