Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The weekend, plus Monday!!! : )

The weekend here was exactly what we needed. Family time and being cozy at home. Here's a picture from last Friday. The boys and I made pizza together. Branden put all the toppings on the big pizza, Noah put all the toppings on the smaller pizza that was for Noboru. He put all the ham and pepperoni and mushrooms on there for daddy. They both did a great job! I meanwhile put all the veggies and pepperoni on my little pizza. We cranked up the music in the kitchen as usual, when we're cooking and doing fun stuff in there!
And the boy's finished pizza straight from the oven last Friday. We ate, we talked, we drank our sodas. And watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" again since the kids love this movie. We all showered and bathed. After a bit hubby came home. Noah tried so hard to stay up for his daddy, but he fell asleep. Bless his little heart. ; ) B on the other hand managed to stay awake for a bit before going to sleep as well. We carried both the boys upstairs to each of their rooms. And they slept. Hubby and I watched Vegas Vacation. It was hilarious!
On Saturday, the shipment of 3 dozen tortillas arrived at our home. You see, I like cooking and making foods from all sorts of different countries. And Mexican food just rocks in general anyway. But tortillas are not so easy to find in Japan if you live in the countryside like we do. Going to Costco and getting a few of those packs of Romero's tortillas was the norm for us for the past 6 years. And when we lapsed in time going to Costco because of the distance I'd order online from Flying Pig, or order these from a restaurant in Japan. The flavor of these are so yumm. However after hearing Costco no longer sells the Romero's brand, though they sell a different brand now. I just ordered these online since we were nearly out anyway.
They last a whole year before they expire, however doubt they';d last a year with us eating them up though. :P
I am still on Noah's closet. It takes me quite a while to get it done properly. I imagine it will take me a few weeks to actually be able to call it done. Take these 2 identical yellow Gap windbreakers that both used to belong to Branden. Noah was using the smaller one on the left, the 100cm one last year. And unpacked the 110cm one on the right. And now he can use that this year. Swapping sizes. Gulp, this has taken me forever it seems. And I'll be glad when it's done.
The last Gap/Old Navy order came. On a Sunday yet again. ; )
These are Noah's things.
He needed a new swimsuit, his last one was 4T and this one is a 5T, my kids swim A LOT and though he can use B's old swim stuff as a back up, I always buy the both of them new ones only because they use them quite a bit. A straw fedora hat and a plaid drivers cap!
B's stuff. 2 pair of shorts. 1 plain front khaki shorts and 1 cargo shorts. Both were on that sale that has since passed, 2 flippies for Branden and 2 packs of socks that were also on sale. So we're done. Thank goodness. Don't wanna think about the kids clothes situation until Fall now. Phew. ; ) Although I will go through Branden's closet and drawers in a week or two when I am finally done with Noah's. And recheck to see B has everything. Please let me be done with it though. It's definitely work going through their closets, packing up Branden's stuff he's outgrown yadayadayada. All of it is work indeed.

What did we do over the weekend? Well Saturday and Sunday it rained. It was gray and cloudy. Sunday in the afternoon it actually turned to snow for a few hours. But not the kind that sticks and accumulates, the kind that melts was definitely the kind of snow it was. Saturday, we watched, Ice Castles. It was pretty good. Granted definitely wouldn't run out and buy the DVD or anything but I'm definitely glad I saw it. Saturday night we had breakfast for dinner. A lot of American families do this once in a while. And I like to do this once in a while too. We had bacon, eggs, B had over easy and Noah had requested omelet with cheese. We had pan fried potatoes and Noboru made the pancakes. We had coffee and OJ. It was a great breakfasty dinner Saturday, we watched Ice castles afterwards! Then, we all showered and bathed and watched American Idol. Sunday, with the rain that turned to snow for a few hours. We were so glad to stay home. We did enjoy watching it come down out the back patio windows though. Really pretty. Oh yes, I can't forget, we did run to take the boy's to get haircuts at the barber on Sunday morning. We had chicken parmesan Sunday night and Noah took some for obento Monday. With fruit and jellys and stuff though. Monday after getting the boys sent to school. I headed to the grocery store. Thinking my weekly shopping was getting bumped every week by a day and wound up on Thursday last week. I decided to start it on Monday this week.
