Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from our family here in Chiba Japan! : )

Twas the night before Christmas....; )

Anyway both Branden and Noah are snuggly buggly in their beds. Probably dreaming of Santa and all the surprises that await them tomorrow morning. Noboru should be here any second. So, I want to get this posted real quick. Before we both go out to the MPV and bring in the bike and wrap the beyblades. I've got the hot water pot heating up as I type about to have a pumpkin coffee and hopefully finish this last minute stuff and off to bed myself shortly. Noboru also has some cookies and milk to drink before he hits the hay. ; ) Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays!!! : )
Edited to add: All set up...Santa *ahem* came and left these for Branden and Noah. ; ) I think both the boys are going to be so happy tomorrow morning. Noah especially when he wakes up and sees his very own bike. He's going to faint! It's going to give me the greatest joy seeing how happy they both are! Honestly. Anyway, good night everyone and happy holidays. : )

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Guam trip 2010! : )

Our arrival at the hotel. Delta and the Hilton Guam's contract is up and the Hilton lost the bid in November. So, our new contract, meaning Delta's is at the Sheraton in Guam. So from now until a few years all the flight crew meaning..the pilots, flight attendants, employees and us family will now be staying at the Sheraton. So as part of the Delta family, we will now for the duration of the new contract be staying at the Sheraton while on Guam. which is great because everyone is saying how luxurious the Sheraton is so....we'll see. Anyway what that has to do with anything at the moment I don't know. Perhaps I'm babbling..because it's late and I am staying awake for Noboru to get home so we can do our last minute present wrappings. ; ) Anyway from now on we'll be at the Sheraton. But for now...this trip we decided to stay at the Fiesta. They offer an airline discount (most hotels do with valid airline ID). It was cheap but staying at our contracted hotel will always be cheapest. But anyway....we decided to try the Fiesta this time. And we really liked it. This was our room. Very big spacious. We asked for the ocean view room.
Very spacious...felt really open.
They have only 8 floors and we got the 7th floor so we were quite high up and the view was honestly amazing.
The whole place was so modern. Look at that cool sink. Totally a see through sink and counter. It had a fridge in each of the rooms. Same as the Hilton, so we kept our drinks in there. Noboru and his Mountain Dew and me and my lemonade. Kids had water or juice.
The main rode decorated for the holidays it was lit at night.
After we arrived, we walk quite fast so we lost track of my bil. And in fact didn't see him the whole trip. Which was okay.....they were busy and so were we. Our rental car guy was waiting for us....picked us up, we went back to the rental place and signed papers and went to the hotel, checked in changed clothes and in like no time at all we were at the Micronesia Mall...I had my eyebrow wax first. Then we had lunch. Noboru had Taco Bell so did Noah. And Branden and I both had KFC. I wanted 1 piece of chicken and a side of mashed potatoes so the lady gave me a kids meal and a toy. @_@ I haven't had a toy in forever! I'll give my toy to the kids. lol. I'll just put it in the toy box.
After lunch we went to the Game Stop. They had used Wii's for $110, which is a great deal. In fact if it were just hubby and myself we'd have gotten the used one. But with it being Christmas and a present we got the new one. The store was packed to the gills. Seriously the check out line was insane. Good thing for me...I had researched this Wii stuff forever and a day online. Checked the Yahoo questions site..."what is necessary to own the Wii?" "What's the bare essentials we need to buy and what's unnecessary?" just stuff like that...I checked. But man...phew, we mulled over every decision weeks beforehand so by the time we got there...we were ready.
Sunday much accomplished and only the first day. The kids gifts were bought. The Wii and rc car. My eyebrow wax done. We did our shopping and Kmart shopping got everything done. Only spent $40 at Cost u less..$60 at Kmart and $40 at Payless. We didn't really go for food stocking up. We mainly just went to Guam to relax and get the Wii. The rest was just spending time with my dad. We went to my dad's condo the first night to pick him up for dinner. We went to Pizza Hut...we had 2 medium pan pizza, breadsticks and super hot buffalo wings. And drink bar. Here's a pic of my dad playing with the boys while we waited for our pizza. Look at Noah and B's smile....they love my dad so much. Told my dad we were everything accomplished. And so we sat eating dinner relaxing. Dropped off my dad and went back to the hotel. We all took turns showering. And then watched TV for the rest of the night.

