Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last weekend! Plant buying and planting and another backyard BBQ! : )

Last Friday, besides it being Noah's swimming day, Branden had to swim to makeup a day. Because of when we were in Guam. So he went last Friday. Also Noah is loving swimming on Friday's so much. It's so quiet and not many people on Friday's. About 4 benches always open for anyone wanting to sit down. So a completely different experience then on Saturdays. Anyway, while Branden was at swimming school we ran to a local DIY. We were there for about 30 minutes, so we still could watch Branden swim for about an hour since the D course swims for an hour and a half, versus Noah's 1 hour swim class. So it's longer and it gave us the chance to get some veggie plants. : ) Noah in this pic was helping me find a couple tomato plants! ; )
Herbs! We picked a couple. 2 basil, 1 oregano, and 1 coriander (cilantro) if you like Mexican food. ; ) I plan to make fresh homemade salsa with it, from the help of a cookbook this summer (if the plants survive that is). ; )
Basil smelled so good.
Went back to the swimming club. Ran into a few mom's I know and greeted them and went upstairs to watch Branden. Noah was with me and so was Noboru.
Saya-chan was down there, she's a #5 now and B is a #4. But they swim in the same row. Her mom and I were chatting for about 15 minutes. She is a very nice girl,Saya-chan. Very friendly and talkative, I like that. : ) Her mom is the same. Very nice.
Saturday, sure enough we woke up and were already in Narita by the time 10am hit when the mall opened. We picked these sneakers right here. The price was real fair and they're a running shoe which is great for when he has undokai. We measured Branden's foot at the Sports Authority and couldn't believe how big his foot had grown. He's always had big feet but the size they grew, wow. We were like @_@.
Made him walk back and forth. And like a typical mom I bent down and watched his foot as he walked. Do, I see any slippage? Nope. Looked like a perfect fit.
So Noah started walking too! And he wasn't getting shoes that day. Because he wears uniform shoes at his yochien and now that it's near Summer he wears Crocs or flip flops at home. Plus he has sneakers at home already. Where as Branden wears these for school and he not only outgrew his last pair, he had a small hole in one of them. So totally different story. Noah said..."I know I don't need any shoes today but I still wanna walk with Branden" Errr okay we said. Ha ha ha. He's so silly that way.
Hi Noah, you are always as happy as a clam! ; )
Then we headed to the Aeon part of Narita mall. Because they have the biggest selection of swimwear around here. Especially the elementary school mandatory navy blue kind. But they also have cute regular swimwear for kids too. Anyway, we picked up Branden's swimwear for shogako. Since he brought that note home like I said and it said he starts swimming June 17th at elementary school. Personally I think it's still too cold to swim outside still. But, I don't make the rules.....I just follow them. And they said bring it by June 17th, so that's why we needed to buy it.
See how they size the swim towels? Not all the swim towels are for all kids. They go by height. Noah needed a size 60cm towel since he is under 120cm tall. Now Branden would obviously need a way bigger towel and that's why when I hang them on the fence, Branden's towel always looks way way bigger then Noah's. ; )
If you live in Japan, you probably know how popular Pokemon in Japan is for kids now. All Noah's friends and Branden's friends are heavily into Pokemon. And so are Branden and Noah. They have the DS cards for them. They watch them on TV and want to catch the new movie this coming July when it comes to the theater. Noah has the banana case and fruit case in Pokemon. And I might switch his obento and cup to Pokemon eventually. But, his swim towel now is Thomas. And he's not into Thomas at all anymore. And none of his friends are either. : ( So, he had been wanting a cooler swim towel. ; ) We picked him this Pokemon swim towel in the right size. ; )
And we were done, and heading to the car now and soon to be on our way home.
Each of the boys had a bag to carry. ; )
Branden's shoes.
Japanese size 22.5cm. And US size of 3.5 or 3 1/2. What a healthy 3rd grader. ; )
B was quite happy about his shoes.
Really happy, aww. ; )
2 bags from the Aeon.
I wanted a Father's day card for my dad, but they don't have any. Hmm, I am going to stock pile a few cards next time I'm in the US. : ( Anyway, I found this one and will send it to my dad for Father's day. The outside says, Thank you. And the inside is blank. I'll just write a little message for him inside.
As the color says....legend blue and white. 150cm. Swimwear for Branden.
When I first saw the swimwear they're supposed to wear for shogako, years ago, I thought, how unattractive. ; ) Not like board or cool boy's swim shorts at all. Just skin tight navy blue. ; ) But, I know everyone else is wearing the same so, I really am used to it now. We pick him the cutest ones we could find, these are identical to the ones he wore for ichinensei and ninensei. : ) Just bigger in size. And the name tag, I will have to sew onto his swim wear before June 17th. : ) What else does B need? A swim bag, a swim cap and flip flops and a swim towel. But he has the same swim towel from a few years back. And the same swim bag from a few years back and the flip flops, we bought cheaply from Old Navy. So he's set. ; )
Noah's swim towel. He'll be using it at swim school and also when he starts swimming at the yochien, but we haven't got the letter for it yet. But I know it's coming. ; )
Name tag, I already wrote his name on it.
So after last Saturday's mall stuff, we got home, and started in on the garden. Meanwhile Branden's friends came and Branden went playing with his friends. He's such a popular kid.
A cucumber plant.
See this strip? 25% will be a veggie garden and 75% will be a flower garden. However we are on the veggie garden bit right now and will get to the flower parts in a week or two.
It was so nice and hot Saturday, instead of using our dryer, on nice days like this I like to hang the laundry out. All of Branden's stuff hung on Saturday.
