Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monday morning walk and some tv talk!

Monday morning, the weather was beautiful. The weekend had totally recharged my batteries and I was ready for the week to start! So Monday morning, after making the boys breakfast, driving Branden to school, then me racing home, making Noah's obento, getting him dressed and driven to school as well. A quick unload of the dishwasher, got a fresh load of towels hung outside. Vacuumed the downstairs and the upstairs. Swooshed both toilets. It was nearing 11am. So, I grabbed my keitei/cell, my ipod and ear buds, my Nike trainers and off I went. I've been walking around my town, once a week for the past 5-6 weeks. I only walk my town once a week because if I did it more, I know me, I'd quickly bore of it. So, once a week through the town I go. And sure 3 other days a week, I do treadmill at home. And once a week, I do my Jillian Michael's dvd. So 5 days of something and 2 days of nothing (exercise wise: ) It's enough.
I took the route the kids in our area if they walk, what their walk to school would be like. So, I left our housing community. Went down a hill and turned left. ; ) And this road awaited me. As you can see by the nonexistent traffic. It's a very quiet road. Lots of rice fields.
There's also quite a few greenhouses with roses in them.
See? Really pretty right? ; )
Very nice big wide sidewalks the whole entire route. Again traffic nowhere in sight. Although I did see a very slow rice mobile go past me at rather snail like speeds!!! Ha ha ha.
So beautiful and green. So quiet and serene. The fresh air and clear blue sky.
Sounds of trickling water you can hear (seriously, no joke). And it's because of this. It's the water going from field to field, so you can always hear a light water trickling and frogs croaking. It sounds so lovely.
Aha, I finally reached the school. How many steps? 3872! Multiply times 2 and you get how many steps the few kids of our area walk, though most get rides. : )
This tree had some beautiful flowers on it. I'm not really quite sure the name of this tree but I tell you, it smelled great. I even stopped, took notice, smelled a branch of it, breathed in. Went, ahhhhh! ; ) And then had to take a pic. I did not take a single rest, other then smelling the tree, I turned right around and walked straight home.
Lots of bamboo.
Up the hill and then voila! I see the name of my housing community just as I enter. And now I am close to home! I love our housing community. Tennis courts, private doctors office inside said housing community, community activity house where people who live here could throw parties or take hula lessons, etc. It's a beautiful place to live. Very modern and nice big wide sidewalks, many benches and parks throughout, bicycle paths and ped paths everywhere, lots of trees and greenery. Our housing community rocks.
Flowers still getting sun. I feel so great having just went for a very long walk. Feeling good. I went and pulled our clean dry towels off the back fence, folded them all up. Emailed my dad and a couple friends. Had a nice tall glass of water and went and enjoyed my day. It was noon, I had to pick up Noah at 1pm. So, I spent a nice hour on the couch, just relaxing. Enjoying my free time. I got everything done first/beforehand. I even got my exercise outta the way. I earned that hour of free lazy time, ha ha ha. And so I channel surfed.
7966 steps is what I walked from my little walk through town and to get my towels from the backyard. :P
After picking up both Branden and Noah from school. I threw the chicken leg quarters in the oven. Made the rice. Started a salad, just a very simple lettuce and tomato one with goma dressing.
Very nice chicken leg quarters. The sauce was so good! And the skin was so crispy.
Sorry the salads we ate while waiting. Gomen gomen. Dinner, marinated chicken leg quarters, rice, veggie and a small simple goma salad. Dinner clean up was easy, threw the dishes in the dish washer. And Noboru took a shower with both the boys. I could even hear them from downstairs. They must've been having a grand ol' time up there. All carrying on... the way they were. : ) I showered after.
My steps before my shower. So I imagine in reality I did clock even more steps then this. But 11,236 steps is fantastic!!! And if you are at all curious, just as an info share type thing. 10,000 steps is the equivalent of walking 5 miles!!!! Click here if you'd like to check it out just for fun. The info is widely available on the internet though. And if you clicked the link, it is towards the bottom on the FAQ part. About it being indeed 5 miles. So because I walk my town once a week and also do treadmill 3 times a week. I'd like to think I clock at least 20 miles of walking in any given week. Of course I walk also on the other days. lol just not as much. But at least it keeps that figure in my mind and it does motivate me quite a bit.
The second season of "16 and pregnant" started for us in Japan on MTV. New girls this season, new stories. This mom here not too pleased with her daughters boyfriend. Not at all.
Her due date grew closer. The mother told the daughter, she thinks the guy will not be in the picture very long.

She had her baby. This is a picture of her boyfriend. Sadly to say, her mother must have known something we didn't. : ( That hopistal visit was the last time the boyfriend ever saw Janelle again or their baby. Didn't contribute 1 single red cent to the baby either. Janelle had quite an adjustment to motherhood. She said the same thing the girls in the first season said. She said "motherhood is A LOT harder then she thought" I like this show because it's a very candid, very real, very honest look at reality, for a lot of teens out there now days. : (
What else? Still watching Dexter, still watching Law and Order SVU, Cold Case, wish we'd get a new season! American Idol! Hell's Kitchen on Fox Life, and the new season of America's Next Top Model on Fox Life. The City, on MTV is still getting good. Saw the episode of "the Hill's" online when Heidi Montag showed her mom her new look after all her plastic surgeries. @_@ Her mom said, she didn't like her new look at all, that she looked better before, when she looked more natural. I admit, I agree, but it made Heidi quite upset hearing that and true her mom did push it a bit far by making fun of her at dinner, so she took it a bit too far, I thought.
Movies rented: This is what's on our rental waiting list: "Imagine That" with Eddie Murphy, The Ugly Truth (with Izzie from Grey's, ykwim), also have on waitlist, "Dance Flick, It's by the Wayan's brother's. And of course the Haunting in Conneticut, and Hannah Montana is still coming in June. Two will come for May, and you can choose the order, so Imagine That and Dance Flick are coming this week. And then the rest will come in June. 3 are picked for June already, we will just pick 1 extra for June, but I'll wait a bit before we pick it.