Thursday, December 09, 2010

Wreath switch, Fall to Christmas! Brownie baking and rice krispie treat making! Branden's school marathon, Harry Potter movie and more! : )

Last week on Monday, with both Branden and Noah at school. Noboru and I started in on the Christmas decorations for the front of the house, getting all the lights on, etc. A pic is coming shortly, they're done and they look beautiful. That was quite a bit of work. And meanwhile I pulled out the winter, Christmas wreath for our front door, the same one that hangs every single year. And meanwhile packed away the....
Fall wreath got nicely packed away until next year also, caught a glimpse of the Spring and Summery warmer weather wreath the hydrangea one that we use every year too. I swear...I must be known as, wreath my neighborhood. ; )
What MIL sent a care package to us. Well technically to me. It Gina X. : ) From Mitsuko X. Same last name. : ) She sent the potato salad in a food bag too, same how she sent the chicken, but I spooned it into my own container, which is pictured. I thought that was so nice of her and thoughtful. That not only did I call her and thank her. But I also turned on my oven and....
I baked her some brownies with walnuts. Ziplocked them, packed them really well and ran myself to the post office and sent her a care package right back. She called me back when she received them and was pleasantly surprised too. She's coming to Chiba for Noah's Christmas recital soon.
What else....Noah needed some new long sleeve shirts. I went through Branden's old uniforms and found 2, in 120cm. I already sewed Noah's name on those. And I also went and ran and picked Noah a new long sleeve and a new red/white hat. And I also picked up Branden a new red/white hat for his marathon he had. I wanted him to have a brand new bright one for I was glad I picked up a new one for B before his marathon.
I was happy to be able to reuse a few of Branden's long sleeves. Now they all have new names on the sleeves now.
Last Wednesday, after dropping off all our kids. Noriko-san, Jogo-san and I met at the movie theater to see the newest Harry Potter. The one in English started at 11am. So, we went to Mister Donut first. We all had 2 donuts and coffee each. I think Jogo-san had iced tea though, if my memory serves me correctly. : ) And the Jogo-san bought a few donuts for later. And I also bought some for Branden and Noah and the hubster for later as well.
There was a lot of crying towards the end of Harry Potter. After the movie let out...I went straight away to the yochien to pick up Noah and then to pick up Branden after that. My family enjoyed the donuts that I brought back.
What's this? We got a letter at the yochien. About the upcoming Christmas play, all the kids needed to bring...gym uniforms shorts and tights. It's a big thing this Christmas play. All the kids are practicing tons. The teachers are working hard with this as well, trying to make sure things go well. And so, I packed the gym shorts and tights. Started wondering...does that include the gym top too? I packed it...but I asked Noah's teacher before leaving the bag. I asked her if they needed the top too and she said no. So, I just pulled the top out of the bag and brought the top back home. Kids have been practicing a lot. I hear the oldest class, the blue badges are doing the Wizard of Oz play!!! I love the Wizard of Oz. And know the whole thing by heart so, I will be looking forward to seeing that. : )
This might look easy peasy to sew but considering it's on a sleeve and sewing things on sleeves are hard for me anyways, but then add the fact it's also on a teeny tiny pocket. It is a logistical freaking nightmare for me to sew a name tag on these! And yet I do and I try my best. : )
Saturday...2 loads outside drying. One load of clothes hanging. And if you look close you can see the start of some towels along the fence. That's one of the boys swim towels right there.
Fleecey blankets washed was my second load with towels. And I also washed up Branden's sneekers like I do every week and Noah's yochien shoes. PS....will be overjoyed when Noboru fills in the parts of grass he cut out because, the week before, I could not see since I was holding the blankets up high and it was sort of blocking or impairing my view a bit and as you guessed it. I tripped but caught myself so I didn't fall, just stumbling across the yard. But I must have looked like a total dork, wobbling with a big load of blankets. Steam poured out my ears. And I told Noboru, honey I will be so happy when you fill in those patches because I just nearly killed myself out there. He apologized but he also laughed. @_@ Hmm. ; )
Rice Krispie making time. Saturday evening, I had told the boys we could make rice krispie treats after dinner. And true to my word. We made them.
While I was busy melting half that box of butter and then melting marshmallows. Noboru was playing with the boys in the kitchen. : ) Could he tell which boys hand it was with his eyes closed? And such and such game. He likes to play with the boys a lot.
Both the boys helped flatten them out.
Noah did very well.
Hi sweet pea! : )
And done. So easy.
These were leftover from the night before. We made a huge batch of rice krispie treats.
Sunday afternoon. The boys playing together and the blankets meanwhile drying. Branden's blanket on the right, Noboru's and mine on the left. Noah's was done a few days earlier.
Sunday's dark load of wash hanging. One Denver Broncos shirt, a few pairs of Levi's. Noah's yochien navy blue uniforms. His PE ones were done the day before.
