Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!! : )

Both Branden and Noah received something for Valentine's Day from a female friend/classmate this year. Branden received his from Nozomi-chan, she's in his class, goes to Kumon with B and to swim school the same days Branden does. She is Saya-chan's best friend a good friend of B's. Meanwhile Noah received his Valentine's gift from Chi-chan. One of his greatest and best pals in yochien. Both of the boys were happy to get them and I plan to get these girls something cute in return for White day March 14th.
This was for B. Awww. : )
This was Noah's.
And the chocolate shaped hearts are what I bought for my sons for Valentine's this year. As for the hubby, I offered him some store bought yummy chocolate goodness or to make him some homemade cookies and he chose the cookies. So that's what he got. For those of you not in Japan, in Japan, Valentine's Day is for women to give chocolate to guys. And the woman usually get nothing @_@ : ( ha ha ha, but get something instead for White day 30 days later. A bit different then how we celebrate it in the US, where it's all done both girl/lady and guy on the same day. Interesting though, right? ; )
Noah got homemade chocolates. And these really made him smile.
Branden got a homemade chocolate and the cookies we think were store bought but she decorated them nicely and it was the thought that counted. And he was stoked getting these.
The most adorable note Chi-chan wrote to Noah. It basically says, that for the "pretend" shopping day, she bought the item Noah made. Isn't that so precious? To buy the thing he made. We thought that was so adorable.
The cookies I baked for Noboru. He got well over 3 dozen chocolate toffee and pecan cookies.
Sunday morning actual Valentine' day it was unbelievably foggy outside. Looked so cold outside. And if you're an American you'll know the 31 degree F temps for outside are indeed freezing since freezing is 32 degrees F. So it was actually freezing cold outside. And honestly it's been freezing cold in our parts of Chiba all week. And the week before that as well. Needless to say, we are so ready for Spring!
Look at this thick freezing cold fog. And the time of day? Nope it wasn't like 6am it was actually after 10am.
More thick fog. Hurry up warmer weather, we're so totally over this cold weather! Feeling about the winter weather....ummm quite cute and cozy for Oct, November and December. Sorta getting over it in January and am done with it by February! Please hurry up Spring.
Noboru had bought me some jewelry for Valentine's day this year.
A really beautiful bracelet and nice pair of earrings. I was pretty happy to get these for Valentine's Day from the hubby. He also made the boys and I pancakes for our Valentine's breakfast. And the night before he gave me an amazing foot massage with lotion and the whole bit. And on Friday I mentioned liking something in the Nissen catalog so he bought them for me.... a pair of jean capris, a black belt and a black short sleeve top, as part of my Valentine's gift, though it hasn't got here yet but it's on it's way. All in all, I felt quite spoiled for Valentine's day. Anyway just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. : )