Saturday, April 03, 2010

Total number of ichinensei for our town this year? 8!!! lol! ; )

Thought you all would enjoy the entrance ceremony picture for the new ichinensei in our small country town for the school year of 2010. How many ichinensei/first graders does our town have this year? Get a good look at the pic! I'll wait while you count.......did you count yet? If you counted 4 on one side and four on the other, then you counted exactly right! Eight. No, not 80. Not 18. Just 8.

One day, I'll make a blog post on my town. I think a lot of you, especially the ones of you living outside of Japan. Would find really interesting. For starters, let me give you the general idea real fast in this post as well.

There are no fast food restaurants in my town. There is frankly not even a high school in our actual town. And there is not even a yochien in my actual town, just too small a town, they'd probably go right out of business because of so few kids. That's why, Noah goes to yochien in a smallish city near-bye.

If you are American and grew up watching the old black and white repeats of the Andy and Mayberry Show, the Andy Griffith show. Anyway that town, the quiet town of Mayberry actually had a larger population then the town my family and I are living in now. I checked online. I think Mayberry had a population of 6 or 7 thousand. Where as my town has under 5,000 people.

At the elementary school Branden goes to. The ichinensei class has a whopping population of 8!
And the ninensei a whopping total of 36? The 3rd grade class (Branden's new grade) has 40, for sure (20 in each class) and so on up the grades. His elementary school has a population of under 300 students for all 6 grades. Probably my best guestimate would be about 275-280 students total for the entire 6 grades.

Where as I have friends, in the bigger cities in Japan and they have 40-50 kids each class and there's like 7 ichinensei classes for the school. So they must have thousands of kids in that school.

We purposely chose to move to the countryside in Japan. It was a decision we wanted for our family. I think there's no set right or set wrong place to live, some people thrive in big cities, where some people thrive better in the countryside, so the decision is just personal preference, as it should be. We personally prefer the countryside.; ) Anyway just thought you all would find that interesting, an entrance ceremony with a class of 8 kids total. ; ) And yup on TV here in Japan last week I think it was, I even caught 1 school someplace the total number of 6th grade graduates from that particular school? Only 1! Now that was surprising to me. ; ) Must have been a quiet lunch time with just 1. ; ) Anyway just thought, it was interesting. : )