Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Japanese thermal hair straightening, tackling Noah's closet, Costco, Ikea and Lalaport in Shin Misato and prepping for Noah's undokai!!! : )

The pumpkin's are hanging outside on the porch, even as I type this, but it was a project, a fun one at that. Noboru drilled a hole in each and we went to a DIY, and bought a 5 watt light bulb for each pumpkin, he wired and even made the electrical cords to light them up. It was a project and he did a good job with it, I thought.
I was pretty impressed he did all the wiring and stuff on them.
In other more mundane parts of the post. I placed another order at Gap/Old Navy. And if you recall, after weeding out B's closet I knew what he had and what he hadn't. The underwear I picked up in Guam. But clothewise, just bought him a few things to make sure he was Fall and Winter ready, which is what's in this package.
Again not much just a few things. It seems the past month there was a sale going on every other week. Which was perfect timing considering I was getting stuff for the boys at the same time the sales were going on.
Just a few basics. 1 pair of khaki cords from Gap. 1 yellow and blue rugby fleecey top, an orange Old Navy fleecey top and 2 plain long sleeve shirts, I figured he could wear these under the sweatshirts or fleecy top things. LOL. : ) No big shopping extravaganza or anything just a few this and thats that's all. : ) I think for the most part B is now set for Fall and/or Winter. He has 4 pair of jeans, 1 pair of cords, about 8 or 9 fleece or sweatshirt type tops, many long sleeves and a new winter coat. And jammies and new undies. He's not doing too shabby. A nice conservative amount and he does wear regular clothes to school, so he really did need them all. Anyway B's covered, phew.
And trying not to leave the little one out either. 1 pair of cords, 1 pair of jeans and 1 long sleeve shirt.
Here's Noah's stuff. I like his shirt that says, "small fry" lol.
B, you have just grown so much! Don't go growing too fast, too soon now! : )
See this auction pic? Hmm, anything look sorta umm, familiar to you? Look again, does the giant backyard slide in the background give you a hint of whose auction this might be? : ) : ) Yup, it was my auction. The auction is long over. It was over a week and a half ago. I sold this tricycle to a family in Hokkaido. Where in Hokkaido I can't say. But yup, it's no longer in Chiba. : ) It's a name brand trike so the resale value was amazing, these always go high on the auctions. I had about 5 different people fighting it out over this thing. And when all was said and done, the auction ended and we had made a good amount of cash on it. And, they even paid their own shipping.
Cleaning it up, and packing it up in bubble packing and away it went to beautiful Hokkaido to live with another family. : ) I love making some extra spending money off a a good declutter. : ) And it's stuff we really couldn't use anymore, outgrew, so, for us it was a good decision.
Noah playing in the yard. Meanwhile the towels drying nicely on the fence. Last Friday, the Friday that was September 25th..... while both the boy's were at school, I went and drove myself to the hair salon. I had a hair appointment. As most of you know, if you've been reading a while, every 6 month's I get my hair straightened. You know that Japanese thermal reconditioning straightening thing. Man it turns my hair pin straight. And because it's a reconditioning, it comes out really glossy. Also boy is my hair getting long, it's now middle of my bra strap type length, very long and straight. Some long layers around my face. And to think 20 month's -2 years ago it was a chin length bob huh. How funny, how I like changing my hair every few years or so. Since last March is when it was at my shoulders and when I got it straightened last time (last March) and it's been growing like a weed ever since.
What else did I manage to get done before October 1st? Besides my hair do? LOL. I tackled Noah's closet and his is way harder to do then B's because I have to get the clothes that used to be Branden's from our attic, wash them, dry them and hang them. But before that, get all of the clothes that Noah out grew.... all taken out of his room altogether. This whole thing took me 3 days. Not full days. I just spent like 1-2 hours on it and the next day and the day after that tried to finish it up the best I could.
