Saturday, July 17, 2010

My dad's here.

So what have we been doing around here since the last time I posted? A lot. We went to Aeon and bought Noah's jinbei and sandals to get him ready for the upcoming Summer festival. Went to Uniqlo to get Branden a few play tees. I went to another games meeting. Where we broke off into our individual game groups. Whoever is working the bowling game for instance all had their own private meeting. And us working the Jenga game all had our own meeting. What did we do in our meeting? Well honestly....we played jenga. We just had a practice or trial run. The big question for us was...should we let the kids pull 2 or 3 of the jenga pieces? After all of us going through it, we determined it was better to let the kids pull 2 pieces versus 3. ; ) Anyway that was my meeting last Wednesday. After the last "games" meeting, Noah had a half day and after that Noah and I headed to Narita airport to pick up grandpa (my dad). My dad arrived around 1pm last Wednesday. He brought us a few goodies. Such as these 2 two pound bags of "Cocoa puffs" and "Apple Jacks" basically. And a lemonade.
Ravioli for lunches for the boys and mac and cheese for fast lunches for the boys. Perfect now that Summer is here and they're actually having lunch at home now.
Yellow Oreos with chocolate inside, these are yumm and I asked my dad to bring these for me. ; ) A few bags of popcorn though we pretty much have over a half case here at home anyway but it helps.
Bean and cheese burritos, breakfast wraps, string cheese and colby cheese. My dad wraps things as well as I do, and packed them in a ziplock and another bag and finally into his clothes and they amazingly were still froze and the cheese still cool.
A few gossip mags. And that's all. Totally appreciated all the goodies he brought.
We have had 2 barbeque's so far. One was a bbq where we had some very lean cheeseburgers with all the fixings inside. I also made a really wicked macaroni salad to go with.
Just enjoying all the rice fields.
Going into the house for a sec.
Making both Branden and Noah's burgers.
My dad has been watering the garden every single morning and pulling any yellow leaves off any of the plants. He's so much better at gardening then I am.
Zucchini are growing, we have about 5 on each plant. And more little ones keep sprouting up and growing.
The corn are starting to get a bit bigger as well.
Finally...finally we are producing green peppers. And the other plant that we thought was dead. My dad propped the little plant up and with watering he's actually coming back to life as well.
We have 2 cherry tomato plants. And when they finally decide to turn red. I think we'll have tomatoes coming out our ears basically. We have about 50 cherry tomatoes on the plants, by our guess so far. So the cherry tomatoes are growing nicely. And I think a few are starting to turn red actually.
And the many many clusters on the other tomato plant. They're all over the 2 plants.
Noah happily holding a tiny frog.
Noah showing grandpa. Branden at this time was riding bikes with his friends through the neighborhood. B did come back when the bell rang and when it was time for dinner.
Frog on the finger. ; )
And the bbq we had the following day. We all had yakiniku. Beef and chicken and veggies. All 5 of us enjoyed it.
Branden playing in the backyard with grandpa the following day, the day we bbq'ed the yakiniku.
Hi B. : )
Both Branden and Noah are quite good at soccer so it's always a toss up who will win. ; )
The jinbei we picked up for Noah at the Aeon this year.
The trip to Uniqlo we took for B.
Just a few play shirts. That yellow one is quite cute, I thought. A pic of the 2 zucchini we cut off one day, they are huge! The width is of an arm and look how they drawf the bananas. We have been cutting 2 each day. And have already given some to the "boy next door's" family.

A video, I made the other day while my dad and Noah were playing soccer, like I said Branden was riding his bike with his friends having a blast but came home when the bell rang. Meanwhile Noboru was starting up the grill. This is my first attempt at putting up a video. I read a blog of an American mom named Austina and she puts fantastic videos up of her 3 year old daughter and I enjoy watching them. So, thought I should try and get one up as well. If it works, yay and expect more from me in the future. If it flops, whoops and sorry.