Sunday, September 12, 2010

Last week and weekend in a nut shell! : )

Last Sunday night, I had 2 very lean beef tenderloins, diced them fried them in a pan and then transferred the beef to the crock pot. Monday's dinner? Beef curry.
It cooked all night long.
Very unappetizing picture, but there ya go. ; ) Skimmed the top, and after sending both Branden and Noah to school last Monday, I added the onion around 9am-ish. And the mushrooms around 10-ish. The potatoes and carrots went last. Around 11am or so. And at noon just put the roux in and when it dissolved, I just switched it to the warm setting.
Very tender since the morning.
Added the onions first.
Meanwhile I steamed a batch of Noah's sweet potatoes, lightly salted them and they were gone by Monday night. Everyone just ate them up. I steamed another batch during the week as well.
Nearly done...about to add the curry roux.
And done, on warm. Made the rice. And didn't have to think about dinner Monday. Folded some laundry, swung around and picked up the kids. Took them to Kumon and then everyone sat down and ate and enjoyed dinner.
Tuesday, we decided to go to have yakiniku for dinner. We ate a lot, talked and chatted a lot, enjoyed the drink bar, so we drank a lot of Qoo, melon soda, coke, tea, etc and other various drinks. ; )
Noah eating up a storm. It was a good Tuesday.
Lots of beef, chicken, veggies, rice bowls. Garlic, kimchi. We had a good time for dinner Tuesday.
This is the 2nd order I have placed from Nissen for stuff for myself for the upcoming Fall/Winter weather. Which is interesting because this time last year the nights were getting cooler. In fact Branden's first day back to school last year in September he wore a long sleeved shirt because it was a bit chilly that morning. A year later it's still steaming hot. ; ) However, I know the cooler weather will get here eventually. And this way, I won't be too caught off guard when it finally does.
Have been getting the boys ready for Fall too. Although frankly the weather still seems like Summer. I am doing things like I do every year. A little by little. A bit each month. And by the time it's freezing cold and November, I'll be nearly done or done. ; )
Nothing for myself from Gap or Old Navy. Just for Branden and Noah.
Gap rugby striped shirts and Old Navy, thank goodness they're the same company and ship together.
1 pair of sweatpants for Branden, 1 rugby shirt for Branden.
1 long sleeved shirt for Branden and 1 striped zip sweatshirt for Branden.
Gap striped shirts for Noah, love the colors.
Such soft fleecy lounge pants for Noah. Wish they sold them this way for older boys about Branden's age. : (
2 very soft pair of "around the house" pants for Noah. For when the weather turns cold. Closeup was above.
Same sweatshirt for Noah that Branden got.
A pair of PJ's. ; ) For Noah, that way I can tuck him in bed and say...night night. ; )
Orange robots. LOL. I also placed 1 more fairly large order from Gap/ON and it should be shipped to me by next week. 2 more pair of sweatpants for B. Lots of long sleeve tops. A pair of pj's for B. Just trying to get the boys ready for the cooler month's is all. : )
Umbrellas at Cainz. When I went and did my weekly shopping last week. Our elementary school asks for you to have your child keep an umbrella at school for if it rains unexpectedly. Which we have done since the ichinensei years ago. And then the regular umbrella bit the dust and we replaced it last year finally. Though they're just a few dollars. Anyway, a few times Branden would leave it at swim school, leave it at Kumon. And we'd be really out of luck and have no umbrella. Once he borrowed Noah's. Then when I walked Noah into yochien we used/shared mine. Anyway, long story short, thought it finally would be better to get a spare one for Branden for home. Cost 298 yen, so cheap and now we won't be umbrella-less in the future hopefully. Also, I have needed to replace my umbrella since last year. It broke during a typhoon or huge rain storm, we had last year when the boys were getting their flu shots. I was running the boys from my car covering their heads with my umbrella (I was soaked btw) anyway the wind blew my umbrella and it went inside out. It broke basically, but I being somewhat either stubborn or cheap, lol. I used it since last October. Yep. Half broke umbrella, that was okay, I used it even last week. My husband has reminded me throughout the last 10-11 month's..."do you know your umbrella's broken?" Yep. Any plans to just rebuy? Nope. My rationale was as long as it opened and covered my head, why replace. ; ) Anyway last week, everyone at the yochien had cutecutecute umbrellas and then..... I realized mine started leaking. Now just a small tiny leak. But...I had to admit, it was time to call it done for. And buy a new one. So....I bought the store brand Cainz brown and white polka dot one. It's sitting in my car now.
Cainz replaced my step counter thankfully and I am once again counting my steps.
Cocoa popsicles and last weeks snacks (spicy chips, sour cream and onion chips, senbei). And yes we do eat also very healthy snacks, but these are the yummy ones for during the week. Noah picked those Pizza-la chips, and those were so good, this week Noboru and Branden have requested the same Pizza-La chips.
I bought a lot of veggies for salad, 2 packs of croutons and salad dressing, we've had salad every single night last week with our meal and weekend. That olive oil dressing is so good. So good.
One night we had chicken teriyaki bowl with mushrooms and broccoli.
Received some package from my dad. Good grief what could it be. I wondered....
A Hollywood gossip magazine. ; ) Thanks dad. That front cover scared me a little at first. Yikes. @_@ Anyway....took it with me to the yochien and read half of it in my car, while I was waiting for Noah to get out of yochien.
Finally we reached Friday. Yay. The dvd's got here. Now we would not be dvd-less this weekend. ; ) "I love you Beth Cooper" And "Old Dogs" I have also rented for the upcoming dvd's. "I love You Phillip Morris. The Women. And Shutter Island. I think Shutter Island and The Women are the next 2 coming.
I made the pizza dough Friday morning as soon as I got home from taking both the boys to school. The dough rested all day. Did laundry, got the house cleaned up for the weekend. Swung back around picked up the kids. And when they got home, the smell of rising pizza dough hit them as they entered the house...they! yep, pizza I said.
2 very large sized pizzas. And we enjoyed them with some salad.
One half pepperoni only, the other half, pepperoni, mushroom and bell pepper. Sodas with ice, pizza and salad. I emailed my dad, told him good night. And shut the computer down. We watched TV, took showers, then a movie. Saturday Noboru and Branden went and had a father and son bonding fishing trip. Sometimes he takes Noah and sometimes he takes Branden. This time was Branden's turn. They fish really close to our house. And Branden always comes back beeming from ear to ear. : ) Saturday for Noah and I was very laid back. I did 2 loads of laundry in which he followed me and helped me hang the laundry out.; ) And then I spent the rest of the day on the couch with some shorts and a tee shirt and a pony tail. I think I got up once to have a choco pie. Then I went back to the couch to enjoy my choco pie. Noah joined me and so he enjoyed a choco pie too. We watched cartoons, Kid vs. Kat and Kick Buttowski!!! Those cartoons cracked Noah and I up so much. With the weekday being busy and run here and run there. It's honestly sort of nice to cool my jets on the weekend and do nothing. Sometimes doing nothing can be good for the soul. ; ) I did make dinner and folded the laundry. But wow, Saturday...good day. And when Branden and Noboru got home, they were so happy. They had a lot of fun fishing. And Noah and I had fun just chilling at home together. Here's 2 movies Noboru took with his keitei of their fishing trip. ; )

