Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Saturday: Branden's observation day. Sunday: The 4th of July!!! And Monday's yard work.

I woke up Saturday, had a cup of coffee, emailed my dad, a few friends and then went upstairs and woke up the kids. We all had cereal and toast. Got dressed, dropped Branden at school at the regular time. And then at 9:30am, we headed to the shogako to have observation day. It was actually pretty fun. They were discussing basically nutrition. The importance of the 4 food groups basically. And the teacher used the word/phrasing "balance" quite a bit. She had asked the kids who would like to choose some of their favorite foods. The food choices were held up on the board with magnets. She wanted to see if the kids had a balanced diet by what they chose!!! I could see so many mother's wincing. I think I even winced a few times myself. She called first a little girl. And 2nd person she picked...she called out...Branden-san...Branden-san. @_@ All the parents looked on. It turns out the things B picked, the sensei said....he had a great balance. meaning he was indeed eating foods from all groups. Phew!!!! Another kid was picked and went. And a few more. One kid, picked fried this, fried that and fried something else all for one meal. The mom was closing her eyes so tight. She was laughing and wincing. The sensei said, you don't have good balance. @_@ It was all in fun, so nothing too serious or anything. It definitely involved us parents Saturday. And I think I had the word....balance...stuck in my head all of last Saturday after that. ; ) After the observation day. The kids all went into the gymnasium. And us parents and Noah and 2 other little kids (siblings) all stayed and had a class meeting with the teacher. It wasn't a very serious talk at all. She just spoke about some of the Summer homework they'd be getting when school lets out. I seem to recall her saying a 3 day diary or something along those lines. but they have to do those every Summer even when B was an ichinensei and a ninensei as well. So we basically just heard a brief outline of what the homework the 3rd graders would be getting. And then she said....does anyone have any concerns or questions? I figured nobody would say a peep and then we'd all be excused to leave. Nope. One asked a question and then it seemed that each person in the huge circle was going to speak. Again nothing too deep. One person said she's having a hard time getting her child to do his homework and a few shook their heads. Another had a question regarding swimming at the elementary, the teacher could answer her question real quick. And then next person. When it got to me. Honestly I really didn't have any huge question or anything. So, I just said...I really don't have any pressing questions at the moment and then it moved on to the next person. Everyone spoke basically and then we all left. Noah and I were about to leave the classroom. And then 2 mother's approached Noah and I. They said..."my son" and the other one said, "my daughter"....were at your house last week" Thank you for having them and providing snacks and drinks. The mom of the boy said...my son said you made such delicious popcorn. My cheeks felt a bit hot... so I imagine they turned bright red. Bowed my head a few times and then said...my pleasure, your kids are welcome anytime. Please let them come again. And then, I waved and Noah and I went downstairs, found B and we left. Okay, at that moment my weekend officially started. Maybe only a 1 day weekend but that is okay. : ) I enjoyed it. We went home, had lunch and I enjoyed Saturday immensely. What did I do? Nothing much. Just relaxed at home, hung out in my house shorts and a tee shirt. Wiped my makeup off. Because at home I never wear any. Put my hair in a pony tail. And enjoyed the rest of Saturday.
Sunday morning, I called my dad. We had a good talk. He indeed is back to normal. That scare is still in my mind but honestly I think the meds have kicked in and he seems back to normal health wise. It was the 4th of July on Sunday. We BBQ so much, we decided not to BBQ. Instead it was just a basic restful peaceful day. I made niku jaga for dinner, probably a very un 4th of July type of meal. Sorry. ; ) I sat on the back terrace for a long time and watched the boys play. Came in to make dinner. After dinner and showers. The boys and I watched... Little Women on the LaLa channel.
Such a great movie, I always enjoy watching this when I get the chance. We had a bowl of popcorn. Noah crashed and so I carried him upstairs. And B watched the whole movie with me.
Monday. Since Branden had school on Saturday that meant he did not have school Monday however Noah did. Branden got up with me, and help me make obento for Noah. We dropped off Noah that morning. We picked 3 zucchini, Noboru made tempura out of 1 of the zucchini, so yumm! And yet another cucumber. Garden wise, we get about 2 grown zucchini each day, so I can tell in about a month's time we may be a bit sick of it. But for now, we are loving it. If we get tired of tempura...or steamed and other ways. We could always start baking zucchini bread I gather. ; ) But for now, we are still enjoying them. And cucumbers...there are about 10 full grown cucumbers on the plant as we speak. @_@ So glad we only have 1 cucumber plant! ; )
Branden helped Noboru with the yard work on Monday morning. The weather as you can see by the pic was beautiful. The grass is getting so green.
The laundry seems to dry up in a jiff these days.
Yay go Branden go! He really is such a helpful kid you guys. ; ) And now you guys are nearly caught up with us......Well, almost. : ) Have a good night everyone! : )