Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Branden's last two days of the 2nd grade!!! : )

With last Monday being a holiday in Japan. Tuesday and Wednesday both half or shortened days by the way, were his last days of school. Tuesday he got off at 1pm (so they had lunch at the school) and Wednesday B got off school at 10:30am, so no lunch at the school Wednesday.

Last Tuesday, during lunch. The Yuka sensei, pulled out three big bottles of Matsuya Cider, two big bottles of some oolong tea and two bottles of some Aquarius sports drink for her 20 kids in the class. She did that as a special treat for her class. Branden had said a few of the girl students were sad and crying how they would miss the Yuka sensei not being their teacher. And they all spoke about it being sort of sad. But the class loved that the Yuka sensei brought the drinks. Branden said he had a cup of cider and a cup of the sports drink. ; ) Bringing the drinks to the school for her class! Huge thumbs up from the students, they loved that!

Wednesday their real last day, he said, that was it. The pictures that hung in their classroom of each student were taken down. No longer did it say...Branden xxx was in this classroom. Nor Genki, or Saya. All their pictures taken down. Branden said the entire class cried. And I asked him if he cried, and he said a little. ; ) I told him, nothing wrong with that. It's normal to feel things. And it's only natural to be sad about having such a good wonderful teacher for 2 years and then her not being your teacher anymore. Totally understandable. He smiled in the car. And I'm glad we can talk to each other like this. It was barely 10:30am. And I knew Branden did not have lunch yet. So, I took both the boys to Mc Donald's to celebrate Branden's last day of the 2nd grade and for going on Spring break! : ) Noah had a cheeseburger happy meal. Branden had 2 cheeseburgers, 1 shaka shaka chicken (black pepper flavor) these are so yumm. And he also ordered a large fry. And they both split a Cinnamelt. Cinnamon roll thing. We got it to go, and the boys and I headed home. Spring break officially started for real in our household. Whichever ichinensei this year, gets the Yuka-sensei this year is going to be *really* lucky. She was a wonderful teacher to our son and a lovely person to our entire family!!! I hope Noah is lucky enough to have her as his teacher in a few years from now!!!And who will be the 3rd grade teacher? Hmm. That's the main question on our minds lately.