Sunday, October 04, 2009

Noah's very first undokai!!! : )

Noah's very first undokai was today, Sunday October 4th. Seating, we didn't get the first row, but with such a small amount of yochien people (79 kids total for the whole yochien and out of that 2 will be transferring to the same elementary Branden goes to, Noah will be one of the 2 but that's years and years down the line, lol), it didn't really matter all so much, plus I ran all over with my camera snapping pics of Noah throughout undokai and the hubster equally ran around with the camcorder (same as everyone else's parents), so where our actual seat was, pretty much didn't matter. It started at 9am. The school note said you could save a spot from 7:40am this morning. However, we left the house around 8am, got there around 8:30am. And we still didn't fair too bad regarding seating. We woke up at 5am this morning. The yakitori and karaage were marinating since last night, all I did was finish up the obento by frying up the meat, making the salad. Pretty much same stuff I did for B's undokai a few weeks ago. Kids had breakfast at 6:40am. Branden was done by 7am. Noah eats superly slow, so he finished around 7:20am. Got the kids dressed, myself dressed meanwhile I had hubby pack up the car with the leisure sheet, obento and cooler box.
This is the whole yochien, all classes. Our undokai is held indoors at the local elementary. This is not our town elementary. This is not the shogako B goes to. Remember our town doesn't have a yochien. So Noah goes to yochien in the nearest city. Small countryish type city, but it's way bigger then our teeny tiny town. So, anyways, yes the undokai was held at that particular city's elementary school. Out of all the red badges, only 1 other person/student besides Noah lives in our actual town. Anyway sorry for the blibber blabber, just trying to fill in the dots. : )
The red badges danced their dance, and when they came running out at the start of it all, they announced on the loud speaker, these red badges, this is their first ever undokai!!! So yeah....the red badges, age 3 and newly turned 4 year olds, all came running out and everyone cheered. Noah as seen dancing here in this pic. He did fantastic! I can't believe it, he hasn't even been in school a full year yet and he's doing so well. He's trying so hard. All the red badges were.
Go red badges, you rock you kids!!! : )
The red badges ran, just a straight line. Here's Noah and 3 other little boys.
This is there umm, getting ready to run pose right? LOL. On your mark, get set....GO!!!!
Noah came in 3rd. Awww. But most importantly here is he had a blast running in his first undokai! : )
The parent and child, "build a cake relay race". I had a mother and child dance to do with Noah and quite a few activities I also had to do as well. So, hubby doing this was great and it gave me some time to take a few pics, plus mostly the dad's were doing this one anyway. Branden meanwhile helped me a lot by taping this on the camcorder, while I took pics with my digi camera.
And they're off! Down the path they went. And see the blue ribbon clipped with safety pin on Noboru's shirt? I had to wear one too. Everyone who was helping today at the undokai had to wear that. It means we were "helpers", basically.
See the strawberry hat Noah was wearing? It was passed from kid to kid. Sorta like a relay. Here they were pulling a card, checking what fruit topping they got.
Noah obviously holding the green piece picked a slice of melon. See the strawberry's down there and dollops of paper whip cream? LOL. : )
Run Noah go stick that slice of melon on the cake, lol! Basically whichever team builds the cake fastest wins! Hence the whole, "they're building a cake" Aha now it sorta makes sense now right? : ) Yeah when I heard it at first I was like...they're what? @_@ But when I saw it, I was like...aha, I see, I see. I get it.
Then Noah had to leap onto daddy's back and then they took off running, passed the hat to the next white hat and then they got to watch the others do the same until it ended.
The 2nd and last dance for the red badge class. The other classes did their own dances too. I enjoyed this dance a lot.
Their dance was pretty basic, not a whole lot of moves, because geeze these kids are just 3 and 4 years old. Newly turned 4 year olds at that. The older classes did really amazing dance moves.
And now that dance was finished. A few more races, and then it was the mommy and child dance. The kids loved dancing this with us mom's. And I was relieved I didn't mess it up. Ha ha ha. Then it was finally time to break for lunch.
A pretty basic undokai obento I think. Umm, I do try to work on presentation of the obento because I know other's always look at one an others lunch. So, I do try to keep it in my mind just a little bit. It also seems that most of the families I see pack karaage of some type. And so do we. And I can tell you why. Because frankly speaking fried chicken, tastes good whether it's hot and fresh or cold. It still tastes good. Even us Americans know that. When my mom would fry up a chicken, it always was great as a kid a few hours later to pull out a cold fried drumstick out of the fridge, man it would taste so good. So yeah, I think the Japanese are pretty spot on with that too. And that's why we do take karaage in our undokai obentos too. It tastes good whether hot or cold. It's still yumm. So what did we bring for Noah's undokai? karaage, meatballs, tamagoyaki, yakitori, I had marinating all night and just fried up in a pan that morning. Rice balls/onigiri and a salad.
