Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bits from the week!

How's every one's week been? As for me, hmm. You know some weeks it doesn't seem that I have anything special going on except take the kids to school regular type stuff, ykwim? So with a bit of cleaning and a few kid pick ups to and from school, it's a quiet week. Meanwhile other weeks are like super busy and I keep checking the calendar on the fridge making sure I don't forget anything. How was this week so far? Not extremely busy, yet not quiet and slow either. However I felt tired all week and I can't wait for this week to be over and to enjoy the weekend. However B goes to school this coming Saturday and obento is required. So my weekend will be just 1 day this weekend. Sunday. @_@ Oh well, I have hope next week will be a quiet one. So if I can just get through this week, It'll be good and everything will be fine. " I think I can....I think I can...chuga chuga chuga chuga choo choo" Last week, I did get and enjoy that pizza at the restaurant with my friends and after that we went to one of their homes and she brought out the tiramisu from Costco and we had some with coffee. Oh dear goodness that's so good. That I must go and get my own tiramisu from Costco soon. So that was last week. And this week, the hubster and I went and had the breakfast buffet at Coco's. Yup, I'm not crazy about the buffet they have, but we wanted to go somewhere and enjoy the morning as a married couple after I successfully got the boys to each of their schools and stuff. So it was nice, Noboru ate himself silly. ; ) And I had lots of different breads, croissants, and some salad.
The drink bar comes with it and I had hot cocoa, and then some hot mango tea which is in the picture. Our main discussion of the morning were the kids. I think that's a constant topic when you're parents. ; ) And also JAL. JAL is having a lot of trouble lately. And a very dear friend of ours. One of the Hawaii guys. Meaning one of the guys who was also sent to Hawaii same as Noboru and we all lived in the same condo/apartment complex. So he is indeed a close personal friend. He knew us before we even had kids and when we were first time parents with B. Welcomed with great happiness when Noah was born and we've seen them throughout the years. Anyway he quit NWA/Delta and started working at JAL. He's married and they were hoping to have a child. But now with his future uncertain, since JAL is having such trouble lately they're holding off on having a child. They're not getting any younger and we are sad for them. They've been in our prayers. And so you can imagine, when we watch the news about JAL on the TV. We watch it with a close friend on our mind. And we wonder and yes worry for them.
This week, I made chicken parmesan. I cut all funky bits off four chicken breasts. Dipped in egg and then coated in Italian breadcrumbs (Progresso)
Fried up in a skillet with olive oil.
And nearly done and in the pan about to be thrown in the oven shortly. One chicken breast I cut a small bit from, so Noah could take it for obento the following day. Thinking ahead like this helps me when I make obento. So that was essentially taken care of.
A little sauce and some cheese, then I covered in tin foil.
And after 25-30 minutes I unwrapped it and we had this on top of some spaghetti with some garlic bread on the side.
This was so good!!! The kids loved it and so did Noboru. I'll be making this one again soon.
If you recall, on the blueberry cheesecake post, I mentioned the kids had a dentist appointment on January 26th. That is also the day, I went and had Indian curry with Kaya-san and Rumi-san. We enjoyed our lunch and the conversation was fun. After the restaurant, I ran right away to go and pick up Noah from yochien. At 1:45pm, he came out, we hopped in my car, and ran home, Branden gets off school everyday at 2:45pm EXCEPT Tuesdays when he gets off at 3:45pm. So, Noah changed clothes. I checked email, emailed my dad, my cousin and friends. Then it was time to go and pick up B, so we hopped in the car, and the 3 of us went to pick up Branden from shogako/elementary school. Their dentist appointment was at 5pm. With our dentist being all the way in Narita city it was a bit of a drive (not too far but not super close either). We got there in plenty of time. It's a kids dentist only. It was packed to the gills with kids and their parents. They go every 6 month's, have since they were wee little kids. Never had any cavities or anything and all good this time too. Knocks on wood it stays that way. So we sat and sat and sat and sat. I flipped through about a gazillion magazines and kids books. People watched the other parents and kids in the waiting room, just anything to make the time go faster. I was a little surprised they called Noah first this time, especially Branden being the oldest I guess I just assumed they'd call B first, like they usually do. So Noah went, the assistant escorted him. The whole staff are ladies. Even the dentist herself. Not saying there's anything wrong with a male dentists at all, just interesting all ladies. They're all really nice. He got a thorough check up and then a thorough cleaning, and also a fluoride treatment, Noah later told me, he watched a Lilo and Stitch cartoon while the fluoride treatment was doing it's stuff. They scrubbed, they picked and everything humanly possible to their teeth and took off any plaque if there was any (there usually isn't any with this dentist on watch, lol). Honestly she's so good that's why she's so popular and why her waiting room is always so crowded. Anyway long story short, she gave his teeth a thumbs up and gave Noah a toy airplane on the way out. About 8 minutes before Noah came out, they called Branden. There's about 5 seats back there and there were other kids back there too. 50 minutes later of a thorough cleaning and B, he came out. She said Branden's teeth were awesome and he also came out with a toy airplane and we left, we felt relievd it was a good visit and you know as parents you always worry, we worry too, it's normal I think. ; ) We also felt happy to leave because we were there for what felt like an eternity. We thanked them and we left. They automatically send us a postcard when the 6 month's is up and we need to go back. Thank god we don't have to see them until the Summer. August sometime I think.
