Saturday, May 08, 2010

My sister in law's visit during Golden Week!

In this picture, you can see my niece looking for Noah and Noah hiding behind a tree. ; ) Hide and seek was in full effect while they were here during Golden Week.
That's my sil Kaori in this pic. She played up a storm here too. Ha ha ha. She's definitely Noboru's sister. She's very genki like Noboru is. : ) I am too, so that could be why we get along so well. The genki family, ha ha ha.
Holy crap, run Noah! Run for your life, you're auntie's hot on your trail! He ran zig zagged so luckily she did not catch him. LOL. ; ) But man, it was SO close! Ha ha ha.
My niece chasing Branden. And we ran into a whole bunch of Branden's friends at the park and they followed us home. ; )
Saya-chan in the hat. Nozomi in the jean skirt. Keita-kun in the white shirt playing beyblades and Aoi-kun in the red top and that's Aoi-kun's backpack with all his beyblade stuff inside. ; ) And of course B and Noah as well.
Kaori, taking a pic and me taking a pic of my sil taking a pic. ; ) And my niece sitting between B and Noah. My niece found this whole beyblade stuff quite interesting. : )
At 5pm the bell rang in the neighborhood and we started our family BBQ. The biggest container had yakiniku style white breast meat, skinless boneless of course. The other one had beef and the last one had dark meat chicken.
Veggies marinating and grilling.
Noah pushing his cousin on the swings. Though he's only 4 years old and she's already a big strapping 2nd grader. He was very gentlemanly about things. And he pushed her anyway! What a sweetheart he is!
What a good sweet kid Noah is!
After everyone ate. And Noboru was eating a few bites more. Just for good measure. ; ) Kaori and B and Noah and my niece all played a round of hide and seek again. In the backyard.
Noah's turn to count! ; )
They played 2 rounds of hide and go seek in the back yard. I meanwhile brought all the dishes and whatnots back into the house. Didn't mind one single bit, I actually told her just play with the kids, it's easy for me anyway. And honestly I enjoy her playing with the boys. They get that auntie time and I loved that. I think my sil and niece enjoyed their visit here very much. And I know the boys enjoyed them being here quite a bit too. I also enjoyed their visit. At night, after the kids all went to bed, Kaori and I watched the Osbournes on MTV. We watched 1 full hour, so 2 episodes. We gave commentary about it while watching it. So it was funny. She speaks English like Noboru does, so chatting is always quite fun. We also watched stuff like the City on MTV and other TV shows together. The age, goes Noboru is the first born son, then in age goes Kaori and then the youngest is my bil Jun. In the mornings while they were here, I woke up earliest in the house, followed by my niece. So, I would fix her cereal and toast, we'd chat. Watch cartoons together. I asked her how she likes her ninensei teacher this year. I think she enjoyed her auntie time with me as well. ; ) She said she loved the cereals we have here. Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries. Every morning she marvelled at her choices and that made me smile. I think she thinks this is a fun place to be with lots of interesting cool stuff to eat. She also loved all the cartoon channels we have. So she had a blast being here with us. If you recall her brother actually came to stay with us for 2 weeks a few Summer's ago. : )
And then they left : (, the house was a lot quieter. And we missed them. But it was a great visit. I'm really glad they came. : )
We also did Golden Week swimming for Branden, but I'll write up a post on that all on it's own.