Thursday, June 04, 2009

TGIF!!! : )

You know you live in the countryside when..... on observation day a few people actually show up to visit their kids in their trusty farming equipment!!! Ha ha ha! Isn't this cute? I love living in the inaka, so this just made me smile!!!! This pic was taken at Branden's elementary school!!!
We went inside the school and walked to his classroom. All set to hear music, there was a sign at the door, because of "observation day" they switched all the classes around. @_@ Lucky for us though, we didn't let that stop us from enjoying watching Branden for PE though! : )
Go kids go!!! : )
And their team won and they cheered and threw up their jersey's in the air!!! It was pretty cool. We enjoyed Branden's observation class a lot on Wednesday. : )
Wednesday evening we BBQ'ed. Not a big fancy thing at all, just a small super simple easy thing. I was set to make curry since it was Wednesday and knew we'd be getting home late because it being swim night and all. But hubby suggested yakiniku. And I agreed. Geeze, I sure am agreeable. :P We prepped all the meats after getting back from B's observation and it marinated all the time we were at swim school with the boys. And when we got home, Noboru just kicked on the BBQ, got it started and we fried up the meat. A real easy peasy meal. : )
The chicken went on first. And yup that's Noah about to ride his bike on the back terrace. : )
Like I said, it was very simple. Just chicken, lots of beef and a bit of pork. We had lettuce leaves that we wrapped our meat and rice with. Also had some kimchi but other then that....that's it. It was pretty basic, but pretty good all in the same. : )
Thursday was observation day for Noah. And this was his lunch. This was the same beef from the BBQ the night before. Leftovers are great, aren't they? : ) So, I made Noah, a beef bowl and steamed broccoli, some peaches and I threw in some red cherries since I knew the other yochien mom's would be eyeballing my obento. :P Since it was observation day. But no, I didn't do anything extra special or anything, just the same type of normal simple lunches they always take. : ) Some mother's went way out and made faces on their rice balls, faces on their eggs, faces on everything in their entire lunches, ha ha ha. And some mom's just kept things simple but really nice. It was interesting and fun to see the differences. : )
Noah playing with a pal! : )
And then Noah going down the slide with another friend.
Last pic from Noah's observation day. It was 3 hours of observation and then a 30 minute PTA meeting after that. The meeting went pretty good. First we separated into groups by class. Red badge, pink badge, blue badge etc. Then they asked do we want to work the games, for the summer festival? Or perhaps, work the craft area during the festival or work the food stand during the festival? Your choice out of the 3. I knew what my choice was since a week or so ago. I signed up for the games though officially yesterday. After that, we all split into 3 groups, games, crafts or food. And all badges were mixed this time. I got myself into the games group. Rieko-san, Mayuko-san, Jogo-san and a bunch of others and myself. We talked about what games we will be doing. And then we talked about the prizes we will give away. We will be making the prizes. The example was a purse made from a little plastic pep bottle. Kids really do like stuff like that. So, we will be getting together our "game group" sometime and making those prizes. It looks like a lot of work ahead to get this summer festival in order. But in the end it's going to be a lot of fun and totally worth it. : )
Thursday after dinner. I completely moved the bedroom furniture around in our bedroom. The bed is now facing a totally different way and everything. It looks really good and I think I just wanted to switch the furniture in there. I thought about it for a few days beforehand and finally last night I just said, "oh what the heck" now or never. : ) So, I did it. It actually was pretty quick didn't even take too long.
Anyway today is Friday! House is about 90% clean, I wanna do an hour of cleaning this morning and get it finished up though. And I am even thinking of moving Noah's bedroom furniture around a bit as well this morning since I have the energy for it. Nothing really planned today except relax and be happy it's Friday.: ) Branden does have his dental cleaning after school today but after that we will come home and enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the family time and sleep in both Saturday and Sunday! Thank you weekend!!! LOL! No observation this Saturday, turns out it's next Saturday, glad I caught that yesterday, phew. Anyway....just wanted to say....
Please have a happy weekend all of you!!! : )