Monday, February 15, 2010

Sharing clothes between brothers! ; )

Last Saturday, after the boys played with their friends in our backyard. And long after we had dinner. I went into the attic and pulled out the 2 big boxes of 5T clothing I had stored away nicely in plastic boxes. The 6 and 7 year old stuff is up there and waiting already. Anyway I usually go through the boxes of clothes first and then order whatever is needed for Noah. Branden meanwhile being the oldest, we buy all his stuff since he has no older sibling obviously. However last year. Not quite sure if I was having a brain fart or what. But I did not go up into the attic first like I usually do. And I ordered things for Noah online at Gap and Old Navy etc. And then when I did finally go into the attic last Spring, I ended up with double or triple of the same thing and I was slightly annoyed with myself for not checking the attic like I usually do first. So, this year, I remembered to check the attic first and surely I did.
Cargo jean shorts in 5T and a yellow surf motif polo top from Gap. They are selling a polo with surf motif eerily similar to this one in the older boys section at Old Navy this year and I bought it for Branden. And the quality and condition of Noah's is like new. So they'll have similar shirts this year. So the style's still current and Noah's was free since it used to belong to B.
What we do between picture takes. Laugh! I make jokes and kid with the kids and they laugh. So while I am trying to see what fits and what doesn't, what he has and what I need to buy. We are having a ball while doing this.
Excellent condition and so cool Noah can get usage from this gorgeous shirt. And the cargo shorts a total score too.
Yay for this polo sweatshirt, very preppy Noah. ; )
Man, I remember buying this for B at the Colorado outlet.
Noah has a robe of his own already but this one is cool too.
Such finds. Pretty happy because these are still in style, in fact they're still selling shorts like this this year. And now Noah has them and they're still perfect condition.
Loved this tee so much when we picked this out for B a few years back. So glad Noah gets to use this and wear this. Basically kids just grow so darn fast that it just makes sense to share clothes between Branden and Noah.
So many overalls found.
All the shorts found in 5T. Jean shorts, khaki shorts, cargo shorts, overalls (found a 3rd pair in the 2nd box after I took this pic). Stripes shorts, patchwork shorts. Don't need to buy Noah a pair of shorts this year.
Size 110, still remember buying these at Chiba Newtown.
Swimming trunks. Nice to have a spare set.
House shorts/play shorts. Plus the orange pair and rugby pairs Noah already has upstairs already. So no need to buy any house shorts for him this year. Again of course we could buy him a whole new Spring/Summer set but why. Just doesn't make sense especially since Branden's are still like new and the styles are still current
I recall buying these at the Gap outlet in Denver, they were just a couple bucks each. Felt like I saved money buying them at the outlet for B, and feel really happy Noah gets to wear them now.
So many shirts. And this isn't even half of them.
This is the shirt Noah tried on with the patchwork shorts up above. Just a basic white Gap tee.
The Ralph Lauren stuff Noah, can still get plenty of usage from.
A nice winter coat for next year of course.
A few of the sweatshirts he has in the boxes.
A raincoat in size 6 and a white Gap windbreaker in size 5.
And because he's not a total hand me down kiddo. We do buy him new stuff here and there. Wish I wouldn't have pick up these overalls, as I found 3 pair. But oh well, I'm human. All in all, Noah is doing excellent in Spring and Summer stuff this year. Branden meanwhile, I have placed 2 orders for B at Gap/Old Navy so far. One got here already and one has just been shipped. I also bought myself a cute 3/4 length sleeve black cardigan from Gap online and a pair of black flip flop slippers from Old Navy for all the yochien meetings and shogako meetings I attend. Anyway getting ready in bits for the boys and myself for the warmer weather.