Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Last Friday: Hanamasa and Toys r us!

So where was I? Last Friday in the day time. As you know, I went to the "games" meeting for some prep work for the upcoming Summer festival that takes place July 19th. Went home and spoke to my dad. Felt relief. Then cleaned the house. Packed Noah's swim bag. Had a salad for lunch. And then Noboru went and picked up Noah from yochien and took him swimming. I meanwhile called my girlfriend in Denver and told her what was happening with my dad and talking to her helped. She and I have been friends forever, since our elementary school days. So she knew exactly what I needed to hear. I felt much better by now, it was about time for me to pick up Branden. But I did call my dad once yet again to make sure he was okay. Just had to make sure. He told me not to worry, he felt great. And I told him, my itinerary basically of where I'd be, and made sure he had my cell and cell email addy in case. And left. Picked up B from school and we immediately headed to the swim club. I saw 2 yochien mom's there. Greeted them. Sat with Noboru and waved at Noah through the window. He saw B and I. After swimming let out, Noboru went home to drop off the car and I meanwhile went into the changing room to dress Noah with B in tow. As I exited the swimming school, one of the "games" meeting heads saw me in the genkan of the swim club. She told me...you have been on the go all day! I smiled shook my head and told her...you too. Left the swim club with both Branden and Noah in my car and we went home and switched to the MPV. And left. Friday's plan...do our shopping in a different Cainz, then head to Hanamasa, then go to Toys r us for some birthday goodies for Noah.
Picked a case of the cheapest bottle water. Did my shopping as fast as I could but it's a bit weird when you're shopping in a different store not really certain of the store layout. This Cainz had much higher prices then our Cainz that's closer to our house, hmm. Then we headed to Hanamasa. The meat store.
They had very cheap 100% lean beef. Which is no big deal if you're living in the US, but trying to find lean ground beef in Japan can sometimes be quite a challenge. @_@. And their prices on whole chickens. Very cheap, so cheap in fact...think I'll have to add Hanamasa as one of my regular stores to shop at. Before now, I would come in here once a year maybe? But honestly...their prices on whole chicken alone is reason enough for me to swing by here once a month at least. And am *loving* their lean ground beef.
Their prices on cheese at Hanamasa, I thought weren't really all that cheap. I've seen cheaper at Joyful Honda. Or Costco. But they're mainly a meat shop anyways and their meat is fantastic.
And then we went to Toys r us, in Tomisato. Noah could pick what he wanted from grandpa at his request. I was surprised how well thought out his choices were, it actually really surprised me. When Noah was way younger he would see everything and like it, so quite often I had to jump in and "help" with the decision making process. But this time around, as we walked in the store... the obento goods were right near the entrance and Noah rushed to the Pokemon obento goods first thing. Noah said...I'd really like some Pokemon obento goods. I asked him, why? Noah said, because I love Pokemon and everyone has Pokemon obento stuff and my obento stuff was Branden's. I would love some Pokemon stuff. And he said..."my ensoku thermos was Branden's old Thomas one" I thought...hmm. Very logical reasons. Very valid reasons no doubt. And yes he does love Pokemon. Sounds very rational. So, yes. I think you should get those if you want. And so, I stood by and watched him decided which Pokemon cup he wanted, which fork, spoon and ohashi set he wanted. So many choices and he spent quite a while making his choices. He really has grown up, I thought as I watched Noah choose. The thermos, he picked a very nice yellow and blue Pokemon thermos, it's metal inside so it'll stay cold...keep Noah's drink cold for the whole ensoku I imagine. Noah then picked 1 new lunch mat (orange Pokemon) and 1 handkerchief (Mario)
If you're a parent you may know, Toy Story 3 is coming out for us in Japan, July 10th, so really soon. Noah picked this laser gun. Just makes cool noises and lights up, but he loves it. ; )
Noah picked 2 beyblades and he still had half of the money from grandpa left. And I asked Noah, want anything else? And I am seriously not kidding you. Noah said..."nah, I have enough, I don't need anything else, don't wanna be greedy" A little surprised by the answer. But couldn't be prouder of the answer though either.
Hi Noah! : )
Okay these next 3 pics are way out of order, whoops. Anyway more things are coming in for Noah. From California. From Denver, Guam and Osaka and Narita (uncle Jun; )
The 2 pairs of jammies for Noah, 1 pair for B (technically not his Bday but they were on sale) And the raincoat for Noah was a total flop. Had to send it back.
The color online was a light bright yellow. The color of the actual real irl rain coat. an odd dark weird shade of yellow. A very unattractive color. So much so, I could not let my little boy wear this ugly color. So, I sent it right back for a refund. I wouldn't go as far as to say...false advertising but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and just say....they need a more accurate picture and leave it at that!!! Grrr! And for what it's worth this picture of it right now, even this makes the color not look so bad! The real color of it was VERY odd looking.
After leaving Toys r us by now we're starved and no way are we gonna go home and cook. It'd be too late by that time. So, we went to Saizeriya instead. Noboru had the squid pizza and a big salad.
I had a small order of pasta and half cheese pizza. Branden had 1 and a half pizzas. And Noah had 1 whole pizza. We all had the drink bar and then headed home.
What did we bring home? From Hanamasa, we picked up 2 whole chickens. They were marked down, which was fine because I was going to throw them in the freezer anyway. So a day difference didn't matter to me at all, and it saved me like 200-300 some odd yen. So very happy I got 2 big whole chickens for under 1000 yen total.
Very lean 100% ground beef. I see cheeseburgers or hamburg in our future.
Some body wash and I was about to run out of obento cup thingys, so picked up 1 pack. Plus Noah's going to be going on Summer break soon, so these should last us. Add a whole weeks groceries, veggies, fruits etc. And we had brought a small styrofoam cooler in the MPV with us to keep the meats in.