Some of the things that were waiting for Noah in the plastic boxes were..... 3 pair of new PJ's for Noah in size 4T. The light blue and chocolate brown stripe and the dinosaur ones were bought last year in Denver at Target. I stocked up since they were cheap last year. Just bought 2 pair. And the Gap yellow pair was bought on sale last Spring when Winter was long over and they were on a deep discount, thank goodness I stocked up on an off season sale. The Herbie PJ's belonged to B, once upon a time and I recall they came from the Disney Store many many moons ago. : )
And to be fair, our 2nd born isn't a complete raggamuffin. : ) We do and have been getting him new stuff here and there as well. All these in this picture have only belonged to him and only him. Not that it matters. These 5 sweatshirts all in 4T. I cut the tags off and gave them a washing on the quick wash, dried them and now they sit in his closet waiting for the weather to turn cool for him to use them. : )
5 long sleeves in size 4T that were all bought just for Noah. So, yeah he does get to share B's stuff but we do make him feel special with new stuff too.
Winter coat, this one used to belong to B and now it belongs to Noah.
1 yellow Osh Kosh winter coat, and 3 winter hats. Not too shabby.
Making my little guy trying it on. Glad to see it fits.
Trying on the hat. Man this kid never complains when I have him try on stuff. Good kid, good kid. : )

Coat I washed on the fast cycle (wasn't dirty just wanted to freshen it up), and dried it and it also now hangs in Noah's closet waiting for one day when it gets actually cold enough where he'll need it.
Five pairs of sweatpants. Great for running around in the house on weekends or after school. Good thing I don't have to buy these this year, thanks Branden. : )
This picture to me was the most surprising. These are the sweatshirts in size 4T that Noah was lucky enough to get from his older brother. And no, I hadn't any idea there were that many in the attic in the boxes otherwise we might not have bought Noah those few he had. I count 11 sweatshirts in this picture and he has the 5 new ones in the pic above someplace, so about 16 sweatshirts total, good grief kiddo. And no, we certainly didn't buy B 11 sweatshirts on our own, lol. Birthday's, Christmases, we have my mom and also my dad who sends stuff, care packages. So yeah we do end up with even more then we personally buy. I can now say for sure, Noah has more then enough sweatshirts. @_@ And yup, they now hang freshly washed and are hanging in Noah's closet.
Just some basics also were found in the plasic boxes as well. Turtle necks, you can see pants and jeans and overalls on the right and he also got a few Christmasy type sweaters all from his big brother. Anyway boring boring....just wanted to say, the closet has been sorted. The too small stuff taken away, the size 4's all hanging and into their proper drawers and are hanging. Branden's closet and stuff is ready and so is Noah's closet. Bring on Fall, my boy's are ready! And it was done by October 1st. The sorta deadline I gave myself this year. Next week when and if I get the time I need to get myself into my closet and get things sorted for myself clothes wise. But as long as I got the boy's stuff sorted I really don't mind putting my own closet on the back burner.
2 days after I got my hair done, I took the boys to get a haircut at the barber. I wanted them both to have nice fresh hair cuts for undokai. I did that on a Sunday (1 week before) and I was happy to get it out of the way.
Backs look nicely cleaned up. And phew, bring on undokai, we're almost ready!
On Monday, September 26th, Branden did not have school. Because of the undokai he had 2 weeks previous. They delayed his 1 day off for 2 weeks. Why they did that? I really don't know, perhaps because Silver week was sandwiched between when B's undokai was or what. I really am not sure why, but in any case he was off September 26th because of their undokai they had 2 weeks beforehand. Anyway moving along... : ) Hubby also had the day off. And we had been planning to get to Costco to get our Halloween pumpkin. We had this day even marked on the calendar it read...COSTCO. : ) I was planning to send Noah to school and we'd be back before then. But hubby said he didn't wanna rush and to just give him a day off. So he called the school and Noah missed that day. We always go to the Costco in Makuhari but Noboru suggested we go to the newer Costco in Shin Misato. So we went.
The way they built this was honestly pure genius! They built an Ikea and then next to the Ikea is a huge Lalaport (shopping mall) and then next to the Lalaport is the Costco. It's literally right on 1 street, everything so convienent. It was brilliant who ever thought of building the 3 buildings/stores so close together like that. The Ikea is enormous.