It was a little after 7pm at this time. By the time we'd get home and if I started to cook plus time to prep, cook then finally eat, we would eat around 8:30- 9ish? Forget that! So, we just went to Saizeriya after leaving the dentist office. I had this in the picture. The boys each had a pizza each. We all had the drink bar. This was a very *very* long day. The day after this we went to Noah's observation day. From 9:20am to 11:30am. We did an art project with Noah. After observation day, we had to run to the grocery store immediately after Noah's observation day. And then immediately after that I had to go and get Branden from shogako. So Wednesday was honestly just as crazy busy as Tuesday was.
I have got to share this picture with you! Do you see this carrot, does it look like chicken's foot or what? I noticed it right off while at the store and thought it was the weirdest thing. I had to buy carrots but I didn't buy that pack though. ; ) I did my shopping and then I went to the meat section and ordered my whole chicken for next week. So that's taken care of now. Phew! Load off my mind.; ) Ran home dropped off Noboru and put all the meats and drinks away, hopped back into my car and picked up Branden. Branden no longer swims on Wednesdays anymore. He now swims on Friday's. It just works out better for B this way. So yesterday, he came home, finished his homework for ninensei really quick and then he went outside to play with Genki and Kouiki, they came over to play, so they all left on their bikes to play in the neighborhood until the bell rang at 5pm. I thought of blogging last night but thought why. I don't want to wear myself too thin. So, we had dinner and watched TV and relaxed. So busy these past few days. Feels like our heads are still spinning a bit to be honest. We're all looking forward for the weekend. This weekend we have no major plans, just staying home. Watching some DVD's. Having some quiet family time. Some down time is in order.
Oh yeah, I bought Branden 2 eyeglass cases at the Daiso/100 yen. Stitch he took to school and keeps at school now and Mickey he uses at home. Yes the eyeglass store gave him one, but it looked pretty lame, so this is an improvement. ; )
This morning, our DVD's got here. Friday night we're going to watch Hachi. The kids, hubby and I can barely wait but we're waiting. And Knowing we'll watch Saturday. Also, I have a mother's luncheon coming up on February 7th? Or 8th? Hmm, better check that calendar of mine. Anyway the lunch I'm looking forward to, it's just the whole public speaking thing always gets me. I hate public speaking in front of medium to large-ish type crowds and I hate seeing and feeling like 28 sets of eyeballs are all on me. (a group of 5 good friends going for lunch no problem it's fun, but in groups of 20 or more and me having to stand up and all that silence and them waiting for me to say something. My heart beats so loud that I can hear and feel the thumping in my ears. So that's the part I'm not looking forward to. But.... no sense in worrying about it now. It's a week away still. I'll worry about it the day before. ; )

Anything else to say? Hmm, have a great weekend everyone! Stay warm and stay happy as always. ; )
Any other news? Nope nothing. Like I said, B has school this Saturday. And on Monday he won't have school, so he can run with me to take Noah to school this coming Monday then. ; ) Maybe I'll take B to breakfast just him and I this coming Monday.