Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy 8th birthday Branden! : )

Birthday's at our house are always small quiet little family events. Branden's birthday was October 26th, both the kids went to school. And right after they each came home from school, we went right away to the doctors to get their last dose of the flu shot. About 17 people in the waiting room, mostly elderly folks. But we had an appointment and got in and out fairly quick. We went to Capricciosa for Branden's birthday. It's an Italian restaurant here in Japan, but really really delicious. It was dead inside the restaurant, maybe 1 or 2 other sets of customers sitting someplace not even close to where we were sitting. Here is Noboru gesturing with his hands, "you know Branden you used to be THIS small" LOL. He does that to each of the boys for every single birthday.
Our salad and also our bruschetta...
This was really good.
Then the fried rice ball with a melted cheese center.
And 1 regular size serving of pasta and 1 extra large serving of pasta. We ate, we talked, we ate some more. We even took the extra spaghetti home, which they nicely wrapped up for us.
They brought out the free cheesecake and ice cream platter. He could have chosen, chocolate cake, pumpkin tart or cheesecake. We had cake at home and will be having pumpkin pie shortly anyway so he wisely went with the cheesecake. The kids enjoyed the ice cream and cheesecake. We meanwhile sipped some coffee and waited. Then headed home. The weather for Branden's birthday, it rained cats and dogs all day and evening. My friend at the yochien earlier that day, told me this was a typhoon. We went home and had our quiet little celebration there.
This is the cake I baked for Branden this year. And just a very small amount of presents. A very simple birthday. : )
We lit the candles and turned out all the lights, sang, and wished him a very happy birthday. He blew out the candles and made a wish!
We had cake and ice cream. Just the 4 of us in the kitchen.
Unwrapping a few gifts. : )
Opening the gift from grandpa. : )
Aww. : )

And that was it. A very nice, but a very quiet family birthday. Happy 8th birthday baby, we sure do love you! : )