Friday, December 03, 2010

The yochien bazaar and bake sale at Noah's school and Branden's observation day! : )

Well that was weird. Hmm. I posted my Thanksgiving post yesterday around 10:15am yesterday and this morning when I woke up, it said PM? I didn't do that and I do not ever bump my posts, not ever. Unless I got the date wrong in the first place...such as I saved it from Monday and didn't publish until Wednesday type thing. Hmm, anyway very odd. I did put it back to AM. Let's see if it stays that way. So where was I? Oh yes I still have 2 posts to get up, the Noah's bake sale post and Branden's observation day one. But since I am a bit behind, I'm just going to lump the both of them together. Last Friday was the yochien bazaar and bake sale. It had been mentioned that they'd like me to bake the same cupcakes I baked for when Branden was in yochien. And last year I was set to bake them too, but we all came down with the swine flu. So this year it was. Friday morning, I woke up very early and baked the cupcake part. Let them cool while I made the kids some breakfast. And then after sending Branden to school, I started frosting them.
I originally bought the bags on the left. But Noboru told me, I had bought the wrong bags? That I needed the stiffer and more crunchy type bags. @_@ So, while last week I was busy with Thanksgiving prep. I was also on a bag hunt, ribbon buy and paper plate buy. No wonder my blog didn't make a peep last week. ; )
I bought 2 spools of ribbon because I recalled running out last time and I was glad I bought a backup then too. That ribbon on top... the plain pink one was sort of a cheat because it looked like it had tons of ribbon on it, but it had barely any. Good thing I bought the one with the hearts too. Or I would have run out.
I made 7 bags of cupcakes total.
Decorated with silver little ball type decorations but on the pink they look more like pearls. Very pretty.
Heart ribbons.
Plain pink ribbon ones. I dressed Noah, meanwhile I slapped on some clothes, no makeup. And we drove to the school, every one's stuff was due at 9-9:30am last Friday. So, I arrived at 9:10am-ish. Got Noah into class. I also gave a smaller bag, a bag of 2 cupcakes to Noah's teacher and she loved getting them! : ) My dad and I walked upstairs, we each carried a tray up the stairs...gently...gently. : ) Everyone ohhhed and ahhed. And I blushed and left. My dad and I came home. I did laundry. We relaxed. Watched CNN. And since the bazaar started last Friday at 1pm. We headed over there around 12:10pm. Parked the car. A bunch of people also were waiting. We waited in the car until about 12:35 or so. And then we slowly walked into the school and up the stairs. There was a line forming. And we were about 7th in line or around there. Noboru also showed up around 1pm on his motorcycle. He wanted to check things out. Before heading off to work. He bought a new mini handheld vacuum, sort of like a Dustbuster type a thing for 300 yen, he says he'll use it to vacuum out our cars. And some packaged instant noodles and a few other things.
As you can see by the price sticker....250 yen for the cupcakes. Seven total I brought. The 8th one for Noah's teacher I did not count. When I got upstairs when it started at 1pm....there were only 5 of my cupcake bags. 2 people reserved them before the bake sale. I know the Jogo-san reserved and wanted one, she told me. But the other one, I don't know. Within about 8 minutes of the bake sale opening up, this was the last pack left. And it was sold too. Right after I took the picture. So they did not last very long. was for a good cause. And I'm glad I participated. : )I bought many baked goods the other mothers baked too. And so many of the other mother's stuff sold out just as quickly. In fact...I think all the bake sale stuff sold out within 20 minutes total. Just the ...bazaar and craft stuff was still selling by the time we left. And that beautiful cookie tree to the right, my good friend Namiki-san made that. I think she did a really amazing job. : )
Lots of people. Noboru is standing to the left of the clock in the back.
My dad bought the baked goods on the left. And I bought some handmade sewing things that I thought were really pretty and some baked things too.
Homemade melon pan. These ladies can really cook! : ) The tulip tissue case, I loved and at 50yen, such a good buy. And the handmade yochien obento set, 500 yen! Very awesome deals, we found.
Friday, after the bake sale ended it was time to bring home Noah. So, my dad, Noah and I drove home happily. We had done a lot last week and managed to get all the Thanksgiving cooking done. Celebrate Thanksgiving. Bake the cupcakes, done and done. And then it was the weekend. We were like yay! Last Friday anyway. : ) Branden still had observation day the next day. But we knew we just had to stand basically and watch. That's the easy part. : ) We picked up B, Friday after school and we all sorta just enjoyed.
Last Saturday...Branden's observation day. Everyone had been making handmade clay magnets. They've been working on them for a week. Branden has been giving me mini updates about them so it was finally nice to see them. Branden said...I made a ring for you! So, that is a ring on the left bottom. ; ) He also made a carrot, a grape soda with ice. And a pokemon ball thing.
This classes shuji has really gotten better this year. Improved quite a bit since the beginning of the school year. Branden's is the far right bottom.
My dad has never been inside a real Japanese elementary school before. And so it was very nice for him to get to see, Branden's class art projects (clay magnets) they all did. To see their shuji. And this here...are pics printed out on paper of their last ensoku/field trip. My dad said...they do basically the same stuff they do in an American school, just slightly different. And I agreed, yep...pretty much the same stuff. Branden went to a sake factory and shoyu factory with his class. And when I was growing up in the US, my class went to the Keebler (cookie and cracker) factory. : ) And for the record we didn't see an elf in sight. : )
My dad saw all the pictures like this one of Branden smiling with his class.
Or when they were eating.
And then the bell rang and it was time for us parents to go inside the classroom. That's Branden's teacher at the board. I really really like this teacher. I think she is a fantastic teacher. She doesn't put up with any crap in her class. And she shouldn't have to. As long as you're a good student and do your work, you'll get along famously with her. Branden and her get along really well. I actually prefer her over the Yuka-sensei. And we really liked the Yuka-sensei too.
Branden doing his worksheet. Today's class was talking about morals. What is the right thing to do in such and such situation and the wrong thing. I listened and then whispered what was happening to my dad a few times so he wasn't totally just left out of the loop. My dad left the school thinking wow....what a really cool school Branden goes to. I'm really glad my dad got a chance to go.
We went home, the observation day ended around 11am. We all had lunch. Turkey sandwiches yet again. : ) And chips. And the last of the pie. We all talked and chatted and I prepped for turkey noodle casserole, that's we'd be eating for later that night. the boys were out front with their friends playing. And around 3:30pm we headed to the airport. My dad's flight was at 7pm. We wanted him to get checked in and settled near his gate. That's my dad checking in. A bit blurry.
And not on zoom. I was standing way over here.
He hugged and cuddled Noah goodbye. And Noah giggled and laughed. And hugged him tightly.
He are growing so big but I will always try to carry you. So, my dad stood there trying his best to pick up B. Branden feeling the love, so he laughed and smiled.
By the dad used to hold Branden in the mirror in our living room in Denver, when he was really little like under 1 year of age. And my dad would say....who is that boy?....who is that boy? And Branden would laugh and laugh and then my dad would it Branden? And Branden would squeal with laughter and delight and then my dad would do it again. Or my dad would sing...the flying trapeze song and pick him up. He flies through the air...with the greatest of ease.....and now B is so big. And my dad still tries to carry him! Bless his heart!
And then he checked in and went through the screening. Both Branden and Noah shouted....I love you grandpa!!!! My dad waved. And Noboru and I waved.
And now making our way out of Narita airport and to our MPV and home to our turkey noodle casserole. @_@ By this time...we were just about tired of turkey. Not yet, but almost there. : )Anyway that was my dad's visit we had. And the bake sale and the observation we had. : ) Have a great weekend everyone. : )