When I got home, I checked my email right before I was about to phone my dad. The email from my dad said....hope Noah found what he wanted at Toys r us tonight, I'm going to bed, and yes....I feel FINE don't worry. : ) That made me laugh a little. And felt relieved quite a bit. Phew! I took a deep breath. The boys and hubs were in the shower washing up. And I jumped in while they switched to their jammies. Kids watched TV for a bit before heading off to bed. And I was just about to relax. It was Friday night...I had gone through all that I had gone through for the past 2 weeks. I handled it all. And the fact I keep getting back up no matter what. I was sorta proud of myself for that. Now, I laid down, flipping through the channels. Bliss! what could be better....a Friday night...2 long whole days to get some much needed R&R. And then....you will never believe this one! Noboru says, as he walks from the kitchen to the computer. Don't forget you have to go to Branden's school tomorrow!!! What??!!! The look on my face at that moment. It must have been hilarious. @_@ I got up and walked to the fridge...hoping against hope his days were mixed up. Nope...no such luck. I had Branden's observation day the next day!!! What's that old saying? What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger? I've said it many times before. If this is true, I must be tough as nails. ; ) I didn't let it ruin my Friday though. I sat on the couch until 10:30pm watching TV. Went to sleep. Also, I want to say, going to Branden's observation day is not in anyway the bad part, I love my son and I like seeing what they're doing at school. It's just...I feel as if I've been sort of going non stop lately and frankly a 2 day weekend and not having to go anyplace is really what I want right now.

I realize I am going to be busy these next few weeks. I know that. I know if I can just get through it. I will eventually have our Summer break. And when Summer break gets here.....I will be giddy with happiness. Doing a happy dance. So, for now, I am just going to get through these next few weeks. With a good attitude. Do my best and hopefully all of us will continue to be healthy as well.

Here is a little calendar of events.

Noah's last day of school is July 16th.

However Noah's Summer festival is July 19th. Noboru will be working that day, so while I am working at the festival, Branden will have to watch Noah and then when I'm off, I will get to take pictures. : ) Noboru tried quite hard to be able to be at Noah's Summer festival this year but it just wasn't in the cards.

July 21st is my parent teacher conference with Branden's teacher.