Saturday, May 01, 2010

Noah's first week at Kumon, Branden's ensoku and Alice in Wonderland! : )

Noah's first day of Kumon was on Monday after yochien and after I picked up Branden from school. I went and parked the car and went inside. I read a book while waiting. Noah seems to totally get it. So everything was smooth and easy. He brought home, 2 packets of writing and 2 packets of characters/letters to remember. On Thursday was his 2nd day at Kumon. And I just dropped them off versus staying (which dropping them off, is how you're supposed to do). And when they were done, Branden called me and I drove to pick them up. Anyway things there are going swimmingly! : )
Gap had a sale on ladies polos. Orginally $24.50, too high for my comfort. But then I got an email of an online sale for $15. It was a 2 day only sale. I debated about it the whole first day. I know I needed some replacements. And in the end I decided I needed to get them. So, I got, 1 black polo, 1 navy polo, 1 called Hawaiian red polo. It's a really pretty fruit punch type red. Very unusual and not just a standard red color. Another color called sakura pink, it's a soft pale pink color. And a navy and gray striped one. Those came from Gap. And 1 gray dress from Old Navy, to wear with my black summer 3/4 length sleeve cardigan and flippies this summer. To wear like a simple polo and khaki shorts or denim shorts and low cut converse or flip flops is perfect for me to run from school to yochien in, when it warms up. Basic but preppy momly attire, I guess, certainly no fashion icon, but no slouch either. ; ) Anyway...changing subjects.. ; )
I went to see Alice and Wonderland with my 2 girlfriends on Tuesday, while all our kids were at school. The movie was fantastic! I loved Johnny Depp as the hatter. Helena Bonham Carter amazing as always. Just the whole cast so great. A real good movie. It's important to have good friends. : )
This picture was taken while I was waiting for Branden to come out of school on Tuesday. I did not eat my popcorn or drink my drink at the movies. Could have been the Mister donuts and coffee my friends and I had before the movie started. ; ) Anyway instead of just throwing it, I kept it and knew my boys would gladly eat it. Noah ate half (from yochien til we reached B's school)and Branden had the other half.
Wednesday, Branden had his ensoku. My last post, I at first typed in Saturday, and I later realized I wrote/typed the days wrong and went and corrected that. ; ) Hey, I'm human it happens. Anyway, I had Branden's ensoku bag packed the day beforehand. And the day of, I made his lunch. He's a 3rd grader, so he needs a way bigger lunch then Noah. Karaage, rice, broccoli, a couple fries, top layer of the cheeseburger obento is pizza toast (Kouta wanted a bite of B's pizza toast, so he tore off a piece for Kouta, lol. @_@) I don't mind though, sharing among friends is quite alright. ; ). Fruit was, peaches and fresh watermelon in another container. 3rd tier of his hamburger obento was dessert...a couple jellys, the last Snickers easter soccer chocolate, and 2 mini reese's peanut butter cups. Thermos with ice and drink.
Noah's last day of school was Wednesday and Wedesday was a half day to boot! Branden's last day of school before GW started wasn't until Friday. Though he was off Thursday for some holiday. Anyway, Noah made this koinobori at the yochien. For "boys day" I think Noah did an excellent job on these! : )
The yochien made cute ones this year!
Back to the ensoku...Branden's ensoku/field trip was supposed to be frolicking on the beach. However they had a backup plan. The backup plan being, in case of rain they'd skip the beach completely and go to the marine park/aquarium instead. Also after either the Marine park or beach frolic, they were to go to a shoyu factory anyway. So, Wednesday...Noah's last day of school and Branden's ensoku. The weather was rain. Raining buckets would have been a better and more accurate description. I pretty much knew that meant....marine park for them then. : ) I made the obento, made sure Branden wore his gym uniform. That way all the kids all wear the same and they know which kid goes to what school. And yes other schools were also taking the same tour according to B from other schools same day as them. So, they went to the marine park, they touched star fish, saw a dolphin show. Rode a train, went on a shoyu factory tour. They even got a free bottle of shoyu.; ) The kids bought omiyage at another touristy spot. And went back home. They had so much fun.
Branden bought himself something but he also bought me this pen. How sweet.

Also... my sister in-law (Kaori) is coming to our house this weekend, she's leaving today May 1st so could arrive either very late tonight or early tomorrow morning. My sil, is driving from Osaka, she says she's leaving Osaka around noon on Saturday (must've already left). Now Kaori, says she thinks/estimates she'll arrive around midnight, so techinically she'd arrive Sunday. However Noboru thinks she'll be delayed with all the GW traffic and such and arrive Sunday morning around 8am-ish. So, right now, we're doing the ol' what time will auntie Kaori arrive game. LOL. It'll just be my sil and my niece. Kobby's been living with his dad in Nevada since last July. It'll be nice to have her here for a few days. Nice to chit chat with her and catch up, so I'm looking forward to them coming. Not sure if anyone is traveling in Japan for GW or not. But if anyone see's a Japanese woman driving with an adorable half American, half Japanese ninensei little girl, it's a good sporting chance, that it could be my sil and my niece! ; )

Branden starts the swimming GW compressed course May 1st, it'll run for 5 mornings in a row. So yes, me and the boys were indeed at the pool early this morning.

Oh and I have to say just has to be said. Do you remember that movie we rented last week? The 4th Kind? Worst most horrible movie ever. So bad...we wished we could have the 2 hours of our lives that we spent watching it.... back. Truly should win some type of award for being such an awful movie! The other movie we rented, it was cute, would never watch it again granted, but wasn't horrible, like the 4th Kind was, not by a long shot.

Friday morning, after taking Branden to school, I took Noah to get his haircut. He got the best best haircut they've given him in a long time. I was really really pleased with his hair cut this time around. Other then that...we've just been getting ready for auntie Kaori to come. I also ran to the grocery store yesterday. We will BBQ on Sunday while they're here. I hope everyone has a wonderful Golden Week. : )
Picture of Noah at the swim school this morning and with his new haircut. ; )

TV talk, Have been watching a new show on Fox called the Dollhouse. It's with, Eliza Dusku (sp?) the same lady who was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and True Calling. I really like the show a lot. American Idol's getting good. Dexter season 4 has been getting so good. (possible spoiler) There's a new serial killer on the loose called Trinity, played by John Lithgow. Gossip Girl season 2 is getting good as well.

Anyway have a wonderful weekend and a great GW everyone! : )