While at the store Monday morning, I reached for my usual caramel machiatto coffee. Yup just instants but so good. Anyway I noticed they have coconut coffee now? I love coconut anything anyway. And when we lived in Hawaii years ago, I used to buy actual coconut flavored coffee and make it myself at home in the coffee pot. Anyway I hadn't thought of or drank coconut coffee in years. And when I saw this, I bought 2 to try. And sure enough, I love it! It's so good!
Picked up some fruit, same ol' same ol'. Some canned yellow peaches and some canned pineapple as well.
Picked up the whole chicken I ordered last week.
And there is a couple and they sell donuts in the Cainz Home once a month? Once every 2 month's maybe? Not often.... let's put it that way. Anyway, they were selling them, Monday morning when I was there. I bought 2 each so 8 total donuts. Went and loaded up my car and went home.
Oh yeah, on my way home from the grocery store, I stopped at the uniform shop and picked up a pair of yochien shoes for Noah and a new pair of gym shorts for him as well. In a week or two, I'll go back and get him another pair of gym shorts, the white inside shoes. And I think that's all that needs replacing. I tend to try and see what needs replacing around the end of the school year (March) and tend to rebuy before April, the start of the school year. I am going to replace Branden's crayons as well. And will have to check how he's doing on other school supplies too when he goes on Spring break and brings it all home is when I can go through B's. Monday was good, I felt productive because I did get things out of the way. Like my weekly shopping and started on Noah's replacements for his yochien stuff he needs. I cleaned the house for a good hour. Did 2 load of laundry and put them away. Swooshed and cleaned the toilet downstairs, Vacuumed. Roasted a gorgeous chicken in the oven. And managed to get B to Kumon. No swimming for Noah Monday. I'll take him during this week sometime though. The weather for Monday was chilly.
Noah's obento for Tuesday/yesterday. He had a chicken, rice and melty cheese wrap, a toasted hashbrown, steamed broccoli and 2 strawberries. And 2 jelly's.
What else is up lately? Well, the Jogo-san and Noriko-san and I are going to the movies March 12th. We're going to see Sherlock Holmes. We're going the day it comes out. Yummy Jude Law and Robert Downy Jr. are in this one.
What else...what else? Well March is my birthday month. March 22nd to be precise. And so far, from the hubby. I have picked a $100.00 worth of books and dvd's. I don't order from Amazon too often, maybe 3-4 times a year. So, I am really looking forward to them getting here. They broke my shipment in 3 shipments though. 1 book is coming alone first. The majority was just shipped because I got an email a few days telling me so. And the Twilight Saga New Moon won't be shipped until way later. Maybe even after my birthday. Either way, it's okay. When they get here they'll get here.
I can't WAIT until Spring break. I just need a rest. This whole juggling 2 kids at 2 different schools routine is quite frankly wearing me out. Kicking my butt. Now for the most part, I am a real trouper. But honestly? I'm feeling a bit fried. Even a week long break is enough for me. Please hurry Spring break!!!!!
I have turned off comments on my blog for a while, as I'm sure you have noticed by now. No, nothing disastrous happened or anything you guys. I am just fried at the moment like I said. And with comments I have to comment back and yada yada yada. And it was just taking a bit of my time that I really just don't have right now. I love the chit chat back and forth don't get me wrong. It's just for now. I need a comment break. That's all. I'm still blogging. That'll never stop, at least you all know I am indeed still alive over here. ; ) This has been easier for me lately, so since it's easier on me for now, it'll stay like this for a while.
Hmm, anything else on the ol' mind? Let me think. I've been working out quite a bit. I think this past month, I found my mojo for it again. Which is a good thing. Because sometimes I am with it and sometimes I'm not. So for however long it stays is good. I have been doing the 2 Jillian Michael's dvd's about every other day. The Shred and also the other one I have. No More Trouble Zones or whatever the title is. I wish the weather would actually stay warm because then I could start riding my bike again, as well.