When we got back from Pizza Hut...and about to relax for the night. Noah came onto the balcony so I think you can hear me say hello to him. And I believe B and Noboru just got out of the shower.
Pic from the balcony.
What an amazing view from our room.

Do you ever wake up before the rest of your family? Sorta just have that quiet little time to yourself? I do too. I do this at home and also on vacation. Just that little 10-20 minutes of quiet time and while on vacation the people watching does wonders for me really.
Noah the sleepy head. ; )

A very nice balcony.
Walking to the beach....what a short walk! ; )
A palm tree shadow on Noboru's back. It's these little moments like these that the boys will think about when they're all grown up.
The greenest grass, the clearest water and the whitest sand on the beach. Meanwhile my lemonade on the chair. ; ) Hey swimming can make people thristy and if you swallow salt water you could need a drink asap! So, a lemonade handy is kinda helpful right? ; )
Your memories of the Christmas season as children, right here!
A very casual, very laid back family.
Hi sweet pea and hi kiddo! ; )

Getting ready to spend the entire day at the beach. We collected so many shells.
Noboru helping Noah get his goggles on.
Checking it to make sure he got them on right.
A pat on the back.
And a hand to hold onto.... to walk into the ocean with. Meanwhile B was waiting for me to finish with the pictures so we could go play! We played in the ocean for literally hours.

Branden coming to get mommy! ; )

Noboru splashing both the boys.
And the boys splashing him back!
After about 3 hours spent playing and swimming and splashing about in the ocean and watching beautiful colorful fish swim by us, we spent another 30-40 minutes in the pool.

Branden flipping around having fun.
Noah swimming underwater. The lifeguard after watching both Branden and Noah swimming for quite a while in the pool...he finally they go to swimming school? We said yeah..yeah they do. He said...I thought so. ; ) What a nice lifeguard.
Okay about to leave the beach and pool. Time to rinse your shoes off, which that's what they were doing in this pic. And then upstairs to our hotel to quickly shower and pop on some clothes. And off to have lunch.
Running to mommy! Having so much fun!
All cleaned and quite hungry after all that swimming.
A #1 combo for me, a burrito surpreme and a taco surpreme and a drink. Both the boys had Burger King flame broiled cheeseburgers kids meals. Noboru had Hawaiian for lunch.
They now have a big Chuck E. Cheese's at the GPO now. But we were going to the movies. Besides we had pizza the night before.
They had "snow" whch was really bubbles blowing from the top of the Cold Stone Creamery. My dad held Noah so he could catch some. Branden and I caught some too. ; )
Yahoo movies online gave the new Yogi Bear movie a C or C- but...Tangled got an A. So, we went to see the children's movie Tangled. It was a great movie..for both girls, boys and adults. We had the giant sized popcorn and drinks.
All 5 of us....1 senior, 2 adults and 2 children. ; )
All the palm trees were lit up with lights on the main road (not the greatest pic but you get the idea; ). With illuminated coconuts. A very festive tropical Christmassy atmoshphere. We went back to the hotel and the kids crashed right away. Noboru took a shower and I stayed up watching all the American TV I could. I watched Oprah's favorite things episode...loved it! Watched America's Most Wanted, 48 hours about a real murder mystery, that was sad. : ( I stayed up as long as I could. And then off to sleep I went.
The last day...the day we would be leaving. we went to Wendy's for breakfast. That Applewood smoked bacon...sounded so good to me and the price sounded good to us too. ; )
We ordered 3 applewoood bacon breakfast combos and Noboru had the chicken fried chicken breakfast platter.
The bacons flavor was so good. And so crunchy. I enjoyed my breakfast and so did the kids.
Noboru loved his breakfast too. We ran a few last minute errands spent time with my dad. Ran to Ralph Lauren at DFS, so we could get my dad something for Christmas. A polo shirt with the big pony on it. : ) And then we asked the kids if they'd like to eat anything quickly before we head to the car rental place and off to the airport. They said....Wendy's. Are you sure we went there for breakfast. How about...Subway? Nope they said please. And knowing we'd be leaving shortly we said why not. So back to Wendy's we went. The drive thru this time though.
2 kids happy meals and off we went. It rained right before we left but was lovely and sun shiney the whole time except for the last hour before we left. We had a nice time....enjoyed our time as a family very much. Enjoyed our time with my dad. The trip was so short. But ahh well, at least we got to go, so that's the bright side, I guess. : ) Anyway that was our short, but lovely trip to Guam December/Christmas time 2010! : )