Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 25th, our hotel stay and Ikspiari and prepping for Disney Sea the following day

We had, this planned for quite a while now. I had a day or two beforehand, already packed 1 overnight bag for the boys, hubby and myself for the hotel stay (meaning just pj's, extra change of clothes (for emergencies), etc not too much though) and another bag for the next day's Disney Sea, the popcorn buckets, winter coats and also raincoats this stuff stayed in the car though. Anyway Noboru was off work Monday and had the next day off. And so as soon as both Branden and Noah got back from both their schools Monday, we left in the MPV and headed to Urayasu (where both the Tokyo Disney's are located) So we left our neck of the woods around 4pm. And it was a long drive because of all the traffic. But we made it to the hotel and got ourselves checked in. Hotel lobby pic, as Noboru was checking in, way in the background there.
Name of the hotel. We had used the vouchers Noboru gets working where he does... so the cost for us was nothing. And a savings is still a savings. So that was pretty good.
The hotel was all decked out for Halloween.
Kids waiting in the lobby for daddy to get checked in.
The bakery buffet as it says, 950 yen for adults and 500 yen for kids. This was a really good deal and we stuffed our tummy's the next morning before going to Disney Sea.
3 beds. This hotel was really clean. Every nook, every cranny cleaned. The bed was so tightly made you could have bounced a coin off it.
They cater to people with kids obviously being so close to Disney and all. So they had a step stool so the kids could brush their teeth and wash their own hands. ; ) I also liked the basket to discard used towels. Not a luxurious posh hotel granted, but you know a very clean and functional hotel. We enjoyed our stay here and will be coming back again.
Japanese shower/bathing area.
A long hallway. It was a very good sized room. At the entrance and to the left was the toilet room, separate sink area, separate shower/bath area and then a long hall and then this hall. L shaped hall basically leading into the bedroom area.
After checking in, we left the hotel. We were going to catch the shuttle bus from the hotel to take to Ikspiari mall. But the bus just left, we just missed it and we didn't want to wait 30 more minutes. So, we just drove ourselves there and in 5 minutes we were there and walking around.
This mall is very big and very beautiful. It's a Disney run mall, so it's very well maintained.
We went to Kua' Aina Burger for dinner.
Noah had the chicken fingers and fries. Branden had the same.
I had the chicken teriyaki sandwich with avocado, half onion rings and half fries.
Noboru had a big chargrilled cheeseburger and fries (no half onions rings for him, lol ; ).
After we ate we walked around. Talk about a big pumpkin. : )
There were street performers. It was very nice to just relax, we were in no rush, we strolled around just taking in the atmosphere.
After walking around and watching the street performer, we went downstairs and bought our tickets for the next day. That way we wouldn't have to wait in line the following day.
Yep, advance tickets.
So with tickets safely stored in my bag. We walked around and heard the sounds of fireworks, so we went in one of the courtyard areas and watched the fireworks show that they have for both Tokyo Disneyland and Sea every night. We enjoyed watching the fireworks.
On our way out, we walked around the Gap, the 4 of us, just looking....not buying anything. And then we headed back to the hotel.
Everyone took showers, the boys got in their pj's. Me in my nightgown/sleep tee. Turned the TV on, we watched TV for a while.
Oh yeah Noboru stopped at a 7 Eleven on the way to the hotel. Why? He needed a cup of noodle. ; ) So the kids then wanted some donuts at the same conbini. Family camcorder in the bottom of this pic. We take that with us most places and I make the family videos.
So while they munched on cup of noodle and donuts, I meanwhile drank a bottle of mikan flavored water. I was still full from dinner.
The view out the window.
Hall reversed the other way. And you can see the heater gauge on the wall and there was also a humidifier in the room to use if we wanted. We didn't need it though. And another big window near the mirror area at the back of this pic.
Go to sleep boys! Big fun day tomorrow. : )
Kids toothbrushes with strawberry toothpaste and adults toothpaste with regular mint toothpaste.
The next morning, we all took showers again. I washed my hair, dried my hair, put my makeup on. And we went downstairs and enjoyed breakfast first. Here's a pic of the courtyard in our hotel.
It is a Disney Hotel, so there is a Disney store in the hotel.
And a Lawson's too.
Many many breads, rolls and chocolate pans etc. Omelets, sausages.
And you can see way in the back people lined up, there was also food over there too. And the big ovens in the back right, they bake their own bread and bakery goods on site.
My first serving. I kept it small so I could see what I liked first before going back a 2nd time. ; ) Coffee, salad. And some breads and some orange juice.
Second time around...Branden had been going on about how good their mashed potatoes were, that I had to try some myself. He was right, they were really good. I had 3 plates of food and I was full enough until lunch. Kids too, I made sure they ate a good amount before heading to Disney Sea.
Then after we ate, we went back to the room to pack up (we didn't bring too much and it all packed in 1 carry-on anyway so it was easy and quick to pack up). Said, bye room, thanks for letting us stay. And then we checked out.... hopped in the car and arrived at Disney Sea in about 5 minutes. Wow, what a short time to get there. Which is usually not the case for us at all. So a very nice change. : ) Pulled out the tickets and headed to Disney Sea for the day. : )