Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday's family fishing fun!!! : )

Saturday morning, around 9am, Noboru suggested we go and do some fishing, in the small country-ish city (the same one Noah goes to yochien in) Branden was at school for the last fishing trip, so I said sure, this way all 4 of us could go together this time. We got dressed quickly and left the house by 9:30am. Headed to Mc D's. We each had a breakfast combo/set. Kids had orange juice, and I had hot coffee, Noboru had iced coffee. Everyone had sausage mcmuffins but me, I had the egg mcmuffin. The kids got a vanilla soft cream on the way out and back into the car we went. About 5 minutes later we arrived at the fishing spot.
Unloading the car, grabbed one of the spare blankets we always keep in the car for me to sit on.
Noah holding the tackle box, the smaller one.
Quite a few grandpa types fishing.
Everyone had something to hold. Noah the smaller tackle box, Branden the bucket which we'd throw the fish in. Noboru had the larger tackle box and the senbeis. LOL.
Noah fishing! And see that fisherman behind Noah? And see the other boat closer... that is old and filled with water. Well, obviously the answer is "wading boots", but I asked the kids, how do you think that man got into his boat? They thought of stilts and all sorts of answers. Noboru laughed and I smiled. They pondered that question for a good long while until I told them. ; )
Branden had such a great time! And I bet he can't wait to go on Spring break.
On a nice comfy blanket, I sat and enjoyed my 2 sons and my hubby fish their little hearts out. I watched them. People watched the other fishermen. Some guy was throwing a frisbee and it accidentally fell into the water, watching him try to get it out and yes he did get it out, was also quite interesting. : ) After an hour and a half we left and headed home.
Noah, was it so windy that the wind blew your hat off? Good thing I kept it in my purse for safe keeping! ; )
Branden and Noah each caught 1 tiny fish each. And we released them right back into the river before we headed home. That was Saturday!!!