Gardening with kids is so cool. They learn so much from it. Noah really enjoyed helping us dig the holes and plant the vegetables.
We have an anti weed sheet under all our bark. We really weren't sure if the anti-weed sheet would work or not but as you can see, not a weed in sight under there. So, for worked. Can't say about anyone else's case but for us, we didn't grow even a single weed. Weird huh?
Keeping in mind how large each vegetable would eventually grow. So, we spaced them with that in mind. We kept the anti weed sheet down but cut a hole for the veggie. Again, this is our first attempt at gardening here. So, it's going to be a learning experience for us. I'm sure in a few years time we'll know what works and what doesn't but for now. We're just figuring it all out. ; )
More of B's clothes hanging on the fence. And Noah talking to someone across the rice field. Do you see who he's talking too??? Let me zoom in a bit...
Okay how about now? Do you see? Yep, Branden and his 3 friends. Playing all through the rice fields. Looking for bugs and whatnots. Just doing typical boy stuff ya know! ; ) It's so quiet around here, I can actually hear what the boys are talking about across the field. Noah could talk to his brother.
Country boys! ; )
" Branden come back and pick me up...I wanna go too" Noah said. ; ) They did swing back cutting through the fields. And play with Noah out front for a bit. Branden's a very good big brother! Always so kind.
Each hole where we are growing a vegetable, we put soil that's good for vegetables and flowers.
Planting was a great deal of work. But also exciting, we want to know if we'll grow anything or not. We're hoping. : )
Branden, Noah, Keita and E-kun all playing beyblades. They eventually played soccer Noah included. And Kouiki-kun showed up later.
Now it was 3pm and all our clothes and our neighbors clothes were also inside. And we started the grill. I baked the potatoes in the microwave half way. That way they'd cook up on the BBQ way faster. And I like that....I think I'll do that again next time too. The pork ribs smelled amazing btw!
We cooked them a nice long time, wanna make sure our pork is always 100% cooked, very important. The potatoes got crunchy skins on the outside, I love it when they get like that.
These kids had a wonderful Saturday. Branden got his shoes he really needed and same for his swimwear. Noah got his swim towel he had been dreaming about. ; ) Our plants got planted. And we enjoyed our like 8th BBQ of the season by now. Not keeping track but yeah it could be the 8th BBQ of the season for sure...that sounds about right. Not a whole lot going on. Just quiet time at home. Don't you love quiet family weekends like this? Oh man...we sure do!
As you can see by Noboru's plate the ribs didn't fit on the plate, they're quite good sized slabs/racks. would totally order these from the Meat Guy again!
Tony Roma's BBQ sauce.
My plate last Saturtday, a hot buttery baked potato, a nice simple goma salad and some BBQ baby back ribs. And a pink lemonade.
Noboru is all about the rice! ; ) No potato for him...just rice. ; )
We gave Noah a half slab and then the other slab after he finished his first half. The kids devoured their slabs/racks like you wouldn't believe.
Noah taking every bit of meat off this bone.
And another.
Looking at his plate....
Full cheeks stuffed with meat.
Branden enjoying his ribs too.
Geeze, Noah rotated that bone at all angles and stripped it of any meat.
Stuffed cheeks once again.
Noah, wiping off any extra BBQ sauce. Before digging right in again. Two very healthy eaters, I have. Noah can eat like nobody's business! ; )
Cheeks stuffed with meat and now about to start on the potato. After the kids finished their dinner, they each had a bowl of ice-cream before heading to a hot shower. And then having family dvd night with mom and dad (hub and I) with a bowl of popcorn. : )
The BBQ cooled off all night outside and then right away Sunday morning Noboru wheeled it back into the shed. Meanwhile since Saturday it was all about Branden's clothes outside. The next day, Sunday was all about Noah's. His fresh clothes hung, his regular clothes, house clothes and even school uniform and yochien bags. All nicely dried up outside Sunday.

Noah's 2 navy blue yochien shorts nicely washed and dried and packed away until next Winter. His summer stuff and gym unform all nicely folded and put into his yochien bags Sunday, smock and whatnots.
Hmm, don't ask me how jean shorts can dry up in a jiff, but Noah's madras patchwork shorts took forever to dry up! Hmmm. Even being the last thing hanging Sunday afternoon. They did eventually get nice and dry and folded into his closet drawers. And yes he was wearing these at Narita mall the day before. ; ) I am quite fast with my laundry. ; ) I like seeing an empty laundry basket at the end of each day....until after bath time though then it gets filled again, ha ha ha and I start again another day. ; )
So after the laundry got folded and put away, we headed back to the DIY to get something the tomato and cucumber plants to grow and wrap themselves up as they grow bigger. ; )
Also, I debated about growing my herbs in the ground or into a pot. And decided on a pot. And found these 2 planters cheaply for about 290 yen each.
Noboru meanwhile watered the yard.
Deciding how I want them to grow. A practice run. ; )
2 basil plants in one planter and 1 coriander and oregano in the other. Yumm, I can't wait for them to take off. Regarding the margerita here we come! ; )
What did we do this week? You know, not much. It was a quiet week. A relaxing week. Besides cleaning the house and laundry. And the kids and school, it was a very quiet week. No observation days or anything. No lunch with friends. Just a quiet week. A person sort of needs quiet weeks you know...sort of balances out the hectic weeks. ; )
However next week, we decided to go see Iron Man 2. Noriko-san and Jogo-san and I. We will go and catch the morning movie next week. I'm looking forward to that. ; )