Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Noah's observation day! (as a red badge ; )

Wednesday was Noah's observation day! You know having gone through all these observation days with Branden, you'd think I'd be over them. Honestly no. I enjoyed each and everyone I went to with Branden. And though for Noah we only had 1 last year when he was a yellow badge. They're always exciting and fun. A whole year later and now he's a red badge. No longer a yochien kid in training like when he was a yellow badge ; ) A full fledged yochien kid. This coming April, Noah will be a pink badge. So 2 years left of yochien life from April 2010 and I sort of want to savor this time. Remember everything as best as I can, take as many pictures as I can and sorta suck it all in and just enjoy this time because as dorky as it may or may not sound they're little/young for such a brief time and then it's.....* poof*, it's over. Alright sorry to get all sentimental with you all. *Sniffle sniffle* ; ) So Wednesday Noboru and I went to Noah's yochien observation day. So many dad's there. We were shocked. Back when B was in yochien maybe only 2-3 other fathers could show for observation day and to their defense the other dad's were working during the weekday (and Noboru's schedule is such, he can for the most part be there). However on Wedneday's for Noah's observation day we counted like 12-15 dad's. We were really surprised actually. Here's Noah right outside his classroom (first pic of this post and a little blinded by the sun I think). : )
Aww Noah! How did you ever get so big, so fast! We love you so much kiddo!!!! More then you'll ever ever know! ; ) And same goes for your brother! ; )
So we went into the class. They started with a prayer, some songs. Noah knew all the words and sang and did all the hand movements with the song. The sensei did a magic show. Good grief she's talented I thought to myself! And then she told all of us parents, she wanted us to work on an art project with our kids. We were making a spinning top. Here's Noboru cutting in this picture.
The 3 of us decorated it together.
Some spinning action here! : ) And then the sensei announces that the kids will basically battle it out. Yellow badge versus yellow badge, red badge versus red badge, etc. @_@ Geeze we had no idea! I think everyone was a little taken off guard. That certainly came out of left field. None of us were expecting a spinning contest, lol. But before anyone even had to think it through, the 3 yellow badges were in front of the class spinning away. Keep in mind, 2 of the yellow badges are twins (ones a brother and ones a sister ; ) So the twins and another yellow badge spun their tops. Then they called the red badges 3 at a time. Noah was in the last set of red badges. He actually won the best of the 3. And then when we thought it was done. The sensei said, all the winners of the red badges now had to go against each other one more time. So the winner from the first cluster, the winner from the 2nd cluster of 3. And Noah and so on. Did I mention this all took absolutely everybody by surprise? @_@ So there the top red badge top spinners went again. Poor Noah, he was such a fantastic sport about it all though.
And the winner was circled. And as you can tell it was indeed Noah! As luck turned out, he was the fastest spinner of the tops for the entire red badges. And he did this twice. So he indeed won. Anyway we were pretty proud of Noah! He tried really hard you guys. ; )
After everything was all finished, the sensei called up the winner for the yellow badges (a little boy), Noah (for the red badges) and the little girl who won for the pink badges (she was really fast). And she gave them little paper medals. Noah stood up there and was smiling so wide all of the 3 were. He was so happy you guys!
And here it is. The medal he got and see a top is in the center of it since it was for top spinning. ; ) And the bottom is red since he won as a red badge. He wore this all through the grocery store when we did our shopping on Wednesday afternoon. He was just so thrilled to have it. Quite a few older folks at the grocery store bent down and inquired about his medal and he smiled and told them. And they very kindly oohhed and ahhed. ; ) Anyway I just wanted to share Noah's experience and story of his observation day, it was a lot of fun, you guys!!! : )