Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Noah's keiro no hi recital

The day after Branden's undokai/sports day, was Noah's recital. Sunday morning we woke up early. And got ourselves down to where it was supposed to take place. Noboru orginally told me when reading the notes home. That it would indeed be at a senior care facility. So, I was surprised it was at the city (that Noah goes to school in) their civic center. The front half of the auditorium was reserved for the elderly/seniors. And us parents sat towards the back. It was stadium seating so not so bad. So many seniors. And they even bused a whole bus load from a senior facility (the genki ones that is) The performers that order would be our yochien first singing 5 songs. Then an elementary school, followed by a different yochien. We were given instruction beforehand that as soon as our kids finished their performance, to meet them at the back of the center to pick them up. So we did not get to see the other schools perform, but they got to see our yochien perform since they went on first. It started with a speech from a few seniors. They gave some very nice speeches. And then they cleared the stage and announced our yochien. I would have enjoyed seeing the other schools perform. But I understood the limited seating they had too.
They walked onto stage with flowers in hand and began their first song. You could see so many flashes of cameras going off, so many of us parents were taking pictures. And video taping this. The kids, all of them did super duper! : )

This performance and song was my favorite during the whole 5 songs they did.

This performance was good too.

This song was actually the first song they did. : ) After they left the stage. We all left our seats and went in the back to pick up our kids. And plus there was a seat shortage and many mothers from the other yochien did need seats since they were standing along the walls, so they gladly took all of our seats. So in a way, it was a good idea we left and they got a chance to sit down and tape and take pictures of their little ones too.
Each child of our school, came out with a bag and it had this stuff inside. A drink, a wrapped package and another wrapped package.
A blank sketch/coloring pad and some crayons and kohaku manju and a drink. As a thank you from our school for attending, I thought that was pretty nice.
Noah also got some senbei.
Heart shaped senbei. : )
And because it was a basically a sort of "respect for the elders" day. The kids at our yochien made things for their own grandparents this week and brought them home last Friday. Noah made 2 presents, one for my dad and one for grandma Mitsuko. Noah said this bunny box goes to grandpa. When asked why...Noah said, so he can put his glasses in there. Ha ha ha. Not quite sure his glasses would fit, but there you go. That's his kid logic for you. : ) And never mind grandma also wears glasses. Ha ha ha. I think my dad will love it.
Basically this says..."be genki for a long time, Noah"
And a hand written picture colored by Noah, it is a picture of grandmas face. Looks a little Picaso-ish. I hope she won't mind. ; ) I think she'll love it!
So it was Sunday and we were home by 11:30am from Noah's recital. The kids in the neighborhood saw us coming and came over to play with Branden right away. He barely had enough time to change clothes. Branden and also Noah went out there at 11:30am, played until the lunch bell at noon and then went right back out at 1pm. In this pic, is Branden, yellow shirt, smallest/youngest is Noah and Genki-kun in the aqua shirt, and the boy next door in orange. You gotta love a little boy who is still young enough that he makes airplane wings out of his arms and runs ne. ; ) These kids are all such good friends and good kids. They had a beyblade battle. And then after that, they played kori-oni sort of like tag. I brought out some popsicles and snacks for them all. And kept a watchful eye on the boys. Even though they were just right in front of our house. ; )
The boy in white is boy next doors little brother, but by gosh he's nearly as big or is as tall as the boy next door. ; ) By the way, the boys next door, his mom bought the house across the street. And so she lives across the street with the 2 boys now. Grandma and grandpa still live next door. And it's awesome, they still live close to their grandparents and plus the boys and Branden are such good friends. And good thing they didn't have to move too far. But for the blog, I'll still call him the boy next door, since he started that way. And boy across the street doesn't have that same ring to it. ; ) Anyway....
The dvd's this week were "The Vampire's Assitant" and Shutter Island. Hubby and I liked Shutter Island but we didn't care for the ending so much. Anyway that was our weekend in a nutshell. Sports day for Branden Saturday and Noah's recital Sunday. : ) Monday was a holiday here in Japan, so Branden still gets a day off for undokai, I think that's next Monday. And the boys have off today which is Thursday, it's the first day of Fall, I think. Shunbun No Hi, is what it's called in Japanese. Today it's been raining. Tonight I'm making gratin for dinner. Hope everyone's been having a great week so far. : )