Sunday nights dinner.
And after dinner Sunday night. I steamed a batch of sweet potatoes. I usually steam a batch every Sunday or every other Sunday depending on how sick or not we are of them in the winter here in Japan. ; ) Leftover dinner on the right plate. And the last bit of rice krispie treats Sunday evening.
Tuesday...this Tuesday. December 7th was the elementary school marathon. It was such a freezing cold morning. I think you can see steam or fog in the sky. It was even worse then pictured. It was such a cold day. Visibility...not so good. I could not believe out of all the nice sun shiny days, the weather craps out on the day they run their marathon. Coldest day in a long time. And it was marathon day. Anyway....I had already made obento and run Noah to school, raced back to our town by 9am with time to spare for the marathon.
Does the guy holding the finish line look familiar? Does it sort of look like my husband? ; ) Yeah it does doesn't it! LOL. Our favorite sensei. Branden's sensei. The tiny one standing near Noboru. Kindly asked him if he could hold it for her. Who in their right mind would say no. : ) Right? So, of course he said....sure! I'd love to!!!! And so he did. Meanwhile I was on the opposite side. And chatted with a mom friend of mine... one of Branden's classmates mom.
The 3rd and 4th graders ready to run. 3rd graders in the red hats and 4th graders in the white hats. Look at that sky. Behind the kids. I tell ya.....if snow would have started sprinkling from the sky, I would not have been surprised in the least. It didn't of course, but you know what I mean.
Another grade looked on towards the right.
All the kids took off running. and then, someone shouted....a kid is injured. I knew it was not Branden because I just saw him run past me. I could hear the crowd you know who that is? No, I don't said someone (the schools so small how could they not though, is what I thought ; ). I looked and looked and when I got a closer look, I thought.,,OMG! Holy goodness that's our dearest "boy next door"....I have grandma next door's number. But not her keitei. Just the house number. What should I I stand surrounded by rice fields, contemplating what to do. I felt it a duty to...go and ask if he's okay. K....are you okay honey? Do you want me to get a hold of your grandma? "I'm okay" he said. Man, I wish I could think of how to contact his mom. As a mother myself, I'd want to know if my kid was hurt. But then didn't seem like a life threatening injury. So, don't want to be all gung ho and overreact and cause a panic either. And it looked just like a skinned knee. I wanted to think some too don't want to overreact either. And he did say he was okay when I asked. Okay then I told him. I'll just be standing over here then, okay? And he sat and a teacher was with him.
Branden just about to pass the finish line. Boy next door still in the background. Poor little guy.
Later found out....boy next door's mom was holding a flag on the opposite side of the race track. And yes she did notice something a little odd. How come every kid she knew ran past her...including Branden. Branden told me she said...gambatte Branden-kun! Meanwhile she had wondered where her son was. : ( Little did she know he was off on our side of the track injured.
The bright side is, I jumped in to assist the "boy next door" I mean of course, he's our neighbor. And she meanwhile cheered on B on the other side of the track. Good neighbor. She is a good neighbor.
So after that marathon. We ran home. I said good bye to Noboru. I meanwhile ran to Cainz. Did our weekly shopping. Didn't have time to go home, so I went directly to the yochien to get Noah, then home, to unpack the food and detergent and weekly shopping things. And then from there I had Noah pack his swimming bag. And we left to pick up Branden. He got out at 3pm. Noah meanwhile started swimming at 3:15pm. I had to seriously make some tracks to get from Branden's school to the swim school. I stayed until 4;30pm. Found myself in the little boys dressing/locker room. Chatting with a pink badge mother from our yochien. About the upcoming Christmas play. She said Noah is doing really good. Meanwhile the kids came out. And we drove home. 5pm is when we finally got home. My gawd. I had been going full throttle since obento making, sending 2 kids to school, the marathon. The grocery store, picking up both kids and for what felt like an infinity of waiting at the swim school. I was very tired and very happy to be home. What was for dinner? Something simple. It had to be super duper simple. I was exhausted. I was tired. I turned on the oven and made 2 pepproni sandwiches (1 for B and 1 for me, this is too spicy for Noah) and 1 baked ham sandwich with mozzarella for Noah. Made some fries. Washed some lettuce for the sandwiches.

The kids ate. I ate. Noboru was eating at work. After dinner..threw the dishes in the dishwasher. And sent the boys to the shower. They came out. Put their pj's on. Branden luckily did his homework at the swim school waiting for Noah. So, the boys watched TV while I showered and soaked in the tub for a bit. I came out. We watched some TV together. Talked. And then I tucked them each in bed. After the kids went to sleep. I started the hot water pot. I had a nice hot cup of coffee and just sorta went ahhhh. I was now in relaxing mode. I emailed my dad good night. Channel surfed. And when Noboru came home, I was resting. We caught up with each other about our days. And he showered. Anyway that's a bit of what we've been up to lately! : )