Thursday, October 08, 2009

The typhoon that lost it's punch (thank goodness) and I got my permanent residency!!! : )

I just wanted to tell everyone we are all okay in our neck of the woods. This is what happened for us. It started raining quite heavily around 11pm last night and rained all night long. The wind howled. But nothing too major. When I woke up this morning around 9:30am. Boy did it feel nice to sleep in, by the way. Hubby was still sleeping and so was Branden. Noah was playing Anpanman type legos in his room. When I looked outside it was bright and sunny. Windy as all heck, granted. But not a drop of rain. Apparently the rain stopped according to my hubby around 7am-ish today. All day it's been windy windy windy, but that's it. We had a power failure from 10am this morning until around noon. So for 2 full hours we were without power today. But then it went back on and that was that. Did the typhoon indeed lose it's punch? Did it run out of steam or perhaps hit another area? I really don't know. All I can tell you, is it didn't really do anything over, where we live. We're all safe, and fine. We are all sorta having a nice lazy day. So for us the brunt of the typhoon never happened. And boy are we happy. Phew! : )

This is a pic of our stove during the power failure today. The clock and everything, off during the power outage. Glad every thing's fine now.
The rice fields behind our house, it looks like we have about 8 separated lakes back there versus rice fields. Yup, the rice fields are really full with water right now. But other then that, every thing's fine. By looking at the rice fields, you can imagine how much rain we had last night. A lot! : ) Today, the mailman came and brought us our mail and I got a postcard from immigration that my permanent residency has been approved. All I have to do now is go and pick it up. I am so happy you guys. I know a lot of you already have it, but I applied for it in April or May 2009 and was pretty happily surprised to see I got it. Yay. So, that means I will have to get myself down to Chiba City within the next 30 days sometime to pick it up. : )

TV talk wise, nothing much is happening just watching the same type of shows. Still watching, Wizard's of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana every night with the kids. And I am getting ready for the new season of the Terminator series to start October 21st. Umm, what else. Ohhh, that Will Smith movie, Seven Pounds was amazing. I think Will Smith was brilliant in that movie.
We already rented 4 DVD's from our Tsutaya delivery DVD thing for October (2 of them came today and the other 2 will come in mid Oct. sometime). They come 2 at a time. And these ones came today, along with my permanent residency approval post card. Obsessed with Beyonce, this sorta looks like a Fatal Attraction type movie, but a modern updated version, I like Beyonce a lot, so I am sorta really wanting to see this. And the other one is called. Passengers. It's with Anne Hathaway. It looks interesting. We usually don't watch DVD's until the weekend, so we will hold these until tomorrow. Friday night we can watch 1 and Saturday we can watch the other one. Obsessed I think hubby and I'll watch together after the kids go to sleep. Anyway....have a great evening you guys. And I hope everyone is okay and the typhoon skipped all of you as well. : )