Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Gobble gobble gobble, how our family spent Thanksgiving 2010!!!

Exactly a week late, but hey...better late then never as they say! : ) The pies on stand-by on the green counter. And the food making it's way onto the table. By the way in America, kids have a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving holiday. We are off school Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday, and for Saturday and Sunday of course, so Thanksgiving is always a nice relaxing holiday. However in Japan, it's business as usual for Japan except for us in our home. Noboru gave me the option of pulling the kids from school. But I send them anway because they will be missing a few days in December when we go away. So they went to school Thanksgiving Thursday but we did pull them from Kumon and swimming that day. So as soon as they each got out of school, we all were home, all 5 of us. We ate at 4pm.
Thanksgiving table runner. And food a plenty.
Let me see if I can say what is seen here. A big salad, croutons, salad dressings, mikans. Green beans. Turkey. And 1 pie, the other stood on the green counter.
Now on the opposite side of the table we had another plate of green beans, different types of dinner rolls. Hawaiian type rolls, regular yeasty dinner rolls and a few other types. Black olives, gravy, mashed potatoes and stuffing. whole cranberries and drinks.
My serving! And I skipped breakfast and lunch that day and believe me, I was STARVING by the time we ate. : )
Thanksgivings at our house are always very casual. No need to dress up and wear constricting clothes on a day when you should be wearing the comfiest. : ) In this pic, my dad wearing his comfy Converse long sleeve tee and navy blue sweatpants. Noah wearing his comfy house shirt and gray sweatpants.
Noboru wearing his light blue tee and gray sweatpants and B wearing his red Uniqlo shirt and gray sweatpants. I was wearing gray yoga pants and a black top that said...Old Navy on it. Not a stitch of makeup. A pony tail. And we were as happy as clams here, last Thursday! We were here for the food and for giving thanks and being together as a family...not a fashion show. : ) We started with a prayer, my dad did that. And then as is tradition for our house, we all went from person to person and said what we were each thankful for. And then we dug right in. We talked and ate and ate and ate and talked. By the time our meal was over we were all thankful to be wearing clothes that had elastic waist bands in them. LOL. We all jumped in for clean up. So Thanksgiving clean up was a snap.
And then we all enjoyed the pie, in the living room. We watched The Thanksgiving Peanuts cartoon we have on dvd. And then we watched a dvd we rented. It was a very comfortable Thanksgiving. No stress. Just relaxed and enjoyed it. Thankful to be healthy, thankful to be with family. And just being thankful in general. : )
I'm not sure if it's just me. But I start thinking about all the leftovers before the poor birds out of the oven! Ha ha ha. Needless to say, we ate so many turkey sandwiches, with swiss cheese and also mozzarella. We even had enough leftovers to have turkey noodle casserole Saturday night. From a recipe I got off Martha Stewart's website last year and printed it out, but didn't get around to trying it until this year go figure! : ) Anyway that was how we spent our very low key, but very wonderful Thanksgiving here at home in Chiba Japan this year. : )