And in this picture you can see the Lalaport, smack dab right next to the Costco. The convenience of it all. Now how many hours did it take us to get here? Gee, took us forever, we live way way far away from either Costco. It took us 2 and a half hours to drive there 1 way. And 2 and a half hours to get back home. For those of you in Denver, it would be like driving from Denver to Glenwood Springs. That's how far it is for us to drive to our nearest Costco. It really is absurdly far for us.
Man it took us forever to finally get there. We picked us our pumpkin. We know how the pumpkins in the Chiba area always seem to run out. Last year we had 2 very close friends of our family not be able to get their pumpkins last year because they waited too long. : (
For a regular Monday this store was packed to the gills with people. Not sure if it's because we were in a bigger city with more of a population of people or what.... but we were sorta shocked by the sheer volume of the people.
We loaded the car with our goodies, locked the car. We did bring our cooler with ice packs and ice so the things would last the time to get home. And we walked this walkway from Costco to Lalaport and went and had lunch.
H&M, oh my! My first time to see one in person. I have heard about them, cheap prices, cool clothes. Read about this store in magazines. When their stores came to Japan, I thought I never get myself to Tokyo, so I doubt I will ever see one with my own eyes. And then that Monday there was one, standing all tall like that. I had to walk around in the store and I did. I didn't buy anything, but I sure did enjoy getting to walk around at least. : ) Also, good grief this mall was so packed. Again though maybe we're just not used to seeing that many people though since we live in the country. It was *so* packed. It was like Christmas time in the US at the malls. Or perhaps Black Friday, in the US, the day after Thanksgiving when all the sales go on. Hubby and I had to hold both kids hands. We couldn't really relax with the crowds THAT big. It was sorta nuts.
Kids wanted Mc D's, I wanted a Subway sandwich, so Noboru sat with the kids on a seat we were lucky to find. Most people were walking around and around hoping for a seat to open up, yup that packed. I spent 5 minutes in line at Subway, spent about 10-12 minutes in line at Mc D's, the line was insane in there. I stood and waited my turn. I felt like a sardine waiting in there. I went back to my family who was sitting there forever by the looks on their faces. LOL. Said, sorry couldn't be helped just too many people. Meanwhile I sat and the kids ate. I waited to eat with hubby. Noboru went and got some ramen, and his line took forever too. People still walking around looking for seats. It was a madhouse in there, especially since we're country folks. After we had lunch, we took the walkway back to the Costco parking lot and started our 2 and a half hour long drive back home. Good thing Noah didn't go to school because, it took us so long to get home the traffic was even worse by now. It was like stop and go, stop and go.
Noah eating his lunch.
Yup see the pic? They really are like that close to each other. Again so convenient for someone living near there. Maybe we'll go back around Christmas time. But given the distance and the traffic we would face getting there, not before then.
We didn't buy so much. 1 pack of donuts, this was our 1 big splurge. 1 pack of dinner rolls. And 1 bag of pecans for cookie baking.
The pizza we brought home, whacked in the oven and had it for supper the night we got back from Costco. 1 pack of tortillas for sandwich wraps.
1 pack of ground beef, I split this into 2 freezer ziploc type bags. So we will be having cheeseburgers and also hamburg soon. A big bag of cheese because we love cheese around here.
A huge bag of chips should last the Fall/Autumn. And a big bag of croutons for all the salads we've been eating, these should totally last us the Fall and beginnings of Winter hopefully.
Cranberry juice. And a roasted chicken, we had the next night for dinner. That made dinner easier for me and since juggling the kids schedules and after school activities, easy meals are totally appreciated. : )
Some Kirkland wipes (we love these) and some Orange Clean. This should last us until December or first week of January, so I am happy we are at least sorta covered for Fall at least.
And just a case of jasmine tea, and our family's Halloween pumpkin. We carve a pumkpin every year. It's something we really look forward to. : )
Also, we went to the uniform shop and bought Noah a brand new sports hat. His last hat he had since January and the elastic band was absolutely trashed on it. And since it needing replacing anyway, right before undokai was the perfect time to replace it. I sewed his name label on it. Again just little tidbits trying to get ready for undokai.
