Monday, April 05, 2010

Coloring Easter eggs, a visit from the Easter bunny and an Easter egg hunt and bbq!!!! : )

Sorry a day or two delayed in getting this up. But as you know Branden started school yesterday/on Monday. And with the school routines going back in place. My chance to get this posted has been delayed until now. So let me try and get this up real quick. Otherwise I'll have to save this post again for another day. ; ) Okay where do I begin? I suppose the obvious answer would be at the beginning. Okay, the Easter bunny came while the boys were asleep and filled their Easter baskets with the most amazing treats. They were waiting for them for when they woke up! Hmm, I really am a jack of all trades. Mom, Easter bunny, Santa, tooth fairy and everything else rolled into one. Us mom's do it all! ; ) And yes as you can tell in the picture, I even managed to take the kids to the barber *before* Sunday to get their haircuts before school started.
A peek, inside Branden's Easter basket! Typical boy stuff, basketball shaped eggs, football shaped eggs, baseball shaped eggs. Reece's pieces inside a carrot shaped bag. Big choco crispy bunny. What a very busy Easter bunny the night before. ; )
Inside Noah's Easter basket!!! All the same stuff as Branden. With two boys, I always make sure, what one has, the other one has too.
The forecast said rain on Monday. Thank goodness it was Sunday however the day was still gray and overcast, but luckily not a stitch of rain. Yay!!! Anyway, where was I. Oh yes, we all had a nice breakfast, eggs, bacon, toast and skillet fried potatoes. Coffee for us and OJ for the kids. I had originally thought of having a huge Easter party much like my Easter's of the past here at our house. And believe you me, I debated on that quite a bit. But in the end, considering how absolutely fried/exhausted I was before Spring break. Though now I am feeling way better. Anyway, I in the end decided to have just a family Easter celebration instead. Next year I'll have the party and I certainly have enough cookie cutters and cupcake cups and stuff to do it. But this year it was just us. And I sort of loved it this way. This picture was taken before we started. A picture of getting this all set up. Tissues for little fingers that might get some coloring on them. All the cups arranged.
Branden looking at the egg he was coloring. And Noah waiting for his egg to get brighter.
Eggs in all the cups.
Branden pulling out a green egg and Noah looking on!
Since we color eggs every year, at age 4, Noah's an expert! Or should I say he's an Egg-spert?!!! Ha ha ha. ; )
What a lovely blue egg, Branden.
And after the eggs have all dried, the decorating could begin! I made a few. And Noboru and Branden were decorating some in this pic!
Go Noah go!!! There he is with his crayon!
Noah drew a face! I said..."wow Noah what a good job, that totally looks like a face" ha ha ha. ; )
The finished eggs for Easter 2010!!!
And then we hid them. And here's Noah finding one.
The playground we have..... means good hiding spots for the eggs.
Yup Branden just found one and is about to slide down with the eggs in his basket.
Safe landing and the eggs were all A-okay. ; )
Who's going to find the most? Hmm, tough call, tough call.
Branden's eggs he found.
So, Noboru tells me, if you can hide one so good they can't find then you win, but if he could hide the egg the kids could not find he would win. I had told him, "you're on!" And I must say, we colored and hid 13 eggs. And they found 12. They could not find my egg. I told Noboru, I won. Ha ha ha. And we sat there and watched and I'll be goshed darned, they could not find it! Until......Noah looked inside the cold BBQ and he...FOUND IT! Yup, I hid the egg in the BBQ. They walked past that BBQ about a hundred times and they never bothered to check until Noah finally looked in there. Big huge grin on my face but I didn't say a thing.
Well done Noah! You found the last egg!!!
Branden won, he beat Noah by 1 egg! Next year, we'll see who wins. ; )
We had 3 egg hunts in the backyard. And then Noboru got the grilled started. And I got the ground beef mixed and the hamburger patties made. We were going to do ham or roasted chicken. But with so many roasted chickens we've been eating these past 2 month's. We sort of took a break from that. And I had the beef guy grind us some very lean ground beef. And we had some good burgers.
The kids played and relaxed, while the BBQ cooked the burgers. I had fries frying up on the stove, the lettuce and tomato and onion sliced for the burgers sat on the green counter. Dinner took no time at all.
The smell from a chargrilled burger?! OMG! Amazing! Noboru kept telling me...these smell great! And they did, they smelled fantastic!
We had so many burgers, everyone could have 2 and some had 3. I had 1 and then a few hours later ate my second burger. The fries were crisp and dinner was oh so good. Definitely the funnest Easter meal we've ever had! Easter 2010, rocked! Anyway hope you all had an amazing Easter for whoever celebrates it! : )