Friday, January 22, 2010

Some of the obentos I've made for Noah recently!

If you look back at my old blog posts of when B went to yochien years ago, you'll notice I often showed what Branden's obentos were, usually a mix of western, some Japanese and some fusion type obentos. And I figure why not chronicle the same thing for my youngest. Most certainly can't leave him out! ; ) So, I went back and looked at all the obento posts I did for B in the past and the title I have for this post is exactly the same as the one, I had written for B, so the title of this post should look familiar except instead of Branden it's now for Noah! ; ) So without further ado, here is an obento Noah took last week. We had yakitori for dinner the night before and I fried him up these the morning of and made his obento real quick. They had marinated the whole night before so they were really good for him to take to school. Yakitori, on a bed of rice, a steamed broccoli or two. Some Pokemon sprinkles as Noah says. ; ) And 2 jelly's. I'd like to send a fruit cup but he's just a red badge and doesn't have THAT big of an appetite yet. This was plenty though. Some days fruit, some days no fruit, it depends since he does have a littler stomach.
If you remember last week we had fried pork chops with augratin potaoes? Noah took the same for the following day for his obento. What do we have here? Fried pork chop, augratin potatoes, veggie and jelly's. Also the metal obento is a winter obento, our school has a warmer and the food stays hot actually, in the Summer they use the regular plastic obentos. Our school uses this only in the winter time.
The night we had beef curry last week. Well the next day, he took some nicely warmed up beef curry, I wrapped the underneath part in tin foil so it wouldn't soak or seep into the rice. And a little container of grilled cheese sandwich. And 2 jelly's. His lunches always come back empty empty.
I made pizza last Sunday, and on Monday, Noah took this. Pizza, hash brown that I toasted in the toaster oven and some steamed veggie and some jelly's.
I was running low on obento supplies, so I ran to the Daiso and picked up these things last week.
I'm especially fond of this pack, and found the orange ones to be especially cute.
This was my obento storage, horrible state I know. A few Ziplocs and that was good because it kept all my obento goods from running into my other stuff in my kitchen pantry. However it needed to be weeded out big time. Some yakitori type skewers had been put in the Ziploc bag. This sucked because I got my hand stabbed by a pointy skewer nearly every single time I put my hand in there. So needless to say, those skewers are not in there anymore! Also threw out a whole bunch of the stuff that I didn't really use.
These for example, I rarely used these so I threw them all out. The carrots for example were so cute but trying to refill them was ridiculous and then clean them out. Thanks, but no thanks.
These I love and I use all the time, so they stayed obviously. And I want to try the egg shapers, so they're staying.
And done, I reused the same Ziplocs. All the paper obento cup/holders went into one bag. The egg shapers and seaweed shapers and mini forks etc for fruit in another bag and so on. It needed to be done this cleaning and sorting of my obento stuff.
Remember that whole chicken we had this week? Well, I warmed up a tortilla, put some rice down and then some roasted chicken. This was going to be a sandwich wrap.
Melted the cheese and all of it in the microwave and salted and peppered it before rolling it up. Couldn't fit the whole thing in there. So although B had a big bowl of cereal already that morning, he wanted to eat the other half of this and so he got nicely filled before I dropped him at school.
What's here? A roasted chicken wrap with rice and melted cheese inside. So good! A hash brown. A big strawberry and 2 jelly's. Simple and good and an awesome way to reuse those leftovers!
This week, I also made ginger pork. And so again, that's what Noah took the next day for his lunch. I quickly fried up the pork that morning. Put the rice in the metal container.
I cut up the pork in bite size pieces so he could eat those easier. Some green beans, and some sprinkles (Pokemon) A big strawberry (but a smaller one then the day before) and 2 jelly's. This was fun! I think I should definitely keep up with the obento updates for sure!