Monday, August 03, 2009

Our family vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii 2009. Part 2. The majority of our days spent here, at Kailua Beach! : )

We spent the majority of our time at Kailua Beach. This is our favorite beach in Honolulu! Good waves for families, meaning not too mellow and not too huge like North Shore type waves. But good enough to definitely body board for many many days from. There's also bathrooms, showers and a lifeguard on duty.
Kailua beach park. It's really big and the view is amazing.
There's waves so Noah was safe in a floaty ringy thingy! An innertube type thing basically. We also had an adult innertube thingy and B had his body board.
The ocean is clear and look at that sand! No wonder it's on the top ten beaches list for the US. White sands and turquoise waters.
That view, the relaxation we felt. The fun we had as a family. Sometimes being on vacation you can gain perspective, and it's funny.... while we were there, nothing else seemed to matter to us but our little family of four. Being on vacation with family you realize what's important in life and what's just plain rubbish, not worth even worrying about. So glad for us to refocus. Appreciate one another. Seeing that view every day, and as I played in that ocean myself and thought...dear goodness life so totally rocks!!!! And it does!
My 2 boys! : )
On this day at Kailua, the boys were a little more interested in the area a bit off the beach, there were a bunch of crabs hiding under the sand. Lots of kids were finding them. Some little boy (about 12 or so in age) was leaving and he gave me a crab. I thanked him and gave it to my boys. Said here you go kids.
This was him. He had very fast pinchers. Some kids on the other side were collecting the crabs to take home to eat. They had a bucket of them. And some kids were just catching them for sport/fun.
An older Japanese granny type coulda been on vacation too. Came over to have a looksee. B spoke to her in Japanese and told her what it was and stuff. Then she called her grandson over for a look. I told B he could play with it if he wanted, just not to give it to the kids who were gonna eat him. Just felt sorta bad for poor Crabby. I said at least give him a fair chance and let him hide and if they catch him themselves it's fine, but just don't hand him over.
Here's a pic of B making pincher hands himself because he was copying the crab. Meanwhile the granny was calling for her grandson in this same pic.
This adorable little blond came to ask if it was our crab or just some random crab. Remember this gal was with the kids collecting them to eat. B remembering what I just said about Crabby not ending up on the dinner menu for someone..... said he was indeed our crab and she went trotting off finding other crabs. And there were tons around. I let Mr. Crabby find himself a good hiding spot, he burrowed himself deep into the sand real good and we said good bye. We felt sorta good for saving Crabby's life for that day. Let's hope he can stay away from getting eaten a little longer. : )
There were crabs everywhere. Noboru and B found 3 others around there. And I think I stepped on one just a tad, because as I walked the ground moved a bit. @_@.
On this day at Kailua we decided to bury Branden's feet in the sand. Could he get out? Yup he could. He thought that was funny, so did we, next we buried Noah's feet. Ha ha ha. : )
Most of the days B spent his time on Kailua body boarding though. Look at that wave and he rode that puppy all the way into the sand. It's like every day, he got better and better. We would wake up at 7am. Brush our teeth. Slip on our swimsuits, load up the tubes and B's board into the car and drive to Kailua on the way we'd get breakfast at either Jack in the Box or Mc D's, something cheap. We'd also bring 2 bottles of water and 2 bottles of lemonade. We would swim from morning to around 5pm every evening. So from 8pm to 5pm, like 8 hours of boarding for B. And 8 hours of swimming and beaching for us. Around noon we'd break for lunch and to get more drinks. One day I drove to Mc D's to the drive through that's right near by the beach got everyone lunch and quickly made my way back to our beach spot and had lunch. Another day we had bought deli stuff from Safeway, macaroni salad, sandwiches, chips and fruit and had lunch there picnic style. everyday was a new lunch on the beach. We'd sit and rest after lunch and then get back to boarding and playing in the ocean again. We'd stay so long we saw people come to the beach in the mornings and leave in the evening and we'd STILL be swimming. Ha ha ha. We'd rinse off and them head back in the car. Tired, exhausted and starved by the time we'd leave the beach. But happy as clams. : )
Just rode in and about to pick up his board and head right back out.
Going right back out to ride more waves.
And another.
Waves in the face, it didn't matter. : )
Going over this wave to get back out there.
Noboru smiling as B caught this big one and it seemed he just floated all the way until he hit the sand. And then he went right back out yet again. He never got tired.
Riding it into shore yet again.
He couldn't get enough.
He is positioned in the right way, looking for that next big wave coming. Looking back. Some kids I could hear them talking with B, and they said, that ones too small, let's wait for a bigger wave. So they'd wait in this holding pattern type way looking back checking to see what size the next wave was.
This one was a great big wild wave.
Wiped out? Aww, just get back up and try it again! No worries now! : )
Noboru and Noah hugging as they looked on at B body boarding.
And a lift on the shoulders.
Note these 4 girls. They were speaking Japanese. I think they live in Hawaii though. Maybe they were university students? They were VERY nice girls though. They were body boarding too. And they were speaking Japanese with B. They became friends and he had 4 big/older girls to board with and he really liked that a lot! : )
B and the 4 girls, they shared the same waves and talked while waiting for the big waves.
Here you only see 3 but there were actually 4 he swam with that day. They boarded together ALL day long. And I even shared some of our deli Safeway sandwich stuff with those gals. We bought 6 sandwiches even though there were only 4 of us... in case hubby or the kids got extra hungry, so we had plenty. And we had a lot of macaroni salad and a whole big bag of chips anyways. So no worries. Though they did have their own lunch/snack food too obviously, they took what we offered and thanked us, I did that because they were so nice to B. They were good girls, very polite. : )
This water was so clear and so blue and that beach was so white. It was truly a paradise to be there daily swimming there.
Trying to catch another big wave yet again. : ) Aww he loved it what can we say! : ) Noboru and I talked and we will be buying B a surfboard when he hits 10 years old. He really wants one. And that's a good age to start learning to use a regular surfboard anyway. : ) We will be buying Noah a body board next year and start easing him down the same path as well.
What a view.
And father and son. Here's Noboru trying to give B some pointers before we called it a day. And headed back to Waikiki, to shower and stroll and have dinner.
How we wound down every single day spent at Kailua? Buying a $1.00 hot fudge sundae, 1 for each of us. Swimming does take a lot out of a person and those sundaes really hit the spot until we could get back to the hotel and jump in a shower and get ourselves ready for supper.
Like looking at a picture. The great big clouds that hung low near the mountains. All the palm trees etc. And rainbow Hawaiian license plates everywhere we looked. : )
Say this word fast 3 times won't ya! Kamehameha Highway. Ha ha ha.