Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas presents! What everyone is getting at our house this year! : )

So is everyone in the Christmas swing of things? Christmas spirit and cheer and all that good stuff? ; ) We sure are here. We love Christmas! Did anyone in the US get a chance to get any good deals from Black Friday? We didn't since we live here in Japan. However, we sure took advantage of the great deals on Cyber Monday and Noboru bought me a good sized order from Amazon as part of my Christmas gift. I thought it would be fun today to share what our family is getting and/or hoping/wishing for this Christmas 2010. What I asked for this year, was for a new pair of black ballet flats, as mine are a starting to look a bit ratty since I wear them often. I found the pair I really loved, loved the top of them so cute and eye catching. I also liked the velvety look and feel, very perfect for Winter. So, Noboru bought me those. And I also asked for a pair of Winter Crocs. The Winter Mammoth ones not the Blitzen. Because the Mammoth have holes all over and the Blitzens just look like clogs and have only 3 holes. Anyway, personal preference I guess and so, Noboru ordered a pair same style and color as me (he's such a copy cat, lol) but a bigger size for himself too.
They came about 10 days ago. Yippy.
Can't wait for Christmas so I can unwrap these babies and wear them! ; )
From my memory, I picked from

Twilight Saga Eclipse...I *love* Twilight, all of them. Twilight is to me, what Harry Potter is to many people.

Vampires Suck (spoof movie on Twilight)

Paradise Road

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (have this one VHS and need this on DVD)

Keeping Up With the Kardashian's season 1 (it was so cheap way way under 10 bucks and a whole seasons worth, so I thought it was a great deal) Can't wait to watch them.

Keeping Up with the Kardashian's season 2

Everybody Hates Chris - The First season (love Chris Rock, I find him so funny and to get a whole seasons worth for the low deals we got on Cyber Monday, too good to pass up)

George Lopez the first and second season. I also love this guy, he's so hilarious. I'm so glad I have 2 seasons worth coming. I will be in dvd heaven when all the movies finally get here.

I also ordered another dvd as part of my Christmas gift but it hasn't been shipped yet. It's called the Hotel Kids in Orange County about homeless kids in the US, it was an HBO special made by Nancy Pelosi's daughter. It is apparently a very good in depth documentary and I would love to see it.
Here is Noah's letter to Santa this year. By the way the last few years he just did scribbles and barely legible. But this year, he asked Branden for help and he worked hard on it. He really wanted Santa to read it and understand what he is wishing for this year. I think he did a pretty fantastic job! ; )
Branden, reads and writes at 3rd grade level for an American kid anyway. So I didn't need to help him, tell him what to say or anything. He just sat down and got started on it. I also told Noboru later..."gee he has better handwriting then I do. ; )
Kids are kids for such a short time. To have that child-like innocence and wonderment is truly amazing to watch as a parent. I may sit Branden down next year and tell him the truth..... or I may not. We're playing it by ear. But, I do want my kids to enjoy their childhood. With every fiber in their bodies. And if believing in a little magic now and again is in order, so be it. ; )

Noah's old Thomas bike used to belong to Branden. Branden was in love with Thomas. Noah never really was a fan of Thomas go figure. Anyway, he confessed he has been wishing and wishing for a new bike. A bike all his and only his. We agreed with that. But of course we didn't say anything. We just said...well write to Santa and we'll see. ; ) Little did he know....we looked and looked online. Debated many bikes Then finally had the 2 front contenders. And we finally decided on this Muji one. It's a happy peppy color and fits his personality to a T. We ordered online and had it shipped last Monday while the boys were at school.
One huge box with a bright yellow bike inside. : )
We opened the box to peek, wouldn't wanna unwrap Christmas day to see they got the color wrong. That would be a nightmare. So, we checked and taped the box back up. Noah's Christmas wish and dream is coming true this year! It has been hiding in the attic ever since last week. ; )
Tracking down the beyblades Branden was hoping for was hard and proving a bit difficult. Because these are the new beyblades, recently released ones. These are sold out nearly everywhere. Even a lot of places online said sold out. And for the galaxy pegasus if they did have them in stock, because they're so hot right now...many places said, LIMIT 1 per customer! What the???!!! We have 2 boy's and need 2. We finally found a place that would sell us 2 in 1 order and also had the other hard to find beyblade. Branden asked us to look online. Sneaky Noboru went to the site that is sold out....and showed Branden (see all sold out shucks). Branden is so crushed at the moment. He thinks he has absolutely no hope! No hope to get this at all. : ( So he wrote to Santa....asking for this for Christmas. Hmmm. I think we will have 2 happy thrilled boys this coming Christmas morning. And also Branden is getting other gifts from us too. So he is fairing quite well is the present category. : )
I also got a really cool black turtle neck with bright colored stripes. Very flirty with a pair of jeans or a miniskirt and some plain black tights.
And some very cool argyle tights. Very girly and very flirty as well.
They came in a 3 pack. Really cute. To wear with jean miniskirts and cord miniskirts this year. And a pair of ballet flats.
And I also got the black argyle cardi pictured here and I also got the gray argyle cardi as well. I love these argyle cardis so much. And last but not least, hubby also got me an amazing peacoat. I have a Gap and also an ON peacoat already but I had been hoping to get a new one and I found one and got it. I love it. I heart peacoats very much. : ) And my other 2 are quite a few years old, so it was nice to get a new one this year. Can't wait for Christmas this coming year. And if you wondering what Noboru's getting. He hasn't decided yet. He said he's going to get a new pair of swim trunks. And something electronic. Either speaker set for his ipod or something else. He always decides at the last minute but always ends up with something amazing.

We've got other people on the list too, but as they read my blog, I can't share what they're getting. Also our main gift is an "experience gift" that is our trip to Guam. So we can go there as a family for a few days, swim, do a bit more shopping and hang out along the beach and enjoy some relaxing time as a family. And my brother in law, Jun and family are also heading to Guam same day, same flight as us. And staying at the same hotel as us too. ; ) Except Jun doesn't drive in Guam, I don't think...he'll probably be taking the trolley and we are renting a car. We're leaving this coming weekend. I've got the suitcases out already. Though have yet to pack.

I also know what my dad got the boys this year as well. Noah got the gorgeous bright yellow rain coat (fully lined) from Gap (in size 6-7 ) and Branden got this very cool bright green and blue winter coat in size 10-12 to wear for next year. My dad loved the detailing on the arms and so did I (my dad was in Guam on skype with me and looking at the ON/Gap website and I was here in Japan also looking at the same website, lol). We both think B will get a kick out of this.

Anyway I hope everyone is in good spirits this time of year. And enjoying this Christmas holiday season with your loved ones. : )