Friday, September 04, 2009

Fall/Autumn semester preperations for the boys. Time to get back to the old grind!!! : )

Last Friday afternoon, we ran to the small country mall/shoppette. Hubby bought Branden some notebooks for school. A garigari glue stick. A few pencils and that's about it for B. Oh and he needed some new name labels. Noah meanwhile needed new school shoes. White indoor shoes and the outside uniform shoe we call, "the French shoe" because of the little flag. : ) Not a whole bunch of anything really, but just got what needed replacing. Could barely believe school was about to start.
The eraser has an atari on the stick. : ) Oh and the name labels, thank god we made those Friday afternoon. Because the computer was useless Friday evening on. Ha ha ha.
I hand cut these myself. Not perfect granted, but not too bad a job either. I bought these from like a Nissen type mail order place. And since then... I see them at the 100 yen now, grrr. So now I buy them at the 100 yen.
Noah running about Friday afternoon. Fall is starting to come and the rice fields are starting to lose their bright green color. Likewise, I am starting to see the color slowly fade out of our grass as well. By end of October it should be nearly all yellow. Japanese grass goes very yellow and dry and straw like in winter and then goes back to bright green in Summer.
Have been taking the boys to swimming class like crazy still. They both love it and have a lot of friends there.
Friday night, by the clock on the stove it says 6:19pm. Ahh what bliss we felt. We had gotten the last bits of the boys stuff we needed to get for school. Swim class was done for the day and we were home now ready to enjoy some pizza. A few hours from now (meaning from when this pic was taken) our computer would not only go bonkers but it would go a full fledged BAZONKERS! Ignorance must be bliss, we truly had no idea while we were eating our dinner last Friday night. Blissfully ignorant as we enjoyed our pizza. The boys showered with hubby and then slept, sweet dreams. Jon and Kate is what we watched and then poof good bye computer.
Saturday, the computers not coming on and we know that. It's sadly obvious at this point, lol. So, I just got the boys a bit more ready bit by bit for school. Noah's mendo/clay mat. Cut off piece of plasic table cloth is what most of my mom friends use and I use. I Orange Cleaned the mat, wiped away crusty looking mendo pieces that were on there for gosh only knows how long since it stays at school until the end of a semester. : ) Dried it off good after I rinsed it. Packed it away in Noah's backpack.
Washed B's sneakers and his seat cushion Saturday which was good since it rained Sunday and typhoon city Monday. And hung them out to dry. His seat cushion got very fluffy. : )
I watched the farmers cut or plow the rice on the field to the left. Good job farmers looks excellent! : )
Oh dear goodness so glad Noboru ordered B's undokai shirt before the computer went and crashed. He bought it from a tee shirt manufacturer type place. They sell plain basic of basic tee shirts. It was like 350 yen or so. It was really cheap basically. And why do they all need red shirts? Because for the dance half time thing. They will be dancing to the Ponyo song. And if you recall Ponyo wore red. : ) Branden's undokai is September 12th. So it's coming up fairly soon.
I washed his shirt for him and it's folded and waiting. All the kids have to bring them to school by September 7th.
So, Branden was pretty much set and ready for school to start. Next was Noah. I dug out Branden's 2 navy blue vests that he wore when he went to the same yochien. I got them out and on September 1st after I came back from the laundry mat with the blankets and made the beds, Noah and I went and took these 2 sweater vests to the dry cleaners. They came back today. They are nicely dry cleaned and all sitting in plastic bags on a hanger in Noah's closet waiting for when they switch to the winter uniform in October. At least this way if I get busy with other stuff, they'll be done and waiting for him. : )
A Ralph Lauren vest and a brand X, no name one. But they both work fine and they both do the job. : )
Ran to the 100 yen and got a pair of shoe inserts for Noah. And some wash rags for B, since they help clean the school at elementary in Japan. Now I was done for sures. Ready for school to start a new term, new semester. You betcha! : )
All finished and all ready. : ) I tried my best to get them ready for returning back from Summer break and I think I did an okay job. I tried at least. : )