OMG, is Branden making a cheesy smile. Why is he all happy and also why is he sweating like a maniac in this picture? : ) : ) Because he was off playing with his friends for about 80% of the undokai. Friends he used to go to this same yochien with.
I asked him to take one more picture and this one is it. : )
I had 1 yakitori, you can see the stick on my plate, lol. Was eating my salad. Jogo-san was sitting right near us. Literally right next to us. It was very cool sitting right next to my good friend like that and her family.
I had bought 2 packs of treats for Noah to pass out to his friends. Kids like trading treats and it helps them be social, to pass treats to their friends.
As in this picture, he received a whole bunch of treats from his friends in return. And it's sorta fun for the kids to do this.
After lunch, there were 2 more events to do and then it would be finished. The last 2 events were, the one where the white hats go and pull the hats off the red hats and vice versa. Remember I took pics of that while at Branden's undokai. Well that event is only for the blue badge/nencho-san class. So, we just observed that. And the last event of the day was the relay race. The red badges went first, then pink, then the oldest class, the blue badges went last. The white hats won. So we cheered. And here is Noah running for his part of the relay. He ran so fast. I was really proud how hard he tried. Then I went to our leisure sheet and sat down and enjoyed watching the pink and blue badges run their parts of the relay. I clapped so hard! I even did a few woohoo's at the end just because I was all excited. Sorta just caught up in the moment of it all. Sorry, yes I am a dork! : ) But a cheering happy dork at least! : )
The red badges all copped a squat right here and watched the 2 older classes have at it. This is when I went to sit down.
And now it's over. The kids are now going to get their medals. And the red badges were escorted by the older class kids.
The sensei, in the turquoise pants and a fellow mom handing out that row of kids their medals.
And here is the shot where the sensei was placing his medal around his neck. Aww! : )
See Noah with his hand on his chin? LOL, of course they all had to look at each others medals and compare, even though they were all exactly the same. But then again they're just little kids still.
It is a private Catholic yochien, so we do start things and end things with a prayer at our school. And I like that. : )
I love the kids gym uniforms, I LOVE them, the colors rock! Branden used to wear this same type of gym uniform as well. And the medals the kids got for undokai are so cool, they look like Olympic gold medals almost. Our school does give very impressive medals. We still have Branden's medals from his yochien days all nicely packed away in his "yochien plastic box" in the attic.
And then it was over for real. About 2/3 of the people left. And about 1/3 of us stayed and helped clean up. We obviously stayed and helped clean up. Again it wasn't held at our school, so we had to get everything and pack it into this truck. So it could be brought back to our yochien. I carried the big white cakes, you know the "build a cake relay race cakes" I carried both of them one at a time to the genkan of the gymnasium so the guys could place them into the truck. Carried many boxes to the genkan. Noboru helped, Branden helped, even Noah helped, lol seriously. And everyone else's entire families that stayed also helped, working their butts off. All the older sibling kids swept the entire gymnasium, some mother's cleaned the toilets, others loaded equipment to the truck, we all worked really hard. We all ended things with a huge, "otsukaresama"and went in our MPV and left. : )
We drove through the Mc Donald's drive thru to get the boys a 100 yen shake. Just a cheap little treat to say, "we sure were proud of you guys!" , hubby and I also had a shake for the ride back to our town. Now it's Sunday evening, and we are pretty tired. Well because we woke up so early this morning, no wonder. We also enjoyed our day a whole bunch.
Anyway, I just wanted to get this up and posted. I have another post about half done, it's from before or an update of what happened before undokai. But it'll just have to be out of order a bit and I'll post it tomorrow or the next day. I'm pretty tired right now. We have one of those frozen lasagnas in the oven baking right now. An easy dinner is just what we need tonight, I'm exhausted. : ) I'll be making a salad and some garlic bread to go with it as well. Noah doesn't go to school tomorrow but I still have to wake up early and get Branden sent off tomorrow. Ah well, it's okay. : ) 2 undokai's done and 1 undokai left. That's Branden's town undokai next week. After next week, I won't even wanna *think* about undokai until next year. Ha ha ha. : ) Have a good night everyone.