Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stuff from the week!!! : )

Branden's class started with shuji last week. This is the first one he brought home. It says...1. ; )
I think he did pretty good! And I have it proudly hanging on the refrigerator as we speak.
Made tostadas last week.
Man, they were good. Americans sure do love Mexican food. If we had a Taco Bell here, we'd be thrilled. ; )
Could not send Noah to school with tostadas the next day, so defrosted one of the frozen chicken breasts in the freezer.
Skillet fried it and made chicken teriyaki out of it, last Thursday.
White rice with sprinkles, chicken teriyaki, veggie and peaches and 2 jelly's.
Thursday after the boys went to school, I went to a DIY to look for some flowers for our hanging baskets on the front porch. If you can see it was indeed raining last Thursday. I was looking for,
"impatiens", they're a nice flower and I planted them in the hanging baskets last year and they really did well on the porch. They really thrived. So, I'd like to get them this year as well. But the lady working there said, this season has been very cold and so it's too cold yet to get them in. This year they've been delayed. So, I'll wait another week or two before heading back to the FIY place again. At least I tried though. : )
After leaving the gardening shop, last Thursday I headed to swim club. I had the paperwork ready to be switched and so, as of May 7th or 8th. After Golden week, let's put it that way. Noah will be switched to the B course. So, he will have a few more swims in the A course until after Golden Week. I also signed Branden up for the Golden Week compressed course for swimming. I showed him the flier, and he said he'd like to do it. For Spring break, they also had a compressed course and I showed B the flier from then and he said..."nah he wasn't interested for Springbreak" And I said, okie dokie. I showed him the flier this time around and he said..."he wanted to do it" So, it's always Branden's choice. And he wanted to do it, so I signed him up.
This is the compressed course Branden will be lucky enough to take part in for Golden Week. He's gonna love it. Noah and I will be taking him there all that week.
Last Friday's obento for Noah. Pizza toast, a couple fries and veggie, peaches and jelly's.
While the boys were at school last Friday I zipped to the grocery store. Bought our weekly groceries and headed home. Hmm. I tell you..everyday, I am here or there. I'm always doing something.
Branden needed more of those cleaning clothes. Apparently they use them for shuji as well as cleaning the school. Hmm. Another umbrella for B.
And then I packed up both the boys swimming bags for last Friday. And headed out. First stop? Pick up Noah from yochien.
Popcorn, in a ziplock. I always bring snacks because being as active as they are at swimming school they need them.
Noah went downstairs for exercise warm ups. And I read a magazine, while I was waiting for the kids to come out to swim. Noboru brought B to swim club and that saved me a trip.
Oh yeah, so Friday Branden tells me..."mommy, I need an obento for school tomorrow" Whhhhat???" I thought holy batman! Noboru confirmed I needed to send him with an obento. The sensei did not tell the kids until the day before, Branden quickly wrote that down in his renrakucho Friday.Talk about being a bit taken off guard. If I had known earlier, I would have bought something special at the grocery store that day. We reread every letter he brought home and nowhere did it state.."needs an obento." I knew ahead of time obviously he had class Saturday, I knew us parents would attend observation day Saturday. But nowhere did it state obento. Bless that last frozen chicken breast in the freezer I save for emergency obentos. Because it was indeed a surprise. ; ) I thawed it Friday night, And Saturday morning, I made Branden some yakitori, rice, veggie, a couple fries. A banana, some jellys, a Snickers mini and a Milky Way mini. And a thermos with drink and ice.
Saturday morning dropped of Branden at school after making his lunch and stuff. And in the afternoon. Around 1:30pm, we headed to the shogako. Noboru, Noah and myself. We waited in the hall until the bell rang. Aha, this was the 3rd graders class. The shuji hanging in the hall, was a dead giveaway. : )
The entire class had to stand up and give a speech. Branden's turn came up and here he is. Love the new flat screen TV's our school just got. Three cheers for the revenue we get from Narita airport. They also have a state of the art computer room. Branden and his class used the computers last week for the first time. Granted he uses our home PC at home sometimes when he's searching for a Beyblade or pokemon. Or emailing grandpa. But first time at school. Looks like the 3rd grade is going to be a good year.
Well done kiddo!!! Oh yeah about the teacher. Her pic is above. She's the short lady on the left. ; ) Branden's description was old and short. Here's my thoughts. I personally didn't find her all that old. I was half expecting to see the "crypt keeper" by the description. Granted she is not as youthful as the Yuka-sensei. I think the Yuka-sensei, was a year older then Noboru and I. And the Yuka-sensei had tons of energy. So while she is definitely quite a lot older then the Yuka-sensei. To be fair this new teacher is not like 108 years old or anything. ; ) But short was very accurate and that's okay. : )
After coming home from the Observation day this Saturday. We all relaxed. And around 4pm Noah took himself a nap. Meanwhile I had Branden roll out the pizza dough. I had made it in the AM and let it sit all day.
Pepperoni for the kids and pepperoni and veggie for me. Hubby had to work Saturday evening so it was just us for dinner.
The boys and I enjoyed homemade pizza Saturday night. Some tropical punch with ice. We watched TV and just hung out.
Sunday, the rice farmers came to plant the rice.
See the close up? They sure did a lot of work on that Sunday. They work so hard!
Any tidbits? Anything to add? (thinking) Nothing really major that comes to mind. I think every one's caught up with us here. Besides running the kids to school and swim club and Kumon. The only thing I have to do this week, is go to the mother's luncheon on the 22nd. At 11am. This is the first time ever in the history of "mother's luncheon" that I literally cannot wait to go. Why? Because this seasons new PTA members decided for the pink badges. No standing up and speech giving was needed and/or necessary. Why? Because we already did that before. Whoever came up with that idea is a genius. Let's be honest. I have read top 10 lists of fears. In the past and something that often comes up on the list is..."a fear of public speaking in bigger crowds" and I know that and believe you me...I REALLY "get that" . It's not just a Gina thing. It's a common dislike for a large number of the population. Granted, teaching a group of kids is fun for me and no big deal at all. Or chatting with my close friends during lunch. Chatting with anyone really I don't mind at all. But just standing up in front of many many people. Forget it. When Branden went to yochien, they made us, get up and stand up.... Every. Single. Freaking. Time! I know lots of people dreaded it. I know I certainly did. Dreaded it like the plague, I tell you!!! Dread! And now that Noah's in yochien. I thought, oh great....I expected to endure this torture 3 times a year, meaning the speech giving. I know I wasn't the only one dreading it either. And then...this time around, some really brilliant members of the PTA said...we will instead write our answers, and I gather they'll all be configured in a booklet? Or I don't know. The questions were as follows....What is Noah really into these days? I just said, beyblade and kori-oni
Does Noah have any siblings? I answered, yes he has 1 older brother, and he is a graduate of this same yochien and currently a 3rd grader.
I forget the last two questions. But it was actually really very very fun. To get to answer these questions. Versus standing up and feeling 100's of sets of eyeballs all on you. I am 100% looking forward to this luncheon. And I cannot wait! Thank goodness for the new PTA for the pink badges. 2 big thumbs up from me!
Noah's Kumon update: we have a meeting with the Kumon sensei this coming Saturday for Noah. He will be testing and enrolling this coming weekend. So, he will be starting shortly.
Branden is home with me today. No school for our shogako today since the kids went to school Saturday. And we have been just hanging out together all day. : ) We'll be picking up Noah from yochien later today. And be taking Noah to swim club.