Meanwhile my hubby is totally getting into the holidays like he always does every year. He loves Halloween and Christmas the most I'd say. He ordered these candle light type lights. They look like candle light and flicker. He placed them into the 2 lights near our front door.
It was interesting to see they were wrapped with some thread or something. It was very interesting.
And here's what the house looks like. You know how the hanging baskets had the red flowers in them? Well, we put the flowers from the 2 of the hanging baskets and transfered them into the white ones down near the stairs, see. And the other 2 hanging basket red flowers are now near the shed. Noboru hung the 4 pumkpin head lights into the baskets. And they glow now. LOL. You can see the flickering lights near the door and the Fall wreath is now hanging on the front door. : )
We have been getting rain off and on since last Friday. We worried like crazy for Branden's undokai, would it rain? (bites nails) but for Noah's undokai it didn't pretty much matter, since it's always held indoors. But the weather that day was beautiful, doesn't it just figure. The son we needed nice weather it ended up raining, the younger son where the weather didn't matter because it was held indoors, then it is a beautiful day. LOL. Shakes head. : )
The day before undokai, which was Saturday. I ran to Nishimatsuya to get socks. Why? Because there was a note posted on the gate of our yochien and it read basically, no long white socks for undokai. @_@ For what it's worth, I only buy my kids long knee high socks to wear at the yochien. Year round, because it keeps their legs warm in the Winter and it keeps their legs protected from falls in the Spring and summer (I did this with B and I, now do this with Noah as well). My own weird reasoning but anyways.... So I didn't have any short white socks for Noah. I was planning to buy a new pack of long socks for Noah anyway because of the Winter unifom change we will have Oct 6th. But in my mind to buy a whole pack of short socks for just 1 days usuage was a waste. I grinned and did it anyway. Even now I am still grring about it, ha ha ha. But oh well. Perhaps he can use the other pairs in the short pack for next years undokai. (shakes head) Anyway, so Saturday I picked up a normal pack of long socks we REALLY needed. And a short pair of socks/medium length, because they ran out of the short short length. Anyway got those. And then I ran to the bakery, to get some bakery goods for the next morning of undokai to take to the undokai. I always try to get some bakery things because I think sometimes kids can get hungry before noon actually hits. Which I was right, Noboru had 1 melon pan while waiting at undokai and Branden had a custard pan. LOL.
Saturday evening, I had prepped everything. Put the chicken on skewers, and the chicken that would become karaage into a ziploc.
Let everything marinate, wrapped the yakitori and threw both meats into the fridge for the morning. Anyway this is all the things that went on before undokai. The haircuts,, the red and white hat replacement, the socks, it was a busy week leading up to it. And also glad I managed to get the boys closets sorted and get them Fall/Winter ready a bit. Phew. PS, everything that happened in this post obviously happened well before Noah's undokai. I was just honestly so crazy busy actually doing everything I had to do, I had no time to actually sit down and blog about it until now. So, it is now in front of Noah's undokai post. Where it should be *behind* Noah's undokai post, since all this stuff actually happened before the undokai. So anyway....I am leaving it up front for now. But I might switch this post and place it behind Noah's undokai post since it REALLY should be back there anyway. Anyway sorry to confuse anyone but if this post looks suddenly gone, it's will more then likely just be behind Noah's undokai post. I just want things to be in order, is all. But again sometimes life gets so insanely busy, posts only get half written and so, they are delayed. So, if this post is no longer in front of Noah's undokai post, it will probably be BEHIND his undokai post. Anyway again sorry for the blibber blabber, I just don't want anyone to think what? Where did that post go. Ha ha ha. : ) Long story short it may be moved because it isn't in the right order at the moment. : ) And I will leave these paragraphs explaining so, because years from now, I will surely get a chuckle and I guess I really was THAT busy. Anyway have a great day everyone. : )
PS, my jobs at the undokai were working the ball toss with my husband and Jogo-san and her husband. We were the white team, they were the red team. And we did this twice, we did this for the older yochien class kids and for the grandparents ball toss as well. So we handled 2 events. And it was pretty fun actually. : )