Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Catching up, stuff we've been up to this week! : )

As soon as I post this post about what we've been up to this week, I am no longer behind with blogging. Phew! I think you can see the fields in the background of this picture, they are now all plowed, no more rice. All gone! Also you can see the boys and their friends running and playing in the backyard. It's Branden, Kouiki-kun, Genki-kun and Noah. These kids still play all the time together. After school. Or right after Kumon. But they get together every single week. And play play play and run run run! Or riding bikes together, exploring in the rice fields, zarigari hunting. Just typical country boy life type stuff. : ) They're all good kids. I keep an eye on them all when they are around and their mom's keep and eye when they go around the other friends houses. It's a good close knit community we live in. We look out for one another here. : ) As I am sure that's how it is in lots of places too.
One night, I made subuta. I bought a pork loin and used pork this time, just cut and cubed and floured and fried. So sweet and sour pork. It was pretty good. Flavor packet comes from Cook-Do. : )
It was dinner we had on Saturday night, I think. : )
Sunday night, we had Indian curry. Hubby actually cooked dinner for me. I got to watch and chit chat with him and keep him company though. : )
As he was getting ready to puree the onions, carrots and garlic. And some apple had to be added in here.
And when it was finished. The naans we just got at the store and used the toaster oven to warm them. I think you can see actual steam in this pic. It was pretty hot and boy was it spicy. This was really good though. : )
Monday night this week, I made niku jaga. The days have been quite warm this week. Funny because last week our days were sorta chilly. But the nights still cool down sorta chilly like.
My serving from Monday night.
And our meal from yesterday, Tuesday. We had oven baked chicken leg quarters. And when they were finished baking I put teriyaki sauce on them. The skin was real crisp and it came out really nice. A nice simple meal. Granted no 5 course meal or anything. But it's okay. We don't mind simple around here. : )
Since I had leftover teriyaki sauce, I sent Noah to school with yakitori. Didn't have yakitori sauce but the teriyaki was sufficient, it was fine. So 3 yakitori sticks on a bed of white rice, some steam green beans, some sprinkles for the rice, B never liked the sprinkles but Noah loves them. An Ultraman cheese. And some apples. A basic lunch but an okay lunch. Oh yeah and 2 mini jelly's. : )
Also this week, my friend Noriko-san surprised me by bringing me homemade cookies at the yochien this week one morning. They were delicious. They were made with raisins, cranberries, oats, so much healthly yummy stuff. She said she used whipped peanut spread versus butter so they were pretty healthy and so good.
It never ceases to amaze me how quickly things get shipped from the states to Guam. And how fast Guam ships stuff to Japan. The shipping is fast.
These are the things we picked for B.
Not a lot at all. Just 1 pair of sweatpants on sale. 1 pair of jeans on sale. And 2 long sleeved tops for this fall and winter, also from the sale they had the week I ordered. And 1 coat.
The coat I really liked for Branden. Size 8. And a really good medium weight coat for winter, when B was really little I used to buy him the deep freeze, super winter type coats and the poor thing would be melting to death and his cheeks would be all flushed, ha ha ha, now I just get the thick good weight medium weight coats and layer the kids instead.... so no more overheating the kiddos, ha ha ha, live and learn right : ) Of course if we lived in a colder climate we actually might need the super heavy down filled type coats though. : ) We do a lot of layering around here in winter when we go outdoors.
And only 2 things for Noah since he gets a lot of stuff that used to belong to B. And next week I will start working on Noah's closet.
This pile of clothes on B's bedroom floor. I went and pulled out all of Branden's size 7's. This was my 1 big task for the week this week. It wasn't over in a day either. It took me 2 days to get his bedroom closet and clothes all organized. I had him try on each thing, and yup it took forever. 90% of the things size 7 were too small, so I packed them up in a clear plastic box and packed them up away in the attic for someday when Noah needs them. Luckily though, some stuff still fit and still could be worn. Yippy. 3 pairs of his jeans from last year were high waters when I had him try them on. He hadn't worn them since April and they fit then. But Monday night when he tried them on, they were way way too short. So they were rightly packed away. However, 2 other pairs of jeans were still good and usable lengths. So, I really don't mind what the size says, 7 or 8. It fit, so he can use them still. Also the coats didn't fit, but one did.... the Hillfiger yellow one still had wear and fit well, so he can use that as a play coat this Fall/Winter. I was glad we saved some stuff and could use them further. And glad I got the too small stuff all nicely packed and put into the attic. This was a 2 day job. But I had to get it done.
I know, it looks like slim pickings in B's closet for right now. : ) But 2 weeks ago it might have been full to the brim but the most were outgrown. At least this way I can see what fits. And I know now, everything in B's closet fits him. Nothings too small. Everything that's in there, should be there basically. Also, I went through every single drawer and did the same thing. And so now Branden's clothes are organized, Fall ready and all the sizes are right/correct. I also made a list of what B needs for Fall. He needs undies, and long sleeve shirts.
All of this pile of undies went to the trash can. They were worn to death and so right away to the trash they went. So, that's how I know B needs new undies now. But he has 5 pairs of size 8's. I'll probably order some from Nissen or the Cecil mail order place here in Japan. But least I went and got his clothes all cleared out size wise. Phew that was a job and a half. : )
You ever find something you even forgot you had? So, as I was going through his drawers, I found 2 pairs of jammies for B for this year. Something less to get this season, so I was happy to make the find. : )
Size 8.
The 2 jeans he had, I cut the tags off and threw in a load of jeans that was about to be washed on Monday.
Now all nicely washed and tucked into his drawer. I feel better knowing Branden's clothes have all been sorted, and I'll feel much better after I get Noah's done next week. Anyway sorry for the mundane post you guys. : )
Anyway, so how has our week been going? It's been going really well. The kids are doing well. I'm doing well, hubby is well. The computer parts were found and bought. Should be arriving today and so my computer might be down a day or two. Though I hope not. Ha ha ha.

Oh yeah I keep forgetting to say. My breast exam and ovarian cancer check both came back fine. I am totally fine. So glad that's done. My results came back in July, it's just my fault, I kept forgetting to mention them. : )
Anyway not that it's important or interesting really, ha ha ha, but here's a few things coming up for us. And this is just a handful of things....
September 10th (tomorrow), I am going to lunch with my 2 girlfriends at Coco's restaurant. Noriko-san and Jogo-san.
Branden has undokai this Saturday, September 12th.
September 14th is my PTA meeting at Noah's yochien
No school for either of the boys Sept 21, 22nd, and 23.
Folk dance practice for me for September 30th. @_@ At the yochien.
Noah's undokai Oct 4th
Noah switches to the winter uniform October 6th.
And our town undokai October 11th.
Yup we have 3 undokais and only 2 kids, lol. And a whole other bunch of things on the calendar as well, like half days etc etc. Anyway have a great week you guys! : )