This coming Saturday is Branden's sports day/field day/undokai. That's the only thing coming up this week. Branden is looking forward to this a lot. ; ) Between now and the next 4 weeks, we will have 3 undokai's. Branden's, then the town undokai (where kids at the elemntary have to attend or they're marked as absent.@_@) And then finally Noah's in October.
Anything else? Yesterday, I started feeling like I was at the starting stages of a bladder infection. I get about one a year. A few times I've gotten them twice in a year. The urologist has checked me out thoroughly (here in Japan) and has said I must be just prone to them. Because it's nothing else. I'm glad that there's a specialist near where we live. Especially since I'm usually as healthy as a horse. Except for these once in a while bladder infections. Sorry tmi. : ) So, I feel blessed that a urologist is so close by. Anyway this morning after I sent the boys to school (both schools and also made obento btw) I went to the urologist. I gave the lady my card. Sat down with my book, when called, took a urine test where they checked it and sure enough. Bladder infection. I'm glad I came in early enough so that it's hopefully back to normal by the time Branden's sport's day is this coming Saturday. I do have to go back next Monday anyway. The doctor, likes his patients to go back a week later and check again. And sometimes he even your urine is still a little not up to 100% (even though I am feeling fine) and he'll give me some more meds, so I trust him. Anyway, I am taking it easy today. Just resting. I've been taking my meds since this morning. Anyway, have a great week everyone. : )